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Please quote the Lot Number and brief item description. UNLESS STATED, Min Bid on each item is just £1:


001 AMERICAN FOOTBALL 2010 Denver Broncos-San Fransisco 49ers, NFL issue from Wembley (31 October), 116pp fine. Min £3

002 ATHLETICS 1952 London-Paris-Brussels from White City, 32pp illustrated programme, neatly scored, fine. Min £4

003 BASKETBALL 1985 Kelloggs Cup Final (Kingston-Warrington), from RA Hall, with ticket stapled inside. Min £3

004 BASKETBALL 1997 Classic Tournament from Wembley Arena, 4TT with London, Maccabi, Athens & Belgrade, with inserts. Min £3

006 BOOK 1978 Sports Form Guide, edited by Peter Grove, guide/forecast for 78/9, softback 240pp incl.Athletics, Cricket, Speedway. Min £3

007 BOOK 1982 The Guinness Book of Sporting Facts, 192pp softback by Stan Greenberg, covering all sports, with colour photos. Min £3

008 BOOK 1988 'Judy Garland' a biography by Anne Edwards, 350pp Coronet paperback, illust & fine, only sl.crease to ft.cover. 

010 CONCERT BROCHURE 1981 Liberace appearing at London Palladium, 28pp large with tickets included. Min £4

013 CONCERT BROCHURE 1987 Placido Domingo, Save The Children Fund 24pp issue with ticket from Wembley Arena. Min £3

014 CONCERT BROCHURE 1996 Tina Turner - World Tour, 28pp with original flier & £30 ticket for Wembley Arena stapled inside. Min £6

015 FIRST DAY COVER 1972 Post Office official bearing full set of Broadcasting History stamps from 1972, exc..Min £2

020 GAELIC FOOTBALL 2003 Tyrone-Armagh, played on March 9, 16pp mint condition. Min £2

021 GAELIC FOOTBALL 2003 Down-Monaghan, played at CasementPark, on May 8, 36pp mint condition. Min £2

022 GAELIC FOOTBALL 2005 Tyrone-Dublin, played on February 13, 16pp clean & fine apart from Min £2

023 GAELIC FOOTBALL 2005 Derry-Laois and Monaghan-Tyrone, double issue played on June 6, 48pp clean & fine. Min £2

024 GOLF 1997 Willie Thorne Golf Classic from B'ham incl.celebrities from sport/TV: Conteh, Wolstenholme, D.Taylor, E.Bristow. Min £2

025 GOLF 5.5” x 3.5” postcard with stamp, originally signed in blue ink by Australian, Craig Parry. Min £3

031 POSTCARD Undated Sarony Cigarettes produced sepia card: Monte Blue from Cinema Stars series, exc. Min £3

032 POSTCARD Vintage (c1960's) b/w Columbia Records issue of Ken Dodd, clean/fine.

033 POSTCARD 1970's Postcard sized b/w glossy shot of Freddie Laker, posed with Skytrain model.

034 POSTCARD Russell Fisher produced b/w Ltd edition card: Robin Cousins (No.5), 562 of just 1000 produced, exc. Min £2

035 POSTCARD The Nostalgia Postcard Coll.Club card: The Goons pictured in 1951, with text to reverse, exc.

036 POSTCARD The Nostalgia Postcard Coll.Club card: Walter Hagen with Henry Cotton at 1929 Open, with text to reverse, exc.

037 POSTCARD Odeon Haymarket colour card: 'Life Stinks' with Mel Brooks – pictured to front, with text to reverse, exc.

038 SNOOKER 1982 B&H Masters from Wembley, 6pp card issue with ticket stapled inside, won by Steve Davis. Min £3

039 SNOOKER 1987 B&H Masters from Wembley, 36pp issue with flier stapled inside, (Taylor-Higgins in Final). Min £3

040 SNOOKER 1988 B&H Masters from Wembley, 36pp issue with ticket stapled inside. Min £3

041 TENNIS 1981 Great Britain-Hungary (Kings Cup), 16pp programme from Aston Villa Leisure Centre, with tickets included. Min £3

042 TENNIS 1994 Stella Artois Grass CourtChamps, 60pp with super colour photos + Daily Order of Play insert..Min £2

044 THEATRE 1950's 'A Month in the Country' from St.James' Theatre, with Michael Redgrave. Min £2

049 THEATRE 1973 'Cockie' from Vaudeville Theatre, with Avril Angers & Max Wall + ticket. Min £2

050 THEATRE 1974 'King Richard the Second' RSC from Aldwych Theatre, with Ian Richardson, Richard Pasco + ticket. Min £2

051 THEATRE 1974 'Knuckle' from Comedy Theatre, with Edward Fox, Kate Nelligan + ticket included.

053 THEATRE 1974 'The Gingerbread Lady' from Phoenix Theatre, with Elaine Stritch & Kevin Lindsay.

056 THEATRE 1977 'Troilus & Cressida', RSC from Aldwych Theatre, with John Nettles, Alfred Molina, Francesca Annis + ticket. Min £2

059 THEATRE 1978 RSC in 'Privates in Paradise' from The Piccadilly Theatre, with Nigel Hawthorne, Denis Quilley + ticket.

060 THEATRE 1978 'The Taming of the Shrew', RSC from Stratford, with Jonathan Pryce, David Suchet, Zoe Wanamaker, Ruby Wax. Min £2

061 THEATRE 1979 'Night & day' from Phoenix Theatre, with Patrick Mower, Pamela Merrick Edward de Souza. Min £2

065 THEATRE 1984 Lena Horne - The Lady & Her Music, from Adelphi Theatre, comes with flier & ticket. Min £2

066 THEATRE 1985 'Pravda' from Olivier Theatre, with Anthony Hopkins, & Bill Nighy + ticket. Min £2

067 THEATRE 1986 'Chess', from PrinceEdwardTheatre,  with MurrayHead, Elaine Paige + ticket included.

071 THEATRE 1988 'Mrs Klein' from Apollo Theatre, with Francesca Annis, Zoe Wanamaker & Gillian Barge. Min £2

073 THEATRE 1990 'Private Lives' from Aldwych Theatre, with Joan Collins, Keith Baxter & Sara Crowe.

077 THEATRE 1995 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' from Olivier Theatre, with Denis Quilley & Brenda Bruce + ticket inside.

080 THEATRE 1998 'Antony & Cleopatra' from Olivier Theatre, with Alan Rickman + ticket. Min £2

081 THEATRE 1999 'The Ladykillers' from Richmond Theatre, with Tim Brooke-Taylor, Brian Murphy, Dulcie Gray + ticket. Min £2

084 THEATRE 2000 'Peggy For You' from Comedy Theatre, with Maureen Lipman, ticket included. 

085 THEATRE 2000 'The Lion King' from Lyceum Theatre, with Martyn Ellis, Roger Wright. 

086 THEATRE 2000 'The Lady In The Van' from Queen's Theatre, with Kevin McNally & Maggie Smith + ticket. Min £2

089 THEATRE 2001 'Sitting Pretty' from Richmond Theatre, with Maureen Lipman + ticket.

090 THEATRE 2007 'Hairspray' from Shaftesbury Theatre, oversized issue with Michael Ball & Ian Talbot + ticket. Min £3

The following are all approx C5 sized double sided fliers/handbills for undated shows, all clean but some have been folded:

092 Candida with Deborah Kerr & Denis Quilley;                   

093 There Goes the Bride with Bill Pertwee, Peggy Mount & Bernard Cribbins;

094 Charles Dickens with Emlyn Williams;                                 

095 London Palladium Shows: Mama Cass, Debbie Reynolds, Ken Dodd etc;

096 The Ghost Train with Wilfrid Brambell;                               

097 Heartbreak House with Rex Harrison, Diana Rigg and Simon Ward;

098 Fiddler on the Roof with Alfred Marks;                               

099 The Secret of Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett & Edward Hardwicke;      

The following are all fine colour Trade Cards from the 1935 Gallaher Champions 2nd Series, all excellent & clean:

100 No.14: Earl Howe (Motor Racing);             

101 No.15: Dorothy Round (Tennis);                                

102 No.22: Miss M Heeley (Tennis);

103 No.24: Miss MC Scriven (Tennis);            

104 No.28: Dan Maskell (Tennis);                    

105 No.36: Sam Ferris (Athletics);

106 No.37: Miss M Gleitze (Swimming);

The following are all fine colour Trade Cards from the 1936 Gallaher Sporting Personalities series, all exc & clean:

107 No.23 Freddy Dixon (Motor Racing);         

108 No.25 EH Temme (Swimming);                 

109 No.27 Dennis Horn (Cycliing);

110 No.46 GT Eyston (Motor Racing);

The following are all fine colour Trade Cards from the 1954 Radio Fun card series of British Sports Stars, near mint condition:

111 No.4 Yvonne Sugden (Ice Skating);           

112 No.19 Johnny Leach (Table Tennis);        

113 No.20 Shirley Bloomer (Tennis);

The following are all fine colour Topps Football Trade Cards from 1977 & 1978 sets, of Birmingham City players, excellent/clean:

114 No.64 John Connolly;         

115 No.124 Howard Kendall;         

116 No.225 Trevor Francis;         

117 No.276 Kenny Burns;

118 No.226 Alberto Tarantini; 

119 No.285 Jimmy Calderwood;


120 WILL's CARD 1908 Cricketers set, No.11 Sydney Santall (Warwicks), excellent & clean. Min £7

121 THE CRICKETER 1921 Vol.1 No.6 dated June 4, scarce 30pp issue in superb clean condition throughout. Min £7

122 R&J HILL CARD 1926 Caricatures of Famous Cricketers series: No.21 Frank Woolley (Kent), sepia and perfect. Min £3

123 R&J HILL CARD 1926 Caricatures of Famous Cricketers series: No.37 APF Chapman (Berks & Kent), sepia and perfect. Min £3

124 AMALGAMATED PRESS CARD 1926 Famous Test Match Cricketers series, No.14 H L Collins (NSW & Australia). Excellent. Min £6

The following are all OGDEN'S CARDS from the 1926 Cricket series, all sepia, clean/excellent condition, Min £2 ea;

125 No.10 JWHT Douglas (Essex);                

126 No.26 GR Jackson (Derby);           

127 No.37 WH Ponsford (Victoria);

The following are all PLAYERS CARDS from the 1926 Cricket Caricatures by RIP series, all colour & excellent, Min £2 ea;

128 No.12 CV Grimmett (South Aust);         

129 No.18 HL Hendry (Victoria);         

130 No.27 AC Maclaren (Lancashire);

131 No.39 JS Ryder (Victoria);                       

132 No.40 A Sandham (Surrey);           

133 No.49 F Watson (Lancashire)..;    

The following are all DC THOMSON cards from the 1926 World's Best Cricketers series, with the Rover, all exc/clean, Min £3 ea;

134 No.5 Herbert Sutcliffe (Yorks);               

135 No.6 Frank Woolley (Kent);            

136 No.10 Patsy Hendren (Middlesex);

137 No.11 TJE Andrews (NSW);                   

138 No.15 Arthur Mailey (NSW);           

139 No.27 AJ Richardson (South Australia);

140 No.29 H Strudwick (Surrey);                  

141 No.31 SG Everett (NSW);

142 MAJOR DRAPKIN CARD 1928 Australian & English Test Cricketers series: No.5 APF Chapman (Kent), b/w photo, perfect. Min £2

143 MAJOR DRAPKIN CARD 1928 Australian & English Test Cricketers series: No.38 E.Hendren (Middlesex), b/w photo, perfect. Min £2

144 PLAYERS CARD 1928 Cricketers Caricatures by RIP: No.27 AC Maclaren (Lancashire), colour/exc. Min £2

145 PLAYERS CARD 1928 Cricketers Caricatures by RIP: No.48 Plum Warner (Middlesex), colour/exc. Min £2

146 WILLS CARD 1928 Cricketers series: No.25 Duncan Jardine (Surrey), colour, clean & fine for age. Min £2

147 WILLS CARD 1928 Cricketers series: No.32 CP Mead (Hampshire), colour, clean & fine for age. Min £2

The following are all WILLS cards from the 1929 Cricketers 2nd Series, all colour & in excellent condition, Min £2 ea;

148 No.6 LA Bates (Warwickshire);           

149 No.18 HH Gibbons (Worcestershire);         

150 No.35 E Oldroyd (Yorkshire);

The following are all PLAYERS cards from the 1930 Cricketers series, all colour & in clean/excellent condition, Min £2 ea;

151 No.3 EH Bowley (Sussex);                    

152 No.30 Harold Larwood (Notts);                    

153 No.31 Maurice Leyland (Yorks);

154 No.32 S McCabe (NSW);                      

155 No.34 J O'Connor (Essex);                           

156 No.36 Bill Ponsford (Victoria); 

157 No.38 CF Root (Worcestershire);        

158 No.39 Arthur Staples (Notts);                       

159 No.49 Frank Woolley (Kent);

160 SOMERSET CCC 1930 Year Book with board covers, 156pp, to back cover & last couple of pages, really exc. Min £18

161 GODFREY PHILLIPS CARD 1932 Australian Sporting Celebrities, double sided card, E Bromley (Cricketer) + boxer Les Darcy. Min £3

The following are all PLAYERS cards from the 1934 Cricketers series, all colour & in excellent condition, Min £2 ea;

162 No.10 HH Gibbons (Worcs);               

163 No.18 H Larwood (Nottinghamshire);         

164 No.31 CF Walters (Worcestershire);

166 GALLAHER CARD 1935 Champions 2nd series: No.11 GO Allen (Middlesex), colour/excellent.

167 GODFREY PHILLIPS CARD 1937 Spot The Winner (inverted back): No.43 S Worthington(Derbyshire), colour, mint. Min £3

168 PLAYERS CARD 1938 Cricketers series: No.14 Len Hutton (Yorks), clean & in superb condition. Min £2

169 PLAYERS CARD 1938 Cricketers series: No.15 James Langridge (Sussex), clean & in superb condition. Min £2

173 KNOW THE GAME 1951 The Laws of Cricket produced for the MCC, 48pp illustrated & excellent. Min £2

178 KANE PRODUCTS CARDS 1956 CBT Cricketers 1st series: No.4 K Miller (Aust) & No.12 V Mankad (India), b/w exc. Min £2

179 KANE PRODUCTS CARDS 1956 CBT Cricketers 2nd series: No.43 W Edrich (Eng) & No.46 G Ahmed (India), colour exc. Min £2

182 A & BC CARD 1961 Test Series card: No.41 Ron Gaunt (Victoria), fine condition. Min 33

183 BARNET CCC NEWS LETTER 1967 May 8 6pp duplicated sheets, which have been posted to previous owner.

187 MIDDLESEX-NORTHAMPTONSHIRE 1975 JPL scorecard from Lord's, with some scores neatly filled-in.

188 ENGLAND-WEST INDIES 1976 Oval Test Match scorecard. Min £2

190 CRICKET UNDER COVER 1977 Brochure to commemorate MCC Indoor School, 40pp excellent. Min £2

191 GLAMORGAN CCC YEAR BOOK 1980 100pp issue with outer covers & contents really immaculate for age. Min £4

192 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1981 Fine Official scorecard for Prudential Trophy match at Lord's. Not scored & really exc. Min £3

193 NOTTINGHAMSHIRE CCC 1984 Annual Report, 16pp clean/excellent. Min £3

194 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1985 Official programme for Old Trafford Test Match. Min £2

196 ENGLAND-PAKISTAN 1987 Exc £3.00 ticket produce for Old Trafford Test Match. Comes complete with stub. Min £2

197 ENGLAND-WEST INDIES 1988 Mint £2.00 reserved seat Thursday ticket for Test Match played at Old Trafford. Min £2

200 SURREY-SUSSEX 1992 Sunday League programme/scorecard for game at the Oval on 24 May.

201 LEICESTERSHIRE-DURHAM 1992 Clean/exc scorecard for NatWest Trophy tie at Grace Roadon 29 July..

202 MIDDLESEX-ESSEX 1992 Lord's scorecard filled-in for Sunday League match on 9 August.

203 GLAMORGAN CCC YEARBOOK 1993 160pp illust issue with outer covers & contents really immaculate for age. Min £4

204 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1993 Nr.Mint un-marked scorecard for TrentBridgeTest Match. Min £3

206 COUNTYPRINTSERVICES CARDS 1993? Kent: C Hooper, R Ellison, S Marsh & P Tuffnell, colour exc/clean. Min £3

207 COUNTYPRINTSERVICES CARDS 1993? Middlesex: M Feltham, M Ramprakash & J Emburey, colour exc/clean. Min £2

210 SURREY-KENT 1996 AXA Equity & Law programme for game played at the Oval.

212 SURREY-WARWICKSHIRE 1996 AXA Equity & Law programme for game played at the Oval.

213 IPSWICH SCHOOL 1997 South African Cricket tour brochure, 52pp perfect & well illust. Min £2

216 CRICKET WORLD CUP 1999 Nice £45 match ticket for Australia-Zimbabwe game played at Lord's only Min £2

217 SURREY-DURHAM 2000 Official scorecard for County match played at the Oval in September.

218 ENGLAND-SRI LANKA 2002 Part pirinted/scored scorecard for Test Match played at Lord's. Min £2

219 SURREY-SUSSEX 2003 Scorecard, with original press report from game at the Oval on 30 May.

220 ENGLAND-SOUTH AFRICA 2003 Fine clean Chairman's Box Match Ticket for 2nd Test played at Lord's, with stub attached. Min £2

221 BANGLADESH-AUSTRALIA 2005 Full ticket for this ODI played at SophiaGardens, Cardiff, Mint. Min £2

222 ENGLAND-SRI LANKA 2006 Mint scorecard for ODI Match played at Lord's on June 17. Min £2

229 DERBYSHIRE CCC Small autograph card, which has been signed in black by former bowler Phil DeFreitas. Min £2

230 SIGNED CARD 3.5" x 2.25" white card signed in blue ink by former England captain Keith Fletcher. Min £2

231 SIGNED CARD 3.5" x 2.25" white card signed in blue ink by former Englandbatsman Chris Tavare..Min £2


235 OGDEN'S TAB CARD 1902 F series card No.14 Ibrox Park Disaster, clean/excellent. Min £3

236 OGDEN'S CARD 1933 No.24 Crystal Palace from AFC Nicknames series, clean/fine and scarce. Min £5

The following are all WILLS cards from the 1935 Association Footballers series, all colour in super condition, Min £2 ea;

237 T Graham (N.Forest);         

238 W Furness (Leeds);         

239 W Evans (Tottenham);         

240 C Craven (Grimsby);

241 J Hallows (Brad City);        

242 H Hammond (Fulham);  

243 J Hampson (Blackpool);       

244 T Holley (Barnsley);        

245 ARDATH PHOTOCARD 1937 Lancs personalities issue: Ted Sagar (Everton), clean/exc. Min £2

246 WILLS CARD 1937 British Sporting Personalities: No.13 D McCullough (Brentford & Scotland), mint.

268 WILLS CARD 1939 No.26 Bryn Jones (Arsenal), from Association Footballers series, colour/superb. Min £2

271 ADOLPH CARD 1954 Subbuteo Table soccer trade card: No.21 Alex Forbes (Leeds United),  b/w fine.

272 LEYTON ORIENT-BIRMINGHAM CITY 1956 FAC4 Round from Brisbane Road, 4pp exc only sl.tears to base (neatly repaired). Min £3

276 DICKSON ORDE CARD 1960 No.33 Mel Charles (Arsenal), from Footballers series, clean/fine. Min £2

277 BIRMINGHAM CITY-SWINDON TOWN 1961 FLC 1st Round Tie from St.Andrews on September 13, 4pp only sl.worn. Min £2

278 TEN YEARS TO REMEMBER mid 60's Trevor Smith (B'ham City) Testimonial booklet, 46pp only Min £2

279 CRYSTAL PALACE-ROTHERHAM UNITED 1966 League issue from Selhurst Park, dated 22 October.

280 ASTON VILLA-SHEFFIELD UNITED 1966 League issue from Villa Park, played 22 October.

282 SPURS-SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY 1968 August 24 League issue from White Hart Lane.

283 A & BC CARDS 1970-71 Orange back Footballer issues Alan Hinton (Derby), Gordon Banks (Stoke). John Toshack (Liverpool). Min £2

296 SHREWSBURY TOWN-ASTON VILLA 1971 3rd Division league issue from Gay Meadow.

297 A & BC CARDS 1971-72 Purple back Footballer issues Bobby Gould (Wolves), Pat Rice (Arsenal). Min £2

298 BIRMINGHAM CITY-ASTON VILLA 1972 FA Youth Cup from St.Andrews, Min £2

299 ASTON VILLA-BIRMINGHAM CITY 1972 FA Youth Cup Replay from Villa Park, exc. Min £2

301 TOPPS CARD 1977 No.55 Ray Kennedy (Liverpool), colour, clean & superb.

302 BILLY BREMNER 1977 Superb 14" x 8.5" sized colour Tim Holder caricature of the Scottish midfielder. Ideal for framing/display. Min £3

303 VENORLANDUS CARDS 1979 World of Sport No.17 Cyrille Regis, No.18 Bobby Charlton, both colour & excellent. Min £3

305 INT.SCHOOLBOYS T'MENT 1979 Players features Trevor Steven, Mark Walters, Norman Whiteside, Paul McStay etc.

310 YORK CITY-ALTRINCHAM 1986 FAC4 Round Tie from Bootham Crescent, dated 25 January.

311 VS RUGBY-COVENTRY SPORTING 1986 Southern League issue dated 1 February.

312 HAMILTON ACADEMICALS-EAST FIFE 1987 League issue from Douglas Park, dated 26 September.

313 FA CUP FINAL 1990 Heavy 116pp issue for Crystal Palace-Manchester United from Wembley on May 12. Min £3

314 ENGLAND-DENMARK 1990 from Wembley, dated 15 May, 40pp. Min £2

315 SHOOTING STARS TRADE CARDS 1991/2 No.347 Mike Galloway (Celtic), No.351 Gerry Creaney (Celtic), clean & mint. Min £2

316 LEEDS UNITED-ARSENAL 1992 Premier League issue from Elland Road, dated 21 November, exc/clean.

317 REPUBLIC OF IRELAND-NETHERLANDS 1996 Euro Play Off issue from Anfield, 50pp with b/w teamsheet included. Min £3

318 MANCHESTER UNITED-FC KOSICE 1997 Mint Champions League programme, 48pp. Min £2

319 WORTHINGTON CUP FINAL 1999 Leicester City-Tottenham Hotspur, heavy 76pp League Cup Final from Wembley, mint. Min £4

320 MANCHESTER UTD-ARSENAL 1999 FA Cup Semi-Final from Villa Park, vg. Min £3

321 MANCHESTER UTD-ARSENAL 1999 FA Cup Semi-Final REPLAY, played at Villa Park, exc. Min £3

322 WORTHINGTON CUP FINAL 2001 Birmingham City-Liverpool issue from Wembley, 72pp with b/w teamsheet included. Min £4

323 WEST HAM U19-BIRMINGHAM CITY U19 2002 Academy issue 20pp which featured Freddie Eastwood.

324 KNOWLE FC-POLESWORTH NORTH WARWICK 2003 B'ham County Saturday Vase Semi-Final from Hampton Road.

325 ENGLAND-CROATIA 2003 56pp programme for match played at Ipswich + original teamsheet. Min £2

326 MACEDONIA-ENGLAND 2003 European Champs 2004 Qualifier from Skopje, MINT. Min £3

327 BURNTWOOD TOWN-POLESWORTH NORTH WARWICK 2004 Mid Comb Presidents Cup Final from Boldmere St.Michaels.

328 CHELSEA-BARCELONA 2006 Champions League issue + original teamsheet, vg. Min £2

329 ARSENAL-JUVENTUS 2006 Champions League programme + original teamsheet. Min £2

330 WORLD CUP 2006 Official 180pp very heavy tournament issue (onsite German production), mint. Min £6

331 DERBY COUNTY-WEST BROM 2007 Mint 8pp Menu for Play-Off Final match at Wembley. Min £2

332 UEFA CUP FINAL 2007 RCD Espanyol-Sevilla FC, played at Hampden Park, Glasgow, 100pp super issue. Min £4

333 FA COMMUNITY SHIELD 2007 Chelsea-Manchester Final from Wembley, 68pp immaculate. Min £4

334 MANCHESTER UTD-INTER MILAN 2007 Friendly game, comes with original teamsheet. Min £2

335 ENGLAND-U.S.A. 2008 76pp Wembley special issue (Beckham 100 caps), mint condition..Min £3

336 BIRMINGHAM CITY RES-ARSENAL RESERVES 2009 B/w teamsheet with Redmond, Butland, Traore all appearing..

337 CARLING CUP FINAL 2009 Manchester United-Tottenham Hotspur, heavy 116pp from Wembley, mint. Min £4

338 MANCHESTER UNITED-BIRMINGHAM CITY 2009 FA Youth Cup colour sheet from Moss Lane, incl.Pogba, Lingard..Min £2

339 WORLD CUP FINAL 2010 Spain-Netherlands onsite issue from Johannesburg, SA, 164pp immaculate condition. Min £8

340 FA COMMUNITY SHIELD 2011 Manchester City-Manchester United, Final from Wembley, 68pp immaculate. Min £3

342 ENGLAND-REPUBLIC OF IRELAND 2013 Mint 76pp issue from Wembley, played May 29..Min £2

343 FA CUP FINAL 2014 Arsenal-Hull City from Wembley, 116pp heavy A4 sized from Wembley, immaculate. Min £6

344 FOREST GREEN ROVERS-BIRMINGHAM CITY 2014 Pre-season Friendly from the New Lawn, played July 15...Min £2

345 ENGLAND-BRAZIL 2017 Wembley Friendly issue for game played on 14 November, 84pp mint..Min £3


348 HUDDERSFIELD RL YEAR BOOK 1957 Issue, compiled by Gaulton & Crabtree, 32pp illust & excellent. Min £3.

349 WAKEFIELD TRINITY-YORK 1957 RL Challenge Cup 1st Round Tie issue, 24pp fine. Min £2

350 LANCASHIRE CUP FINAL 1957 Oldham-Wigan, played at Swinton on 19 October, 16pp clean & fine. Min £7

351 HULL-BATLEY 1959 Official issue for match at The Boulevard, played 3 October. Clean/exc & only

352 HULL-LEEDS 1959 Official issue for match at The Boulevard, played 5 December. Clean/exc & only

353 HULL-HUNSLET 1960 Official issue for match at The Boulevard, played 9 January. Clean/exc & only

354 STARS OF SPORT & ENTERTAINMENT 1960 B/w card with The Rover: No.13 – Alan Prescott (St.Helens). Back Min £2

355 STARS OF SPORT & ENTERTAINMENT 1960 B/w card with The Hotspur: No.21 – Eric Fraser (Warrington). Back Min £2

356 WAKEFIELD-HULL 1960 Championship Semi-Final programme, played 7 May...Min £2

357 OLDHAM-NEW ZEALAND 1965 Tour match issue for game played 31 August.

358 WIGAN-NEW ZEALAND 1965 Tour match issue for game at Central Park, played 4 September, clean/exc, re-stapled.

359 CASTLEFORD-ST.HELENS 1970 RL Cup Semi-Final Tie from Swinton, clean & superb..Min £2

361 WAKEFIELD-FEATHERSTONE 1976 Mick Morgan Benefit match issue, dated Jan 1, clean/fine.

363 ST.HELENS-PILKINGTON RECS 1977 Silver Jubilee match from Knowsley Road, played 7 August...

364 RUGBY LEAGUE WEEK 1977 Sept 11 folded Australian paper/prog covering the Preliminary Final: Manly-Canterbury. Min £3

365 MY KIND OF RUGBY 1979 Union & League by Ray French, 140pp hardback with d/jacket, exc/clean. Min £5

368 ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF RUGBY LEAGUE FOOTBALL 1980 2nd edition h'back by J.Huxley & D.Howes, 160pp d/jacket, exc. Min £8

369 HULL-NEW ZEALAND 1980 Tour match issue for game at Boothferry Park, played 5 October, exc. Min £2

370 DEWSBURY-FULHAM 1980 League match issue played 16 November in Fulham's 1st season, mint. Min £2

371 OPEN RUGBY 1981 Magazine No.29 produced in January, 24pp clean & fine. Min £2

372 ROCHDALE-FULHAM 1981 Fulham 1st season issue - programme dated 22 February, but was postponed & played in April, mint...

373 OPEN RUGBY 1981 Magazine No.31 produced in March, 24pp clean & fine. Min £2

374 YORK-FULHAM 1981 Scarce 1st season Fulham away from Wiggington Road, clean/exc. Min £2

375 BRAMLEY-CARLISLE 1981 1st away league match for Carlisle, mint condition..

376 FULHAM-HULL 1982 RL Challenge Cup issue for match at Craven Cottage played 29 February.

377 CARDIFF CITY-KEIGHLEY 1982 League match from 7 March, played at Ninian Park, perfect condition.

379 CARLISLE-ST.HELENS 1982 Lancashire Cup Semi-Final Replay issue played 6 October at Brunton Park, mint...

380 HULL 1982/3 Approx 8" x 6" b/w team photo (laminated), with trophy, celebrating on the pitch, players named to base.

382 HULL 1985 Fine 7.5" x 5" colour team photo (laminated), with players pictured named to base.

385 HULL-AUCKLAND 1987 Tour match issue for game on 4 November at The Boulevard.

386 AT THE GEORGE 1989 And Other essays on Rugby League by Geoffrey Moorhouse. MINT 178pp hardback with d/jacket. Min £6

387 HEAVY WOOLLEN ARL-OLDHAM ARL 1989 Barla Inter League Cup Final played aaat Batley on 18 February.

388 WHITEHAVEN-FULHAM 1989 Mint 16pp League issue (40th Anniversary), for match played at Recreation Gd on 19 February. Min £2

389 1st INTERNATIONAL DUTCH RL TOURNAMENT 1989 Mint 32pp issue from Papendrecht, dated 25 March. Min £2

390 GT.BRITAIN-NEW ZEALAND 1989 Exc/clean £10.00 ticket for 1st Test Match, played at Old Trafford. Min £2

391 'MORE KINDS OF RUGBY' 1989 Super p'back issue by Ray French, comprising 181pp, illust & excellent. Min £4

393 GREAT BRITAIN-AUSTRALIA 1990 Clean/fine Ticket for 2nd Test Match, played at Old Trafford dated 10 November. Min £2

395 THEY PLAYED FOR LEIGH 1991 2nd edition History of Leigh by Michael Latham, 50pp with card covers, illust/exc. Min £4

396 RUNCORN HIGHFIELD-KEIGHLEY 1991 Hoghton Road issue for game played on 31 March, as new condition. Min £2

397 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1992 Superb 6.5” x 9.5” glossy colour action shot of Nigel Wright (Wakefield). Min £2

398 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1992 Superb 6.5” x 9.5” glossy b/w action shot of Peter Coyne (Castleford). Min £2

399 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1992 Fine clean £14 match ticket for the Castleford-Wigan Tie at Wembley. Min £2

401 WIGAN-HULL 1993 League issue dated 29 August for game at Central Park, fine/clean.

402 HANDWRITTEN LETTER 1994 Nice sheet signed to base by Eric Fraser. Min £2

403 RUGBY LEAGUE REFEREES’ SOCIETY MENU 1995 6pp Lancs Section Annual Dinner card from Salford. Min £2

404 FIJI-SOUTH AFRICA 1995 RL World Cup match programme from Keighley, dated 8 October, mint. Min £3

405 LONDON BRONCOS-WARRINGTON 1995 Match programme & ticket produced for game played at the Stoop on 19 November. Min £2

406 THE STRUGGLE FOR THE ASHES II 1996 The History of Anglo-Australian RL Test Matches by Robert Gate, 174pp superb. Min £10

408 WARRINGTON-PARIS 1996 Game programme in first Super League season. Min £2

409 BRADFORD BULLS-ST.HELENS 1996 60pp A4 sized Challenge Cup Final for Wembley game. Min £3

410 WARRINGTON WOLVES-PARIS ST.GERMAIN 1997 Super League issue, comprising 48pp, dated April 27.

411 WARRINGTON-ST.HELENS and WARRINGTON-CASTLEFORD 1997 Double header programme. Min £2

412 BIG LEAGUE 1998 54pp Australian magazine covering weekend games. Includes match ticket (stapled in centre) for the Cronulla Sharks-North Queensland Cowboys, played at Shark Park on May 2. Only Min £3

413 WARRINGTON WOLVES-LEIGH CENTURIONS 2001 Railway End ticket for this 5th Round Silk Cut Cup Tie.                                       

415 ENGLAND-NEW ZEALAND 2008 RL World Cup ticket for group game played @ Energy Australia Stadium, Newcastle. Min £2

416 SUPER LEAGUE GRAND FINAL 2010 Unused £26.00 ticket for Old Trafford game, St.Helens and Wigan Warriors..Min £2

417 SALFORD CITY REDS-WIGAN 2012 Mint £15 match ticket, with stub, dated 30 March. 

418 WIGAN WARRIORS-ST.HELENS 2012 Challenge Cup Quarter Final ticket - £16, clean/fine Springfield Stand issue.


420 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1931 Collection of approx 194 pages of this popular magazine dated June 5 to September 18. No complete issues but includes many fine b/w photos, numerous match reports & features from the season. Ideal for historian or scrap book enthusiast. Min £15

421 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1934 Collection of approx 78 pages of this popular magazine dated June 9 to September 8. No complete issues but includes some b/w photos, numerous match reports & features from the season. Ideal for historian or scrap book enthusiast. Min £8

422 STATE EXPRESS CARD 1935 Sports Champions series No.22 Tom Farndon, colour/excellent. Min £2

423 GODFREY PHILLIPS CARD 1937 No.17 Lionel Van Praag, from Spot the Winner series (inverted back issue), super/clean. Min £3

424 GODFREY PHILLIPS CARD 1937 No.49 Jack Parker, from Spot the Winner series (inverted back issue), super/clean. Min £3

425 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1938 Collection of approx 342 pages of this popular magazine dated April 16 to October 15. No complete issues but includes a few fine b/w photos, hundreds of race reports & features from the season. Ideal for historian or scrap book enthusiast. Min £15

426 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1947 Vol.14 No.20 for September 4, clean/fine 12pp example with fine match reports, photos included. Min £2

427 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1947 Vol.14 No.27 for October 23, clean/fine 12pp example with fine match reports, photos etc included. Min £3

428 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1947 Vol.14 No.33 for December 4, clean/fine 12pp issue with photos & some Ice Hockey reports. Min £3

429 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1948 Vol.15 No.34 for December 9, clean/fine 12pp issue with photos & some Ice Hockey reports. Min £3

445 STOKE-CRADLEY HEATH 1961 Excellent clean Provincial League meet issue from 31 March.

446 BRITAIN-OVERSEAS 1962 1st Test match issue dated September 12 run at Poole, 8pp very neatly scored. Min £2

447 SCOTTISH OPEN PROVINCIAL RIDERS CHAMPS 1962 8pp Edinburgh prog, scored marked in centre. Min £2

448 LONG EATON-RAYLEIGH 1963 8pp clean/exc Provincial League meet issue, dated 2 July.

449 RAYLEIGH-NEWCASTLE 1963 8pp Provincial League meeting, neatly scored, dated 20 July.

450 WHITSUN TROPHY 1964 8pp Newport meeting from Somerton Park, exc, dated 15 May.

451 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1966 Vol.15 No.24 magazine, dated 26th August with Vargana team photo to back cover.

452 NEWPORT 1968 Collection of 7 homes run at Somerton Park, from May 24 to September 27, all fine for age. Min £5

453 GREAT BRITAIN-SWEDEN 1969 2nd Test Match for meet run at Newport on June 13 - scored inside in ink.

455 WHITE CITY REBELS-HACKNEY 1978 1st meet in Final season of GBL racing, dated 24 March. Comes with Sp.Star report.

456 BRISTOL-HALIFAX 1978 BL meeting held on May 12 in Bristol's last season, as new.

457 BRISTOL-POOLE 1978 Spring Gold Cup meeting held on June 16 in Bristol's last season, as new.

458 WEYMOUTH 1979 Meets v P'boro (19 June) & Canterbury (4 Sept) + 1980 Meet v Poole (30 Sept), sold as one lot, all exc. Min £2

459 LADA INDOOR INTERNATIONAL 1979 24pp Wembley Pool prog. Comes with both Speedway Mail/Star reports. Min £2

460 SPEEDWAY MAIL INTERNATIONAL 1989 Magazines dated April 8, April 15, April 22 & May 6, all fine/clean. Min £2

461 RYE HOUSE-SWINDON 1993 Postponed meeting prog, dated 12 September with 4pp insert for re-arranged meeting in October.

462 VINTAGE SPEEDWAY MAGAZINE 1993 Scarce Vol.1 No.3 (November), 32pp exc. Min £3

463 EDINBURGH-OXFORD 1994 20pp MINT Powderhall programme from 1 July. 

464 'HANS' HALL OF FAME' 1995 76pp World Speedway Championship quiz book by Hans Nielsen & Mike Ford. Min £3

465 SPEEDWAY STAR 1995 World Champs issue special number, dated 7 October 64pp exc.

466 WIMBLEDON DONS-BELLE VUE COLTS 2002 20pp comeback meet prog from Plough Lane, abandoned after Heat 13. Min £2            

467 SPEEDWAY STAR 2003 October 11 issue magazine – 64pp World Champs issue with Poole Pirates photo to back cover.                                

468 THE VOICE OF THE SUPPORTER 2004 Edition No.18 from May – Speedway's National fanzine, 24pp excellent.                                                                                                                                                                        

469 ISLE OF WIGHT-RYE HOUSE 2006 Premier Trophy Match 2nd Leg, dated 25 April, very neatly scored. Min £2                                               

470 ISLE OF WIGHT-WEYMOUTH 2009 Challenge Match dated 21 April, very neatly scored. Min £2

471 SOMERSET-SWINDON 2018 Premiership meeting run 1 August, mint and very neatly scored. Min £2

472 SOMERSET-WOLVES 2018 Premiership meeting run 8 August, mint and not scored. Min £2

473 SOMERSET-KINGS LYNN 2018 Premiership meeting run 4 September, mint and not scored. Min £2                                                                        

The following are all glossy POSTCARD SIZED PHOTO prints - all fine copies from originals - Min Bid £3 each unless stated:                                        

474 Frank Charles 1936 (Wembley), posed;                                    

476 Arthur Atkinson (West Ham), posed seated on machine;        

477 Eric Chitty (West Ham), posed on bike, with wife & child;                                  

478 Morian Hansen (Hackney), glossy, posed on bike;                    

480 Clem Mitchell (Plymouth), half-pose;                                          

481 Tommy Price (Wembley), posed holding trophy, + facsimile auto;                  

483 Bill Kitchen, standing with Jack Parker, seated on bike;                                   

484 Action from Southampton-Wombwell in 1947;                         

485 Triss Sharp (Crystal Palace), posed seated on machine, promo card;            

486 Norman Evans (Southampton), posed seated on machine;      

487  Group shot of George Newton, Norman Parker & Ron Howes chatting;          

488 Jack Barber seated on machine with caption to base;              

489 Roy Duke in action at Oxford in 1939;                                                                     

492 Buster Frogley seated on machine with caption to base;          

493 Stewie St.George seated on machine with caption to base.;                                     

494 Jack Milne seated on machine with facsimile autograph;       

496 Oxford team from 1940 - some of the riders are  named;                                                                                                                                 RUGBY UNION                                                                                                                                                                                  

497 RAPHAEL TUCK POSTCARD 1903 'I Will Try' colour Rugby scene, original card from the Write Away series 129. Min £5

498 THE ARMY-A LONDON XV 1946 Rare double sided sheet, for match played at Old Deer Park, Richmond. Min £10

499 CARDIFF-OXFORD UNIVERSITY 1949 Club game issue from Cardiff Arms Park, dated 29 October, only Min £3

501 PRESIDENTS XV-SECRETARY'S XV Undated (early 1950's) 4pp issue from RAF Innsworth RFC, clean but ph. Min £2

502 ROY ULLYETT CARTOON 1951/2 Double sided 9.5” x 7.5” showing two b/w cartoons on Springboks visit to GB. Min £4

503 SCOTLAND-FRANCE 1956 Almost mint condition issue for this International at Murrayfield, played 14 January. Min £8

504 CANTERBURY-SOUTH AFRICA 1956 Exc clean tour match programme from Lancaster Park, for game on 21 July. Min £8

505 ALBUM PAGE 1957/8 4.5” x 4” signed by touring Australian hooker Jim Brown. Min £3

507 SCOTLAND-AUSTRALIA 1958 Murrayfield issue played 15 February, fine clean condition but front cover loose. Min £4

508 WALES-FRANCE 1958 Near perfect condition clean issue for game at Cardiff on 29 March. Min £6

509 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1950's 8” x 6” b/w glossy action photo from Cardiff v Harlequins match. Western Mail issue. Min £3  

510 BRITISH LIONS 1959 Fine multi-coloured circular pin badge with ribbon for Australia/NZ tour, clean & really excellent. Min £10

512 THE ALL BLACKS JUGGERNAUT IN SOUTH AFRICA 1960 254pp hardback by AC Parker. With original dust jacket. Min £8

513 CARDIFF-SOUTH AFRICA 1960 12pp exc/clean, tour match issue, lacks staple. Min £4

514 WALES-FRANCE 1962 Sl.creased £1 South Lower Stand ticket.

516 SCOTLAND-WALES 1963 Murrayfield issue dated 2 February, fine apart from staining to lower part of programme. Min £2

517 RUGBY WORLD 1965 Full year of 12 magazines (January-December), all in super clean condition. Min £12

520 THE ART OF COARSE RUGBY 1967 Michael Green Arrow paperback, 184pp, vg condition.

521 NEW ZEALAND-FRANCE 1968 3rd Test Match issue for game at Eden Park, Auckland played 10 August, 28pp sl.crease. Min £8

522 WELLINGTON-WALES 1969 Nr.MINT 24pp Athletic Park tour programme from 7 June. Min £6

523 NEW ZEALAND-WALES 1969 Large 2nd Test issue from Eden Park, Auckland, 28pp vg apart from small tear to back cover. Min £8

525 AUSTRALIA-SCOTLAND 1970 Scarce Test Match issue for final game of the tour, played at Sydney on 6 June, only Min £40

526 NEWPORT-CARDIFF 1970 Sl.creased 8pp programme from Rodney Parade, dated 14 November.   

527 CARDIFF-BARBARIANS 1972 Sl.creased 12pp Easter tour match, vg.

528 CARDIFF-NEW ZEALAND 1972 Exc/clean example from this tour match played on 4 November. Min £2

529 NEW ZEALAND PRESIDENTS XV-NEW ZEALAND 1973 Colin Meads tribute game at Wellington, dated August 4, superb. Min £5

531 WASPS-NEWPORT 1974 12pp with scores & neat team changes inside, dated 2 March.

532 NEW ZEALAND UNIVERSITIES-ALL JAPAN 1974 Clean/exc Athletic Park, Wellington tour game programme played 26 May. Min £3 

533 EAST WALES-TONGA 1974 Cardiff tour match issue dated 14 September, 16pp, lacks staples. Min £2

534 BRISTOL RFU 1975 Canadian Tour brochure, 20pp clean & excellent.  

535 LIONS DOWN UNDER 1977 Almost mint 200pp h'back by John Reason on the Lions tour of NZ, with d/jacket. Min £6

536 WELSH BREWERS RUGBY ANNUAL FOR WALES 1977-78 Special Lions Tour edition, 108pp illust/fine. Min £4

538 AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY-WALES 1978 Fine almost mint tour game issue from Manuka Oval on 13 June. Min £5

539 NEW ZEALAND-AUSTRALIA 1978 Fine 2nd Test Match issue from Lancaster Park Oval, 16pp as new. Min £5

540 MOSELEY-MOSELEY GOLDEN OLDIES 1979 Easter Monday game from The Reddings, 16pp, sl.creased.

541 HIGHLAND-LEITH ACADS 1979 4pp for game at Northern Meeting Park on 24 November.  

542 BRITISH LIONS 1980 Super condition h'back comprising approx 230pp on the Lions visit to SA. Comes with original d/jacket. Min £6

543 WELSH RUGBY UNION GALA OPENING 1980 40pp A4 sized brochure to celebrate Welsh RFU Centenary at Cardiff. Min £3

544 THE ALL BLACKS IN WALES 1980 Centennial Souvenir booklet, 32pp fine apart from sl.mark to front cover. Min £2

545 MIDLANDS-AUSTRALIA 1981 B/w 13.5" x 8.5" folded match poster for the tour game at Aylestone Road on 17 October.

546 MUMBLES GOLDEN OLDIES-MUMBLES ROSES (Ladies) 1982 8pp charity game played 23 Apri.

547 SOUTH CANTERBURY-AUSTRALIA 1982 Tour match programme from Fraser Park, Timaru on 10 August, 16pp exc. Min £3

548 MELROSE 7'S 1983 Centenary issue – 56pp A4 sized brochure & programme. Min £3

551 ROMANIA-WALES 1983 Nr.MINT Test Match issue for game in Bucharest, played 12 November. Min £20

552 BROMSGROVE-EVESHAM 1984 North Mids Cup S/F played at Sixways, Worcester on 8 January.

553 PENARTH-BARBARIANS 1984 Good Friday game from Athletic Field.

554 RED ROSE XV-TONY WRIGHT'S SELECT XV 1984 Prog for match at Lymm RFC for David Niven Appeal, on 1 April.

556 WELSH BREWER'S RUGBY ANNUAL FOR WALES 1984-85 Edition, comprising 128pp, as new. Min £4

557 RU WRITERS CLUB DINNER MENUS 1985 4pp clean issue, March 14 from London & 1986 February 27 from London.

558 LONDON WELSH-BARBARIANS 1985 Special Centenary Match at Twickenham, comes with small press report. Min £5

559 STANDING OFF – MY LIFE IN RUGBY 1986 176pp hardback with d/j by Gareth Davies, dedicated/signed on fly-page. Min £4 

560 ENGLAND-WALES 1986-2006 Collection of 10 different match tickets for games at Twickenham, all fine, some Min £8

561 ENGLAND-IRELAND 1986-2006 Collection of 10 different match tickets for games at Twickenham, all fine, some Min £8

562 EAST MIDLANDS-BARBARIANS 1987 From Franklin's Gardens, Northampton, played 11 March, as new. Min £3

563 PEMBROKESHIRE-AMERICAN EAGLES 1987 Tour match prog from Parc Llwyn Ty Gwyn, Whitland. Min £2

564 UNITED HOSPITALS CHALLENGE CUP 1988 Final between St.Mary's Hospital & Royal Free Hospital, sl.crease.

565 QUEENSLAND-ENGLAND 1988 Bi-Centennial Match played at Ballymore, Brisbane on 22 May, 32pp mint. Min £7

566 NEW SOUTH WALES-ENGLAND 1988 Tour match played at Concord Oval, on 5 June, as new. Min £8

567 IRELAND-WESTERN SAMOA 1988 Pocket sized 6pp foldover style Itinerary booklet. Min £2

568 LEICESTER RFC ANNUAL REPORT & ACCOUNTS 1990-1997 Collection of 7 different (93 missing), all clean/exc. Min £3

569 AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND 1991 Fine $33.00 match ticket for Test Match at Sydney Football Stadium on 10 August. Min £2

570 GLOUCESTER-ENGLAND XV 1991 Special Centenary game issue from Kingsholm, dated 14 September, as new. Min £3

571 OXFORD-CAMBRIDGE 1991-2007 Collection of 14 different match tickets for games at Twickenham, all fine, some Min £7

572 EASTERN PROVINCE-AUSTRALIA 1992 Mint 28pp tour match issue for game at Port Elizabeth on 18 August. Min £5

573 FIJI-SCOTLAND 1993 Test match issue from National Stadium, Suva, for game played 29 May, 16pp, as new, RARE. Min £40

574 WALES-ROMANIA 1994 Mint U21 match programme from Brewery Field, Bridgend, played 25 November. Min £2

576 ASKEANS-LEEDS 1995 Club issue for game played 1 April.

578 COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL 1997 Cumbria-Somerset, also covers U21 Final (Dorset & Wilts-Yorks), mint. Min £3 

579 NATAL SHARKS-GAUTENG FALCONS 1997 48pp Kings Park Durban issue for this Currie Cup match. Min £2

580 NEW ZEALAND MAORIS-ENGLAND 1998 Mint 32pp tour match issue from Rotorua, played 23 June. Min £4

581 ITALY-ARGENTINA 1998 Mint 50pp issue for game at Stadio Garilli, Piacenza, played 7 November. Min £4

582 SOUTH AFRICA-AUSTRALIA 1999 RWC Semi-Final issue for game at Twickenham, immaculate. Min £3

584 BATH RUGBY SUPPORTERS' CLUB YEARBOOK 2000 Edited by Russell Gibbs, 48pp clean/perfect condition. Min £3

585 BRISTOL FOOTBALL CLUB 1888-1945 2000 Compiled by Mark Hoskins & Dave Fox, 128pp superb book, signed by authors. Min £7

587 WALES-ENGLAND TICKETS 1993-2001 4 match tickets for games in Cardiff in 1993, 1995, 1997 & 2001. All excellent & clean. Min £2

588 FRANCE-WALES 2001 Mint condition 50pp 6 Nations issue from Stade de France. Min £5

589 WARWATAHS-HURRICANES 2002 Mint Super 12 issue from Aussie Stadium, Sydney on 27 April, comprises 50pp. Min £2 

590 RUGBY WORLD CUP 2003 Semi-Final $420 Match Ticket for NZ-Australia at Sydney on 15 November, + card pouch. Min £8

591 MANAWATU-BRITISH LIONS 2005 Tour match issue for game at FMG Stadium, Palmerston North, on June 28, 60pp mint. Min £4

592 SALE-WASPS 2005 Premiership match programme dated 14 October, which comes with ticket/match report stapled to centre.

593 BIARRITZ OLYMPIQUE PAYS BASQUE-VIADANA 2008 Heineken Cup prog from Stade Aguilera. Match ticket included. Min £3

594 HONG KONG SEVENS 2008 Immaculate heavy programme which also comes with score card & Morning Post souvenir paper. Min £5

595 PREMIERSHIP FINAL 2010 Leicester-Saracens issue for Twickenham game on 29 May, 100pp clean/exc. Min £4

596 ENGLAND-WALES 2014 RBS 6 Nations issue form Twickenham for game on 9 March, 84pp. Min £4

597 PREMIERSHIP FINAL 2015 Bath-Saracens issue for Twickenham game played 30 May, 108pp immaculate. Min £5

598 ROB ANDREW P’card sized glossy posed (Newcastle), dedicated/signed in blue. Min £3

599 NIALL HOGAN & ALAIN PENAUD London Irish & Saracens compliments slips, both personally signed by the players. Min £2


603 OGDEN'S TAB CARD 1901 A series No.93 photo of General interest: Kid McCoy. Base cut but full length b/w pose. Min £2

619 BOY'S FRIEND CARD 1922 Rising Box Stars No.11 Tommy Harrison Min £3

620 BOY'S FRIEND CARD 1922 Rising Boxing Stars No.13 Eugene Criqui, exc. Min £4

621 LAMBERT & BUTLER CARD 1926 'Who's Who in Sport 1926' series, No.1 Charlie Rosenberg (World B/W Champ), sepia, exc. Min £4

622 STEPHEN MITCHELL CARD 1930 No.15 from Old Sporting Prints series: Battle between Cribb & Molineaux, colour, exc. Min £3

623 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1936 10" x 7" sepia action (rather dark), George Burke down on canvas during fight with Merlo Preciso. Min £3 

627 R & J HILL CARD 1939 Celebrities of Sport series card, No.17 Len Harvey, colour. Min £4

628 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1940 10" x 8" b/w, John Harding presenting card to Freddy Simpson and family at NSC, exc. Min £4

629 THE KNOCKOUT1944 Official Fite program with John Thomas to ft.cover. Vol.18 No.18 US issue, April 29, sl.dam back cover. Min £6

634 CARRERAS TURF SLIDE 1949 Sports Series No.15 Freddie Mills, excellent. Min £4

638 THE NOBLE ART 1950 An Anthology, compiled by TB Shepherd, 1st edition 270pp h'back, no d/jacket but fine. Min £8

639 RANDOLPH TURPIN-SUGAR RAY ROBINSON - THEIR STORY IN PICTURES 1951 32pp booklet by Frank Butler. Min £10

640 THE RING 1951 June issue with John L Sullivan-Charley Mitchell colour illustration to ft.cover, clean/fine. Min £4

641 BOXING NEWS 1952 December 3, Vol.8 No.49 with Harry Matthews & Johnny Williams to front & Jem Belcher feature..Min £2

643 THE RING 1953 September issue, ex-binder with Roland La Starza colour illustration to ft.cover, to spine. Min £3

644 BOXING NEWS 1954 April 30, Vol.10 No.17 with Turpin & Mitri to front cover & Harry Greb-Tunney feature in centre. Min £2

645 BOXING NEWS 1954 September 24, Vol.10 No.38 with Marciano v Charles action to front cover & ring report included..Min £2

646 BOXING & WRESTLING 1957 February, Vol.5 No.4 with Carmen Basilio pictured to front cover..Min £3

647 BOXING NEWS 1957 Collection of 11 copies (Jan 4-June 7), majority in really fine clean condition, a couple with loose covers. Min £16

648 DC THOMSON CARD 1960 No.16 from ‘Stars of Sport & Entertainment’: Hogan Bassey, presented with The Rover, exc. Min £2

649 THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF BOXING 1960 Compiled by Maurice Golesworthy, 1st ed'n 242pp h'back, no d/jacket. Min £6

650 BOXING ILLUSTRATED & WRESTLING NEWS 1960 Pristine example from December – Archie Moore to front. Min £3

651 COME IN BARRY! 1961 1st edition h'back by Barrington Dalby, comprising 176pp, coming with fine d/jacket, clean. Min £15

652 THE SPORTSMAN 1963 May-June Vol.1 No.6 S.African magazine covering all sports, with Mike Holt special feature, 36pp. Min £4

653 SALVATORE BURRUNI-WALTER McGOWAN 1966 World Fl/W Champs from Wembley, with Prescott-Patterson, exc. Min £10

657 THE FRIGHTFUL PUNISHMENT 1968 US h’back by Warren Brier - Con Orem & Montana’s glove fights of the 1860s. With d/j. Min £20

658 CASSIUS CLAY 1968 Sphere paperback edition by Jack Olsen, 160pp fine apart from sl.yellowing to pages. Min £3

661 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1970 Great 6” x 8” David Needham posed before US visit. Min £3

663 A BEDSIDE BOOK OF BOXING 1972 Ex-library h'back by OF Snelling, 208pp illust issue with n d/jacket. Min £5

668 FRIDAY’S HEROES 1973 Exc Willie Pep book by Robert Sacchi, produced in USA. 196pp h’back with original d/jacket. Min £15

670 ABA-HUNGARIAN BOXING ASSOCIATION 1973 RA Hall issue, incl.Cowdell, Gwilliam, Dunn, Speare & Meade, sl.staining. Min £2

671 THE RING BOXING ENCLYCLOPEDIA & RECORD BOOK 1974 US edition, 832pp with original d/jacket, Min £20

672 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1974 Superb 10” x 12” full length glossy b/w shot, of action from Danny McAlinden v Pat Duncan fight, dam. Min £2

675 CALL ME SAMMY 1975 Rare Canadian published hardback by Sammy Luftspring with Brian Swarbrick with 196pp. Comes with original dust jacket, cellotaped inside covers. Has been dedicated, dated Feb 14 1979 & originally signed by Sammy on fly-page. Min £22

678 ROCKY MARCIANO 1977 H'back by Robert Skeehan, comprises 370pp with original d/jacket, fine. Min £16

680 ILLUSTRATED LIFE RHODESIA 1978 April 26 fine/clean 24pp illustrated magazine with Kies-Power action photo to cover..Min £2

681 VENORLANDUS CARD 1979 No.2 Alan Minter, World Of Sport Flik-Card, colour, excellent. Min £2

682 VENORLANDUS CARD 1979 No.4 John Conteh, World Of Sport Flik-Card, colour, excellent. Min £2

683 MULTI-NATIONS FINALS 1980 Wembley Arena prog, with ticket. Featured Wallace, Gilbody, McGuigan, Willis, Wilshire etc. Min £4

684 WORLD BOXING HISTORIAN'S ASS'N BULLETIN 1980 Issue for September, 8pp oversized & folded. Min £2

686 THE RING BOXING ENCLYCLOPEDIA & RECORD BOOK 1982 US edition, by Randolph Sugar, 1129pp with d/jacket. Min £20

687 KID POWER-ROY SKELDON 1982 4pp issue from Rhodesia, dated 8 May, mint condition. Min £4

688 GERRY COONEY-LARRY HOLMES 1982 8pp oversized Closed Circuit TV issue for World H/W Title in Las Vegas. Min £4

689 THE NEUTRAL CORNER Newsletter of the SA Veteran Boxers Association: 1983 Jan/Feb, Issue No.8 4pp folded. Min £2

690 THE NEUTRAL CORNER Newsletter of the SA Veteran Boxers Association: 1983 Aug/Sep/Oct, Issue No.11 4pp folded. Min £2

691 THE NEUTRAL CORNER Newsletter of the SA Veteran Boxers Association: 1984/5 Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan, Issue No.15 8pp. Min £3

692 CHAMPION JOE LOUIS 1985 Black Hero in white America, by Chris Mead. Fine 330pp h'back with original d/jacket, superb. Min £12

693 BIG BOOK OF BOXING 1985 Victory Sports series issue for January, with Thomas & Bey pictured to front cover, mint. Min £2

694 BIG BOOK OF BOXING 1985 Victory Sports series issue for March, with Hagler & Hearns pictured to front cover, mint. Min £2

695 BIG BOOK OF BOXING 1985 Victory Sports series issue for July, with Curry & Costello pictured to front cover, mint. Min £2

696 THE MANCHESTER FIGHTERS 1986 Softback A4 sized card covered book by Denis Fleming, comprises 64pp, superb. Min £8

697 LONDON ABA SENIOR FINALS 1986 From March 13, which included McMillan, Nigel Benn, Angol, Akinwande etc, clean. Min £2

698 PROFESSIONAL BOXING 1986 Results of Marplan survey, 16pp with super photo of Henry Cooper, with belts to ft.cover. Min £3

699 DAVE DENT-DARWIN BREWSTER 1987 Neatly folded original 12" x 17" thin card poster for bill at York Hall. Min £3

700 WORLD BOXING FAN ASSOCIATION 1988 June & July issues, 16pp magazines, fine. Min £5

701 ROLANDO BOHOL-DUKE McKENZIE 1988 Fl/W Champs of the World, from Wembley with Michael Hughes-Chris Blake. Min £5

702 PROFESSIONAL BOXING UPDATE 1988 US magazine, dated 10 December, 12pp illust. Min £2

703 ALL WORLD CARD 1991 Super as new glossy b/w trade cards: James Braddock, Luis Firpo, Harry Greb, James Jeffries. Min £4

704 FLASH 1991 No.66 dated 28 February, US title, 12pp illust/fine. Min £2

706 SUGAR RAY 1992 The Sugar Ray Robinson Story, with Dave Anderson, 380pp mint condition with original d/jacket. Min £6

707 PRESS PASS 1992 B/w issue for Euro Super M/W Title fight, James Cook v Frank Nicotra, at Ville De Vitrolles in France. Min £4

708 DUKE McKENZIE-WILFREDO VARGAS 1992 World B/W Title, with Gary Jacobs, Billy Schwer etc on card, mint. Min £5

710 WORLD BOXING 1993 October issue with Julio Cesar Chavez pictured to ft.cover, 64pp excellent. Min £2

711 HEAVYWEIGHT EXPLOSION 1993 C5 sized flier for 6 November in Sun City (SA) - included Sanders & Akinwande. Min £3

712 WORLD BOXING 1994 June issue with Mickey Rourke pictured to ft.cover, 64pp excellent. Min £2

713 WORLD BOXING 1994 October issue with Michael Moorer pictured to ft.cover, 64pp excellent. Min £2

714 BOXING 94 November issue comprising 66pp with Lennox Lewis pictured to front over. Min £2

715 BOXING 94 December issue comprising 66pp with George Foreman & The Hulkster pictured to front over. Min £2

716 RINGSIDE WITH THE AMATEURS 1995 Softback with David Prior, over 260pp with exc stats & records. Signed to fly-page. Min £10

717 WORLD BOXING 1996 February issue with Roy Jones & Pernell Whitaker pictured to ft.cover, 68pp excellent. Min £2

718 WORLD BOXING 1996 June issue with Roy Jones & Mike Tyson pictured to ft.cover, 68pp excellent. Min £2

719 VETERAN BOXER'S BEAT South African magazine: 1996 July, Vol.1 No.5 comprising 12pp, George Angelo to front. Min £4

720 PRINCE NASEEM - LORD OF THE RING 1997 Large format h'back by Tim Smith, 96pp full colour with d/jacket. Min £5

721 NASEEM HAMED-TOM JOHNSON 1997 F/W Champs of the World, with Collins-Seillier, Reid-Pretorius, Matlala-Cantwell. Min £8

726 TWENTY & OUT 1999 Micky Duff, a Life in Boxing, 280pp h'back with d/jacket, signed to fly-page by Micky. Min £12

729 BOXING 99 November issue comprising 72pp with George Foreman & Mike Tyson pictured to ft.cover. Min £2

730 VETERAN BOXER'S BEAT South African magazine: 2000 June, Vol.3 No.6 comprising 12pp, Grant Webster to front. Min £3

733 KEVIN LEAR-KIRKOV KIRKOROV 2002 World Super F/W champs +  Wayne McCullough-Johannes Maisa, mint. Min £5

734 KNOCKOUT NITE SPORTING DINNER 2004 6pp foldover card prog, dedicated & signed inside by Ricky Hatton. Min £4

735 ROCKWELL CARDS 2004 Set of 10 b/w - Mighty Atoms - The All Time Greats. Cards incl.Wilde, Gans, Leonard, Armstrong. Min £5

736 CINDERELLA MAN 2005 James J Braddock, Max Baer and the greatest upset in Boxing History. Super 324pp US published hardback by Jeremy Schaap. Illustrated and comes with original dust jacket. Min £15

737 DOUGLAS BELLINI-SCHULZE 2005 IBF Internat.Super W/W Title issue from Velten + Mahfood-Ragosina, mint. Min £4

738 BRITISH BOXING AWARDS DINNER 2009 Centenary Celebration of Boxing from Novotel London West Hotel, 32pp mint. Min £3

739 YUTA MATSUO-YOTA HORI 2015 Super Fl/W return contest from Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, 8pp mint. Min £4

740 AKIO SHIBATA-DAISUKE NAKAGAWA 2015 OPBF & Japanese M/W Title issue from Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, 8pp mint. Min £4

741 COLOUR SUPPLEMENT Super vintage 7" x 5.75" illustration of Randy Turpin shaking hands with Sugar Ray Robinson, unusual. Min £4

742 SONNY LISTON Sl.trimmed 8.25" x 5.5" b/w full length posed shot printed on thin card. Min £2

744 B/W PROMO CARD Fine 10” x 8” posed promo shot of John Ruiz. Min £2

745 PRINT Super quality b/w copy of Mickey Walker (Beagles Postcard), from Famous Boxers series, in fighting pose. Min £3

746 PRINT Super quality, with gold edging, b/w glossy 10" x 8" action frOm Cassius Clay-Charlie Powell - details printed to back. Min £4

748 NIGEL BENN 8pp foldover postcard sized promo issue with colour & b/w photos - clean/superb..Min £2

749 ORIGINAL PHOTO c1960 b/w press shot of John Caldwell in gym with bag. Min £3

751 PRINT Super quality TWO  different 8" x 6" b/w action photos from Sugar Ray Leonard v Roberto Duran, mint condition...Min £3 

753 PRINT Approx 10.5" x 6.5" colour posed shot of Terry Norris, arms raised wearing WBC belt, excellent. Min £3

755 PRINT Brilliant 12" x 8" sized b/w action shot from Thomas Hearns v Roberto Duran, World Title fight. Min £3

757 PRINT Brilliant 12" x 8" sized b/w shot of Kirkland Laing, arms raised in ring after victory, with Micky Duff...Min £3

758 PRINT Excellent 12" x 8" sized colour action shot from Roberto Duran v Thomas Hearns, World Title fight. Min £3

759 COLOUR PHOTO Super 10" x 8" action shot from Riddick Bowe v Evander Holyfield I, in 1992. Min £4

760 JANE COUCH Postcard sized b/w promo print, dedicated & signed in biro. Min £3

762 BILL DOLLERY Super postcard sized b/w promo card, dedicated & signed to back by the SA born Lightweight. Min £4

763 JOHNNY ARMOUR Approx 5" x 4" sized white card, signed in blue. Min £3

764 DAVE 'BOY' GREEN 5.5" x 3.75" sized white card, signed in blue. Min £3

765 FRANK PARKES Vintage p'card sized b/w posed glossy photo, dedicated & signed to reverse in blue ink. Min £4

766 TONY TUCKER 3.5" x 2.75" lined slip, dedicated & signed in black ink by the former Heavyweight. Min £3

767 ERNIE WOODMAN Vintage b/w photo, shown in fighting pose, dedicated & signed in black ink, Min £4

768 ANGEL MANFREDY Superb 10"x 8" glossy colour shot, sat in corner attended by trainer, signed in black ink to corner. Min £10

NB We have huge stocks of BOXING NEWS copies from the mid 1950's up to approx 2015. If you are seeking any particular copies, please let us know and we can check our stock (held in self storage facility). Discounts will be available for any bulk purchases.

**********JUST ARRIVED**********

The following are all in superb clean condition for age and are all priced up accordingly:


770 THE GOLF SECRET 1963 By Dr H.A.Murray, 142pp hardback with d/jacket. Min £2   

771 WINNING GOLF 1947 By Byron Nelson, 188pp fine, well illustrated hardback, with no d/jacket. Min £2


774 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL 1963 Benfica FC-AC Milan, played at Wembley on 22 May, really fine condition, with no creasing. Min £7

776 INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL BOOK 1969 No.11 edited by Stratton Smith, 144pp h'back with d/jacket. Min £2   

777 SOCCER THE INTERNATIONAL WAY 1969 Edited by Gordon Jeffery, 120pp h'back with d/jacket. Min £2

781 BANGOR CITY-ATHLETICO MADRID 1985 European Cup Winners Cup 2nd Round Tie, played at Farrar Road, near mint. Min £3

The following are all ORIGINALLY SIGNED modern white postcards, with either team emblem, stamp or photo affixed to corner, Min £2 ea;

782 Des Walker (Forest/England);              

783 Michael Kightly (Wolves);                

784 Rory Delap (Derby/Stoke);

785 Frankie Bunn (Hull/Oldham);              

786 Rob Hulse (Crewe/WBA);                

787 Andy Dibble (Man City/Wales);

788 Stefan Schwarz (Arsenal/Sun'land);    

789 Lucas Neill (Millwall/Blackburn);   

790 Brian Marwood (Sheff Weds/England);

791 Steve Walford (Arsenal/West Ham);    

792 Ian Selley (Arsenal);                         

793 Jay Simpson (Arsenal/Hull);

794 Alan Peacock (Middlesbrough);            

795 David O'Leary (Arsenal/Ireland);  

796 Bobby Moncur (Newcastle Utd);

797 Kevin Ratcliffe (Everton/Wales);          

798 Andy Sinton (QPR/Spurs);              

799 George Burley (Ipswich/Scotland);          


The following are all ORIGINALLY SIGNED modern white postcards, with either team emblem, stamp or photo affixed to corner, Min £2 ea;

800 Charl Willoughby (S.Africa);                 

801 Ed Smith (Kent/England);                

804 Nicky Boje (S.Africa);                       

805 Chris Tremlett (Hampshire/England);

806 Justin Kemp (S.Africa);                          

808 Tyron Henderson (S.Africa);

809 Hamish Marshall (N.Zealand);               

811 Otis Gibson (Glamorgan/W.Indies);

812 James Franklin (N.Zealand);                 

814 Jason Gillespie (Australia);

816 Vernon Philander (S.Africa);            

817 Michael Slater (Australia);                             

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(1) 100 Rugby League programmes of our choice 60's onwards, all different & fine including some specials. £15

(2) 100 Rugby Union programme of our choice - Welsh/English Club Matches, Cup, Internationals etc. £20

(3) 100 Speedway programmes of our choice - League, Challenge matches & individual meets from 1960's-90's. £15

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  PLEASE NOTE: Postage is extra on all lots – actual cost will be advised when Invoice is sent to successful bidders. 

REMEMBER – Unless stated otherwise, MINIMUM BID on any item is just £1.00.

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