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001 AMERICAN FOOTBALL 1989 Super Bowl XXIII, Cincinnati Bengals-San Francisco 49ers, UK edition programme, 132pp. Min £3

002 AMERICAN FOOTBALL 1991 London Monarchs-Barcelona Dragons, 100pp heavy issue from Wembley, excellent. Min £2

003 ATHLETICS 1981 England-Belgium-USA-Ethiopia, ticket from Crystal Palace, June 3, complete and only sl.crease.

006 BASKETBALL 1983/4 WICB Champs from Crystal Palace, comes with ticket included inside, part scored, 40pp. Min £2

007 BASKETBALL 2014 San Antonio Spurs-Chicago Bulls, ticketmaster creased ticket, score penned to front.

009 BOOKS 1970/71 Selection of 8 'Squelchers' booklets produced by Esso (16 in set) on Football. Nos. 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16. Min £3

011 CONCERT BROCHURE 1974 Petula Clark, appearing at RA Hall in February, 16pp only sl.crease, comes with flier. Min £3

012 CONCERT BROCHURE 1984 Gerry & The Pacemakers 20th Anniv.concert from Beck Theatre with Susan Maugham + ticket. Min £3

014 CONCERT BROCHURE 1991 'Showstoppers' Barry Manilow issue, 36pp with Wembley ticket stapled inside. Min £2

016 GAELIC FOOTBALL 2001 Down-Armagh, All Ireland Champs Qualifier issue for game at Casement Park. Min £2

017 GAELIC FOOTBALL 2005 Westmeath-Tyrone, Nat.Football League Division 1A, played at Cusack Park on March 27.

018 GAELIC FOOTBALL 2005 Armagh-Mayo, Nat.Football League Semi-Final, played at Croke Park, on 24 April. Min £2

019 GOLF 1974 Long Ashton (Bristol) Pro-Am programme with K.Wolstenholme, D.Henderson, Stanley Baker, H.Cooper, J.Tarbuck. Min £3  

020 GOLF 1980's Pro Athletes Outreach 6pp pocket sized booklet, signed to photo on front by US golfer, Steven Jones. Min £3

021 GOLF 2000 Seve Ballesteros Trophy – GB/Ireland-Europe at Sunningdale, drawsheet for April 14,  8pp foldover, sl.creased. Min £3

022 HANDBILL 1973 Black & White Minstrel Show, from New Victoria Theatre,

023 HANDBILL 1994 The Solid Silver 70's show, Showaddywaddy, Alvin Stardust, The Rubettes etc...

024 HOCKEY 1974 England-Netherlands, Women's ticket for game at Wembley on March 9, clean/excellent..

025 HOCKEY 1988 World Hockey Cup for Men - Daily programme update prog (Oct 19) incl.Final between England & Australia. Min £3

026 ICE HOCKEY 1970's B/w headshot photocard (issued with programme), of Brian Watts (London Lions)..

027 ICE HOCKEY Red/white plastic pennant, issued in early 70's by London Lions, folded to store, fine. Min £3

028 ICE HOCKEY 1992 Molson Challenge adv.pamphlet, with ticket from Chicago Blackhawks-Montreal Canadians at Wembley.

029 ICE HOCKEY 2010 Chicago Blackhawks-Anaheim Ducks, $46 ticket for match on 14 November.

030 MOTOR CYCLE RACING 1973 Dutch TT issue for races run at Assen on 23 June, 24pp, only sl.creased. Min £3

031 OLYMPIC GAMES 1991 US Hall of Fame card No.49 Sammy Lee (Diving), originally signed in black. Min £3

032 POSTCARD Lovely Pre-War colour issue for Crystal Palace in London. Not postally used and no maker's name, clean/vg. Min £4

033 POSTCARD Undated NASA produced colour card: Space Shuttle Challenger crew posed. Min £2

034 POSTCARD Undated NASA produced colour card: Shuttle Astronauts crew posed. Min £2

035 POSTCARD Undated NASA produced colour card: 6 women astronauts posed, including Sally Ride. Min £2

037 TENNIS 1973 Rothmans Int.Tournament issue from RA Hall, 40pp with inserts included. Min £3

038 TENNIS 1973 Dewar Cup issue from RA Hall, with scorecard and ticket also included, 44pp, Min £2

039 TENNIS 1979 Wimbledon 8th Day programme, July 3 with Men's Quarter Finals including Borg, Connors etc. Min £3

040 TENNIS 1981 Gt.Britain-Italy, Davis Cup ticket for event at The Brighton Centre, clean/fine for 2 singles on Sunday 8 March...

041 TENNIS 1984 World Doubles Champs issue from RA Hall, in January, comes with ticket included. Min £2

042 TENNIS 1994 Super 116pp 1st Day issue for matches played 20 June, immaculate. Min £3

043 THEATRE 1974 Edith Evans & Friends, from Theatre Royal Haymarket, with ticket included in centre.

045 THEATRE 1979 'Bent' from Criterion Theatre, with Ian McKellen, Tom Bell etc with ticket included. Min £2

046 THEATRE 1983 'The Roaring Girl', the RSC at Barbican Theatre, with Sorcha Cusack, Alun Armstrong & Helen Mirren + ticket. Min £3

047 THEATRE 1985 'Gigi' from The Lyric Theatre, with Jean-Pierre Aumont, Beryl Reid, Sian Phillips + flier & ticket inside. Min £2

048 THEATRE 1986'Brighton Beach Memoirs', from Aldwych Theatre, with Julie Covington, Harry Towb & Holly Aird.

049 THEATRE 1989 'Blood Brothers' from Albery Theatre, with Kiki Dee + ticket. Min £2

051 THEATRE 1994 Le Cid from National Theatre, with Samantha Bond, Susan Lynch + ticket. Min £2

052 THEATRE 1996 Les Enfants du Paradis, RSC at Barbican Theatre, with Rupert Graves & Colin Farrell + ticket inside. Min £2

054 THEATRE 1989 'The Phantom of the Opera' from Kallang Teatre (Singapore), 70pp superb issue with ticket included, lovely. Min £4

055 THEATRE 2001 'Fallen Angels' from Apollo Theatre, with Felicity Kendal & Frances de la Tour + ticket inside. Min £2

056 THEATRE 2002 Rory Bremner with Bird & Fortune from Albery Theatre, with flier & ticket included. Min £2

057 THEATRE 2003 'Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat', from New London Theatre, with Stephen Gately + flier/ticket. Min £2

059 THEATRE 2008 'The Music Man' from The Chichester Festival, with Brian Conley. Comes with flier & ticket. Min £2

060 TICKET 1979 Hollies in concert, from Wembley Conference Centre, only

061 TICKET 1983 The Kids from Fame, appearing at Wembley Arena.

062 TICKET 1983 The Everly Brothers, appearing at Royal Albert Hall..

063 TICKET 1992 Perry Como appearing at Orlando Arena..Min £2

064 TICKET 1999 The Manfreds appearing at St.Albans, comes with sl.creased flier.

065 TRADE CARD 1935 Gallaher Card from Champions 2nd series, No.27 S Donoghue (Jockey).

067 TRADE CARD 1936 Gallaher Card from Sporting Personalities series, No.6 Fred Darling (Horse Racing).

068 TRADE CARD 1936 Gallaher Card from Sporting Personalities series, No.8 Lord Derby (Horse Racing).

069 TRADE CARD 1936 Gallaher Card from Sporting Personalities series, No.10 HH Aga Khan (Horse Racing).

070 TRADE CARD 1936 Gallaher Card from Sporting Personalities series, No.14 Gordon Richards (Horse Racing).

071 TRADE CARD 1936 Gallaher Card from Sporting Personalities series, No.29 Freddie Fox (Horse Racing).

072 TRADE CARD 1936 Gallaher Card from Sporting Personalities series, No.43 Steve Donoghue (Horse Racing).

073 TRADE CARD 1936 Gallaher Card from Sporting Personalities series, No.45 Sir Malcolm Campbell (Speed Records).

074 TRADE CARD 1937 Godfrey Phillips Card from Spot The Winner (inverted back), No.6 JE Lovelock.

075 TRADE CARD 1937 Godfrey Phillips Card from Spot The Winner (inverted back), No.40 SG Wooderson.

076 TRADE CARD 1956 Radio Fun card from British Sports Stars series: No.14 Reg Harris (Cycling).

077 TRADE CARD 1956 Radio Fun card from British Sports Stars series: No.17 Doug Smith (Jockey).

078 TRADE CARD 1960 Dickson Orde issue, Footballers series No.38 Eddie Turnbull (Hibs), excellent/clean.

079 TRADE CARD 1960 Dickson Orde issue, Footballers series No.40 Bobby Shearer (Rangers), excellent/clean.

080 TRADE CARD 1968/9 A & BC card (yellow back): No.36 Peter Osgood (Chelsea).

081 TRADE CARD 1971/2 A & BC card (purple back): No.20 Martin Chivers (Tottenham).

082 TRADE CARD 1971/2 A & BC card (purple back): No.99 Keith Newton (Everton).

083 TRADE CARD 1972/3 A & BC card (orange back): No.48 Bryan Robson (West Ham United).

084 TRADE CARD 1980 Venorlandus World of Sport card from Our Heroes series: No.7 Barry Sheene.

085 TRADE CARD 1980 Venorlandus World of Sport card from Our Heroes series: No.28 Jonjo O'Neill.

086 TRADE CARD 1980 Venorlandus World of Sport card from Our Heroes series: No.33 Harvey Smith.

087 TRADE CARD 1980 Venorlandus World of Sport card from Our Heroes series: No.40 Geoff Capes.

088 TRADE CARD 1983 Bassett issue from Football series, No.49 Garry Birtles (Nottingham Forest), clean/exc.

090 TRADE CARD 1992 Brooke Bond Olympic Greats: No.33 Harry Llewellyn (Equestrian), colour and as new.

092 TRADE CARD 1992 Brooke Bond Olympic Greats: No.39 Irina Rodnina (Skating), colour and as new.


093 HORNSEA CRICKET CLUB 1898 4pp Member’s card fixture card. Sl.dam to back where it has been stuck down. Min £4

094 YOUNG BRITAIN CARD 1922 Favourite Cricketers series: No.6 P Holmes (Yorkshire), b/w fine/clean condition. Min £3

095 YOUNG BRITAIN CARD 1922 Favourite Cricketers series: No.9 P Fender (Surrey), b/w fine/clean condition. Min £3

096 YOUNG BRITAIN CARD 1922 Favourite Cricketers series: No.20 H Makepeace (Lancashire), b/w fine/clean condition. Min £3

097 YOUNG BRITAIN CARD 1922 Favourite Cricketers series: No.21 W Rhodes (Yorkshire), b/w fine/clean condition. Min £3

098 YOUNG BRITAIN CARD 1922 Favourite Cricketers series: No.22 H Sutcliffe (Yorkshire), b/w fine/clean condition. Min £3

100 B.MORRIS CARD 1925 Superb b/w card from Australian Cricketers series: No.2 W Bardsley (NSW), suerb. Min £4

101 OGDENS CARD 1926 Cricket series: No.25 Percy Holmes (Yorkshire), sepia, clean/exc. Min £2

102 OGDENS CARD 1926 Cricket series: No.29 GB Legge (Oxford University), sepia, clean/exc. Min £2

103 PLAYERS CARD 1926 Cricketers Caricatures by RIP: No.21 Douglas Jardine (Surrey), colour, v.good. Min £2

104 DC THOMSON CARD 1926 World's Best Cricketers: No.5 H Sutcliffe (Yorkshire). Min £3

105 R & J HILL CARD 1926 No.23 from 'Caricatures of Famous Cricketers' series: M Tate (Sussex), superb condition. Min £3

106 MAJOR DRAPKIN CARD 1928 No.18 Harold Larwood, Australian/England Test Cricketers series. Min £3

107 PLAYERS CARD 1930 Cricketers series: No.13 PGH Fender (Surrey), colour & in super condition for age. Min £2

108 PLAYERS CARD 1930 Cricketers series: No.40 H Sutcliffe (Yorkshire), colour & in super condition for age. Min £2

109 PLAYERS CARD 1930 Cricketers series: No.41 MW Tate (Sussex), colour & in super condition for age. Min £2                              

110 CARRERAS CARD 1935 No.53 RES Wyatt (Warwickshire), oval shape, excellent. Min £2

112 ARDATH CARD 1936 No.168 'Verity Misses one from Ward', Z series issue. Min £2

113 ARDATH PHOTOCARD 1936 Z series: No.158 (South African Cricket Team), superb. Min £2

114 CHURCHMANS CARD 1936 No.31 from Cricketers series: RT Perks (Worcestershire), colour, clean/excellent. Min £3

115 M.C.C. 1787-1937 Superb dark blue hardback book reprinted from The Times, 134pp illust & excellent throughout. Min £12

116 THE LAWS OF CRICKET 1947 Code - 1st edition, pocket sized 30pp booklet produced by MCC. Min £2

118 ‘CRICKET FANFARE’ 1949 Laughs Around The Wicket, compiled by S.Evelyn Thomas. 64pp illust booklet, taped spine. Min £3

119 CRICKET ALL THE YEAR 1952 Hardback by Neville Cardus, 224pp well illust & fine, sl.wear to outer board covers. Min £4

120 MORNING FOODS CARD 1953 Test Cricketers series (Coronation Year): No.21 GR Langley (South Aust), b/w excellent. Min £2

121 MIDDLESEX-SURREY 1953 County scorecard for game at Lord's in August, only a few pencil scores. Min £3

122 KANE PRODUCTS CARD 1956 CBT Cricketers 1st series: No.22 Gil Langley (Australia), mint b/w card.

123 KANE PRODUCTS CARD 1956 CBT Cricketers 2nd series: No.27 Roy McLean, mint colour card.

124 KANE PRODUCTS CARD 1956 CBT Cricketers 2nd series: No.34 Johnny Wardle, mint colour card.

125 KANE PRODUCTS CARD 1956 CBT Cricketers 2nd series: No.41 Peter Richardson mint colour card.

127 LANCASHIRE II-DENBIGHSHIRE 1957 Official scorecard from Old Trafford, excellent with some neat scores penned in ink. Min £4

134 A & BC CARD 1961 Test Series card: No.45 Barry Jarman (South Australia), fine condition. Min £3

135 COLOUR POSTCARD OF LORD'S 1960's Panoramic colour glossy vintage card (unused), photo by Precision Ltd (St.Ives). Exc..Min £3

136 COLOUR POSTCARD OF LORD'S 1960's Colourmaster Ltd issue, similar to above. Panoramic view with match in progress. Min £3

137 BARNET CCC NEWS LETTER 1965 9 April 6pp duplicated sheets, which have been posted to previous owner.

138 MIDDLESEX-LORD'S TAVERNERS 1960's undated 4pp scorecard for match at Lord's, & sl.stain to back. Min £3

139 ENGLAND-WEST INDIES 1966 Fine clean/sl.creased match ticket for Old Trafford Test Match on June 3. Min £3

140 BARNET CCC NEWS LETTER 1967 April 6pp duplicated sheets, which have been posted to previous owner.

141 BARNET CCC NEWS LETTER 1967 August 6pp duplicated sheets, which have been posted to previous owner.

142 BARNET CCC NEWS LETTER 1967 November 8pp duplicated sheets, which have been posted to previous owner.

144 ENGLAND-PAKISTAN 1974 Part printed scorecard for the Oval Test Match. Zaheer Abbas scored 240. Min £2

145 TOP TRUMPS CARD 1970's 9cm x 6cm colour: Neal Abberley (Warwickshire). Min £2

147 TOP TRUMPS CARD 1970's 9cm x 6cm colour: John Hopkins (Glamorgan). Min £2

148 TOP TRUMPS CARD 1970's 9cm x 6cm colour: Mohsin Khan (Pakistan). Min £2

149 TOP TRUMPS CARD 1970's 9cm x 6cm colour: John Wright (New Zealand). Min £2

150 ENGLAND-WEST INDIES 1980 Sl.creased £5.30 Mound Stand match ticket for this Test Match, played at Lord’s on 20 June. Min £2

151 ENGLAND-SRI LANKA 1984 Part printed Lord's scorecard, on 23 August, v.good.  Min £2

152 NEW ZEALAND-PAKISTAN 1985 $8.00 ODI ticket @ Seddon Park, played 15 January. Min £2

153 NEW ZEALAND-SRI LANKA 1985 $13 ticket for Hamilton Test Match on 22 February. Min £2

154 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1985 Part scored card for Lord's Test Match on 27 June. Min £2

155 DENNIS AMISS TESTIMONIAL YEAR 1985 Official brochure, 68pp, mint, signed to front cover by Dennis. Min £4

156 WORCESTERSHIRE-KENT 1986 £6.50 B&H Semi-Final match ticket, played 11 June.    

158 THE BURNING FINGER 1992 Scarce Indian p'back by MV Gothoskar with foreword by Gavaskar. 156pp illust/exc/. Min 35

159 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1993 Texaco Trophy series programme for games at Old Trafford, Edgbaston & Lord's, exc..Min £2

160 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1993 3rd Test Match programme for game at Trent Bridge. Signed inside by player pen-pics by Nasser Hussain, Alec Stewart, Graham Thorpe, Brendon Julian & Mark Waugh. Min £5

162 WEST INDIES-ENGLAND 1994 Fine $30 ticket for 12 April in 4th test Match, played at Bridgetown, Barbados. Min £3

163 SURREY-WORCESTERSHIRE 1994 Scorecard from County match at the Oval on 29 April, part-printed & few scores penned.

164 STEVE MARSH BENEFIT YEAR TIE 1995 Super Tie Rack limited edition produced tie, in black gold & red. Min £4   

165 MIDDLESEX-SUSSEX 1995 Clean scorecard for match at Lord's, not scored & no creasing.

166 ENGLAND-WEST INDIES 1995 6th Test Match part-printed scorecard from The Oval, excellent. Min £2

167 RONNIE IRANI 1996 Full colour 10” x 8” glossy photo of the England/Essex all rounder at Oval net session. Boldly signed. Min £6

168 WARWICKSHIRE-MIDDLESEX 1996 Official teamsheet for Bain Hogg Trophy game at Edgbaston on 1 August, incl.Strauss.

169 SURREY-WORCESTERSHIRE 1996 Mint condition (not scored), card from the Oval dated 19 September.

170 LANCASHIRE-DURHAM 1997 AXA Life programme for match at Old Trafford on 27 April. Min £2

171 WARWICKSHIRE-NORFOLK CCC 1997 Mint scorecard for this NatWest Trophy 1st Round match at Edgbaston, with menu..Min £2

172 WEST INDIES-ENGLAND 1998 4th Test Match $48 ticket for 3rd day of this Barbados Test Match, clean/fine. Min £3

173 ENGLAND-SOUTH AFRICA 1998 Tavern Stand Hospitality Box match ticket for 2nd day of this Lord's Test Match. Min £2

174 SURREY-WORCESTERSHIRE 1998 AXA League programme for game at The Oval on 28 June.

175 BUNBURY CC-GLOUCESTERSHIRE 1999 Mark Alleyne Benefit FDC, signed to front by Alleyne, Ian Harvey & John Bracewell. Min £3

176 WARWICKSHIRE BEARS-LANCASHIRE LIGHTNING 1999 NCL issue for game at Edgbaston on June 13. Min £2

177 AUSTRALIA-SOUTH AFRICA 1999 Cricket World Cup £65 match ticket for this tied Semi-Final, played at Edgbaston, sl.crease. Min £3

178 WARWICKSHIRE-GLOUCESTERSHIRE 1999 CGU League match ticket for game at Edgbaston on 31 August.

180 TRIANGULAR TOURNAMENT FINAL 2000 Grand Stand Box ticket for the England-Zimbabwe Final at Lord's on 22 July. Min £2

181 ENGLAND-SRI LANKA 2002 Exc £26 Compton Stand match ticket for this 4th day’s play in 1st Test Match, played at Lords. 

182 NICK KNIGHT LAUNCH BALL 2004 Hilton B'ham 8pp card menu/prog, signed extensively inside by players & Trevor Francis. Min £4             

183 SURREY-WORCESTERSHIRE 2004 Official scorecard with press reports, from game at The Oval on 5 August.

185 ENGLAND WOMEN-AUSTRALIA 2013 2nd ODI scorecard for match played at Hove. and scored + match ticket. Min £2

187 SIGNED CARD White p'card with team emblem affixed to corner, signed by Australian born, Andy Bichel (Worcestershire). Min £2

188 SIGNED CARD White p'card with team emblem affixed to corner, signed by the late Arthur Milton (Gloucs/England). Min £4

189 SIGNED CARD White p'card with b/w mag photo affixed to corner, signed by Australian, Tom Moody (Worcestershire). Min £2

191 SIGNED CARD White p'card sized card, signed by former NZ captain and all-rounder, Chris Cairns. Min £2

192 SIGNED CARD White p'card sized card, signed by former Gloucestershire bowler, Jon Lewis. Min £2


200 THE CHAMPION CARD 1922 Famous Football Capt's: No.35 A.Feebury (Palace). Min £2

201 CARRERAS CARD 1935 Popular Footballers No.1 George Cummings (Villa).     

202 GODFREY PHILLIPS CARD 1936 Soccer Stars: No.35 J.Bestall (Grimsby).     

203 TOPICAL TIMES CARD 1930's 25cm x 8cm sized b/w portrait: G.Taylor (Bolton), sl.trimmed. Min £2

204 TOPICAL TIMES CARD 1930's b/w portrait: I.Hopkins (Brentford), sl.trimmed. Min £2

205 CHURCHMANS CARD 1938 Association Footballers series: No.30 J Morton (West Ham United), sepia and immaculate. Min £2

207 CHURCHMANS CARD 1939 Association Footballers 2nd series: No.15 J Foxall (West Ham United), sepia and immaculate. Min £2

209 WILLS CARD 1939 Association Footballers series: No.31 A McNab (West Bromwich Albion), colour and immaculate. Min £2

210 CHARLTONATHLETIC-BIRMINGHAM CITY 1950 Issue from The Valley, dated April 22, 8pp only sl.creased. Min £4

212 MITCHAM FOODS CARD 1956 Footballers Series No.4 J Bauld (Hearts & Scot), b/w fine.  

213 RADIO FUN CARD 1956 British Sports Stars series: No.3 Stan Matthews, colour/exc. Min £2

215 NATIONAL SPASTICS CARD 1960 Series 1 No.2: Alf Stokes (Tottenham Hotspur), colour/excellent. Min £2

216 NATIONAL SPASTICS CARD 1960 Series 1 No.9: Reg Matthews (Chelsea), colour/excellent. Min £2

219 BARNSLEY-BOURNEMOUTH 1969 Oakwell issue for 3rd Div match played on January 11.

221 DC THOMSON CARD 1969/70 The Great Stars of Football series: colour shot of George Best (Manchester United). Min £2

223 SPURS-AC MILAN 1972 UEFA Cup Semi-Final issue, played 5 April, fine. Min £2

224 BIRMINGHAM CITY-NEWCASTLE UTD 1974 Texaco Cup Semi/Final 2nd Leg, played 6 November, exc.    

225 QUEENS PARK RANGERS-COLOGNE 1976 UEFA Cup 3rdround issue, exc.   

226 MARCONI-WEST SUBURBS 1978 Australian issue, 24pp clean & fine, for game played at Marconi Oval on 16 April.

227 ENGLAND-BRAZIL 1978 Sl.creased £8 South Stand Wembley match ticket for game on April 19. Min £3

230 ENGLAND-NORTHERN IRELAND1979 Clean only £8 South Stand match ticket for game at Wembley on February 7. Min £2

233 ENGLAND-ARGENTINA 1980 Sl.creased £10.50 North Stand Wembley match ticket for game on May 13. Min £2

234 FREIGHT ROVER TROPHY FINAL 1985 Brentford-Wigan Athletic, from Wembley, 32pp clean/mint..

236 FA CUP SEMI-FINAL1986 Sheffield Wednesday-Everton, from Villa Park, dated 5 April, only very faint crease.

237 ENGLAND WORLD CUP Italy 1990 FA produced, foldover card souvenir, 6pp with exc colour photos, Min £3

238 ENGLAND-HUNGARY 1990 International issue for match played at Wembley on 12 September. Min £2

239 ENGLAND-TURKEY 1991 European Champs Qualifier from Wembley, played 16 October, mint. Min £2

240 ENGLAND-BRAZIL 1992 Standard 44pp programme for this Friendly match from Wembley. Excellent clean condition. Min £2

241 VINTAGE SPURS CARDS Seven 1993 West Mids CC cards: Blanchflower, Brooks, Brown, Greaves, Medley, Walters & White. Min £3  

242 ENGLAND-USA 1994 50pp Official programme for game at Wembley, MINT. Min £2

243 BIRMINGHAM CITY-CELTIC 1995 Pre-Season Friendly b/w A4 sized teamsheet, dated 29 July, has been folded/clean. Min £2

244 NETHERLANDS-SCOTLAND 1996 Euro'96 original A4 sized colour teamsheet for game at Villa Park, exc/clean.

245 GERMANY-ENGLAND 1996 Euro'96 original A4 sized colour teamsheet for Semi-Final game played at Wembley. Min £2 

246 MANCHESTERUTD-BORUSSIA DORTMUND 1997 48pp Champions League Semi-Final. Min £2

247 ENGLAND-CHILE 1998 Green Flag International from Wembley, played 11 February, 50pp mint...Min £2

248 ENGLAND-BELGIUM 1999 International match issue for game played at Stadium of Light, Sunderland, immaculate. Min £2

250 MANCHESTER UTD-VALENCIA CF 2001 76pp Champions League issue, played 20 February.      

251 LIVERPOOL-DEPORTIVO ALAVES 2001 Mint UEFA Cup Final programme for game played in Dortmund. Clean 66pp. Min £4

252 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL 2003 Juventus-AC Milan, from Old Trafford, Manchester, mint. Min £6

253 WALES-FINLAND 2003 Euro Qualifying Match Ticket fr game at Millennium Stadium.

254 ENGLAND-GREECE 2006 Nr mint 66pp issue for game at Old Trafford, comes with original colour teamsheet. Min £3

255 CYPRUS-REP.OF IRELAND 2006 Euro 2008 Qualifier played at GSP Stadium, on 7 October, mint. Min £2

256 FRANCE-ENGLAND 2008 24pp Friendly game at Stade de France, Saint-Denis in Paris. Immaculate & unmarked throughout. Min £4

257 ASTON VILLA-TOTTENHAM 2008 Mint condition 60pp Premier League issue from Villa Park on 1 January.   

258 WEST BROMWICHALBION-MANCHESTER UNITED 2009 Mint 100p issue for game at The Hawthorns on 27 January..Min £2

259 ENGLAND-SLOVENIA 2009 Wembley issue – includes Sir Bobby Robson tribute (pictured to cover). Min £2

260 ENGLAND-MEXICO 2010 Mint 76pp Wembley programme, played 24 May. Min £3

261 SOUTH AFRICA-MEXICO 2010 World Cup Opening Match VIP match ticket for game at Soccer City Stadium, South Africa. Min £10

262 MANCHESTER UTD-OLYMPIQUE MARSEILLE 2011 60pp Champs League programme, played 15 March. Min £2

263 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL 2012 Bayern Munich-Chelsea, from Munich, mint onsite issue (10 Euros). Min £12

264 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS 2012 156pp Tournament prog (Polish language), for Poland/Ukraine Finals, exc. Min £6

265 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS 2012 156pp Tournament prog (English language), for Poland/Ukraine Finals, exc. Min £6

266 ALEX FERGUSON 2013 My Autobiography, mint condition 402pp hardback with original dust jacket, as new condition. Min £4

267 CHELSEA-MANCHESTER CITY 2013 FA Cup Semi-Final from Wembley, dated 14 April, near perfect. Min £3

268 FA CUP FINAL 2013 Manchester City-Wigan Athletic, from Wembley, 116pp mint condition. Min £5

269 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL 2013 Borussia Dortmund-FC Bayern Munich, from Wembley, mint 116pp. Min £6

270 ENGLAND-DENMARK 2014 Fine 76pp near mint issue from Wembley, dated 5 March. Min £2

271 CHELSEA-REAL SOCIEDAD 2014 Pre-season friendly from Stamford Bridge, dated 12 August, exc.

272 ENGLAND-LITHUANIA 2015 European Champs Qualifier from Wembley, 84pp brand new..Min £2

273 MANCHESTER CITY-MANCHESTER UNITED 2016 Mint issue from the Etihad Stadium, dated 20 March, 100pp. Min £3

274 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016 English language Tournament programme, comprising 156pp, excellent. Min £4

275 ENGLAND-MALTA 2016 World Cup Qualifier from Wembley, 82pp as new. Min £3


276 HULL KR-AUSTRALIA 1921 Cartoon by Ern Shaw, produced at the time, reproduced onto white postcard. Clean & fine.

277 JOHN PLAYER CARD 1928 Footballers: No.12 L.Fairclough (St.Helens). Min £2

280 GALLAHER CIGARETTE CARD 1934 No.22 in Series of ‘Champions’ of LC Bowkett (Huddersfield). Clean & excellent.   

282 PATTREIOUX CARD 1935 Sporting Events & Stars: No.83 J.Feetham, fine.  

287 FARTOWN RUGBY LEAGUE YEAR BOOK 1959 Compiled by Gaulton & Crabtree, 32pp illust & near perfect. Min £3

290 HULL-WIGAN 1960 Boulevard issue for game played 20 August, only

291 DAVID BOLTON 1964 Wigan produced Testimonial Booklet, 16pp only to front cover. Min £2

292 HULL-HUDDERSFIELD 1964 Boulevard issue for game played 31 August, clean/exc.

293 RUGBY LEAGUE MAGAZINE 1965 Vol.2 No.14 – October, sl.creased/clean.

294 RUGBY LEAGUE MAGAZINE 1966 Vol.2 No.16 – February,

295 RAY HEYWOOD 1955-1969 Huddersfield produced Testimonial booklet, comprising 28pp, exc/clean. Min £2

297 BARROW-WEMBLEY TEAM (1967) 1971 M Sanderson Testimonial programme from Craven Park, 26 April. Min £2

299 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1978 Leeds-St.Helens, issue from Wembley, fine condition. Min £3

300 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1978 Leeds-St.Helens, clean/ North Stand match ticket. Min £2

301 LEEDS RL SUPPORTERS CLUB 1978-9 Handbook in exc clean condition, comprises 48pp. Min £3

304 HULL-NEW ZEALAND 1980 Tour match issue from Boothferry Park, clean/excellent. Min £2

305 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1982 Super clean £3.50 ticket for this Hull-Widnes Final at Wembley. Min £2 

306 FULHAM-AUSTRALIA 1982 Tour match issue for game played at Craven Cottage. Includes small insert teamsheet. Min £3

307 GREAT BRITAIN-AUSTRALIA 1982 2nd Test Match issue from Wigan, programme comes with fine/clean ticket. Min £3

308 HULL-WARRINGTON 1984 Director’s Box match ticket for game played 11 November, exc. 

309 OPEN RUGBY 1985 Issue No.75 (May), Cup Final souvenir issue, exc. Min £2

310 HUDDERSFIELD-FULHAM 1986 Scarce 4pp emergency issue programme for game hastily arranged for 16 March, only 4pp. Min £2

311 BOULEVARD 1985 SOCIETY SEVENS 1986 Programme dated 24 August incl.Hull, Leeds, Mansfield etc. Min £2

312 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1987 Sl.creased £22.00 ticket stub for Wembley Final between Halifax and St.Helens. Min £2

314 SHEFFIELD EAGLES 1990 Club magazine/programme for April, covering home games with Batley, Workington & Fulham. Min £2

315 JOHN PLAYER SPECIAL TROPHY 1987 Match ticket for Wigan-Warrington Final, at Bolton played 10 January.

316 GREAT BRITAIN-FRANCE 1987 Unused £6.00 ticket for Leeds Test, played on 24 January.   

317 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1988 Sl.creased £25.00 ticket stub for Wembley Final between Wigan and Halifax. Min £2

318 LEEDS-HULL KR 1991 Headingley prog from 3 March - extensively signed by players to back team line-ups page. Min £5

320 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1992 Exc £14.00 ticket stub for Wembley Final between Wigan and Castleford. Min £2

321 AUSTRALIA-GT.BRITAIN 1992 MINT 2nd Test issue from Melbourne from 26 June. Min £4

322 HULL-WARRINGTON 1992 Championship match issue from The Boulevard on September 18 - comes with match ticket.

323 AUSTRALIA-GT.BRITAIN 1992 MINT 60pp Rugby League World Cup Final issue for match at Wembley Stadium. Min £4

324 WORLD CUP FINAL 1992 Nice £15 Wembley ticket for Australia-GB match played at Wembley, sl.crease. Min £2

325 WORLD SEVENS 1993 A4 sized well illust 48pp programme for event held at Sydney Football Stadium. Teams were mainly drawn from Australia but also included Fiji, Russia, America, France, South Africa, N.Zealand & W.Samoa. Excellent & clean. Min £5

326 YORKSHIRE ACADEMY-JUNIOR KIWIS 1993 Single sheet prog for match played at F'stone & Junior Kiwis brochure. Min £2

327 GT.BRITAIN-NEW ZEALAND 2002 1st Test Match ticket from Ewood Park, (Blackburn Rovers FC Ground).

328 XIII LIMOUXIN-WIGAN WARRIORS 2004 Rare Challenge Cup Tie issue from France, 20pp clean/immaculate. Min £5

329 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 2004 Exc/clean £20.00 ticket stub for Cardiff Final between Wigan and St.Helens. Min £2

330 GREAT BRITAIN-AUSTRALIA 2004 Tri-Nations 5 Game £30 ticket, for match played 13 November, vg.  

331 LONDON BRONCOS-WARRINGTON WOLVES 2005 Exc 64pp Griffin Park (Brentford FC Ground). Min £2

332 HUDDERSFIELD GIANTS-WIGAN WARRIORS 2005 prog for this SL game on 8 April. With ticket/report. Min £2

333 SUPER LEAGUE GRAND FINAL 2007 St.Helens-Leeds Rhinos, from Old Trafford, played 13 October, cover. Min £3

334 AUSTRALIA-ENGLAND 2008 Sl.creased RL World Cup Telstra Dome ticket, dated 2 November. Min £2

335 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 2009 DW Stadium £30 match ticket from 31 October, exc/clean.

336 SUPER LEAGUE GRAND FINAL 2009 Nr MINT £26 ticket for match  at Old Trafford, between Leeds & St.Helens. Min £2

337 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 2004 Exc/clean £26.00 ticket stub for Wembley Final between Leeds & Warr'ton, Min £2

338 SIMPLY THE BEST 2017 The Inside Story of Wigan by Frank Malley, mint 256pp paperback illust with colour photos. Min £6

339 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 2017 Exc/clean ticket stub for Wembley Final between Hull and Wigan. Min £2

340 GREG EDEN X Blades colour promo card signed by the former Hull KR full back at base. Min £3

341 CENTRAL PARK WIGAN Modern professional  8 x 5" colour reproduction of painting by H Walder, outside the ground. Min £2


343 AMALGAMATED PRESS CARD 1929 No.6 of series of 16, from Thrills of the Dirt Track: Is He Over?, very good. Min £9

344 AMALGAMATED PRESS CARD 1929 No.10 of series of 16, from Thrills of the Dirt Track: A Crash at the Corner, very good. Min £9

345 MAJOR DRAPKIN CARD 1930 Sporting Celebrities in Action series: No.23 Billy Lamont, super b/w action photo. Min £5                                   

351 PLAYERS CARD 1937 Speedway Riders series: No.29 Walter Lloyd (Wembley), mint condition, colour. Min £3

355 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1938 Vol.11 No.19 for August 13, clean/fine 26pp example with fine match reports & stats included. Min £3

358 BLUEY WILKINSON - WORLD CHAMPION 1946 A Story of the Speedway by Johnnie Hoskins, 112pp, only to spine. Min £20

359 NORWICH-GLASGOW 1946 Scarce Northern League meet dated 25 May, 12pp only & neatly scored in ink inside. Min £5

362 STENNERS SPEEDWAY ANNUAL 1947 Superb condition, comprising 128pp with nice clean outer paper covers. Min £12                                                               

363 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1947 Vol.14 No.26 for October 16, clean/fine 12pp example with fine match reports & stats included. Min £2

366 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1948 Vol.15 No.28 for October 28, clean/fine 12pp with fine match reports & stats included - staples rusted. Min £2

367 CARRERAS TURF SLIDE 1949 Sports Series: No.45 Norman Parker, exc condition. Min £4                                                                                                                                      

369 PLYMOUTH-RAYLEIGH 1949 National League match, dated 16 June, & neatly scored inside. Min £3

370 SPEEDWAY & ICE NEWS 1950 Vol.17 No.10 for June 22, clean/fine 20pp with fine match reports & stats included. Min £3

371 SPEEDWAY & ICE NEWS 1950 Vol.17 No.15 for July 27, clean/fine 20pp example with fine match reports & stats included. Min £3

372 PLYMOUTH-GLASGOW ASHFIELD 1950 National League match, dated 17 August, creased & neatly scored inside. Min £3

380 STOKE-CRADLEY HEATH 1961 Provincial League issue dated 31 March, 8pp clean & excellent.

381 STOKE-WOLVERHAMPTON 1961 Northern League match programme, dated 12August, clean/excellent.                                                    

382 SHEFFIELD-LEICESTER 1962 8pp Provincial League programme, dated 21 June, v.good.                                                                           

383 WEYMOUTH BEST PAIRS 1962 2nd meeting run at Wessex Stadium on July 27, 8pp, clean throughout & scarce. Min £3                   

384 STOKE-SOUTHERN STARS 1962 Challenge match issue, dated 18 August, clean/excellent. Min £2                                                            

385 JUNIOR TROPHY BEST PAIRS 1963 8pp from Middlesbrough on 2 May, fine condition. Min £2                                                                    

386 HACKNEY-POOLE 1963 Super clean Provincial League issue from 1st season, run on 10 May.                                                                      

387 WEYMOUTH-EASTBOURNE 1963 Southern Area League match dated June 14, very neatly scored & excellent condition. Min £3               

388 HACKNEY-RAYLEIGH 1963 Super clean Provincial League issue from 1st season, run on 19 June.                                                                      

389 RAYLEIGH-CRADLEY HEATH 1963 Near Mint 8pp Provincial League prog for meet run on 12 July.                                                           

390 EDINBURGH-LONDON 1963 Festival Trophy Match meeting, run on 31 August, 8pp neatly scored.                                                                       

391 SPEEDWAYSTAR & NEWS 1964 February 8 Vol.12 No.47 with Ross Gilbertson (Poole), pictured to back cover.                                                                                    392 SUNDERLAND-EDINBURGH 1964 Northern League issue - 2nd meet in 1st season, 8pp neatly scored. Min £2                                                

394 WEST HAM-COVENTRY 1964 8pp National Trophy issue from 9 June – near mint..                                                                                                                                     

396 PROVINCIAL RIDERS CHAMPIONSHIP 1964 Qualifying Round meeting from Hackney, dated 5 August..                                                 

397 HALIFAX-EDINBURGH 1965 BL match from 7 June – neatly scored – 1 signature to ft.cover.                                                                                                                                398 GT BRITAIN-SOVIET RUSSIA 1965 5th Test Match issue from Somerton Park, Newport, on 16 July.                                                                                                            

399 THE BRAFIELD CHAMPIONSHIP 1967 8pp near MINT Opening meeting on 26 March. Min £3                                                                           

400 GLASGOW-SHEFFIELD 1968 BL programme from 21 June, run at White City Stadium, small score to front.                                                  

401 RAYLEIGH-BELLE VUE 1969 BL Division II meeting, run on 26 April 8pp clean & excellent.                                                                                                                                                           

403 KINGS LYNN-OXFORD 1970 Mint 8pp Easter Egg Trophy 2nd Leg from 4 April.                                                                                                                                             

404 WEMBLEY-WEST HAM 1970 BL meeting run on 13 June, very neatly scored & excellent condition.                                                                    

405 WEMBLEY-GLASGOW 1970 BL meeting run on 11 July, very neatly scored & excellent condition.                                                                    

406 SCOTIANAPOLIS 1970 Glasgow meeting run at Hampden Stadium on 28 August, 12pp illust & neatly scored.                                                   

407 WEMBLEY-COVENTRY 1970 BL meeting run on 5 September, very neatly scored & excellent condition.                                                                                                                                                                              

410 LONG EATON-ROCHDALE 1971 Nr.Mint 8pp issue for this BL Div II issue from The Stadium, on 16 September...                                        

411 CANTERBURY-RAYLEIGH 1973 Len Silver Cup trophy meeting, dated 31 March, exc.                                                                                         

412 SCOTIANAPOLIS 1974 Sl.crease meeting from Coatbridge, run at Albion Rovers Stadium on 21 June.                                                                     

413 WORLD TEAM FINAL 1974 Mint 4pp scoresheet only (includes England), dated 15 September.                                                                            

414 4TT IN POLAND 1975 Official 4pp prog from Stal Gorzow (clean), dated 13 April.                                                                                                      

415 POOLE-WIMBLEDON 1976 Spring Gold Cup, SIGNED by Malcolm Simmons, dated 14 April. Min £2                                                             

416 INDIVIDUAL MEET 1976 4pp scored issue from Stal Gorzow, Poland, dated 13 June.                                                                                               

417 DAILY MIRROR GRAND PRIX FINAL 1976 16pp from White City, scored. Min £2                                                                                                 

418 AUSTRALIA-ENGLAND 1978 6th Test Match issue for meeting run at Sydney Showground on 11 February, clean/exc. Min £2                     

419 BRISTOL-WIMBLEDON 1978 Last season BL meeting, run on May 5, clean throughout.                                                                                                  

420 BRISTOL-SWINDON 1978 Last season BL meeting run on July 7, very neatly scored.                                                                                        

421 BRISTOL-LEICESTER 1978 Last season KO Cup Tie issue for meet run on 23 June..                                                                                               

422 BRISTOL-POOLE 1978 Last season Gulf Gala Night issue for meet run on 25 August..                                                                                       

423 SPEEDWAY STAR 1981 October 24 issue, with Cradley Heath colour team photo to back cover.                                                                                                                      424 CARLSBAD RACEWAY 1985 8pp oversized prog from California, dated 4 August, clean.                                                                                   

425 BELLE VUE-CRADLEY HEATH 1986 League Cup postponed programme dated 29 March, exc. Min £2                                                                                                          426 COMMONWEALTH FINAL 1986 24pp Belle Vue issue, neatly  scored.                                                                                                                

427 VSRA ANNUAL DINNER & DANCE 1987 4pp Official programme for event held at Dean Park Hotel in Watford. Min £3                                 

428 AUSTRALIA-ENGLAND 1989 Mint 4th Test Match issue from Brisbane dated 27 December...                                                                                 

429 OVERSEAS FINAL1999 Official programme from Norfolk Arena, Kings Lynn, dated 13 June. Min £2

430 GREAT BRITAIN-SWEDEN 2003 Third U21 Test Match run at Wimbledon, comes with Speedway Star press report. Min £2

431 ISLE OF WIGHT: SMALLBROOK SPECTACULAR 2005 6pp card dated 11 August with grasstrack, sidecars, mint. Min £2

432 QUALITY PRINT Postcard sized b/w: Charlie Blacklock, three quarter length pose with facsimile signature. Min £3

433 QUALITY PRINT Postcard sized b/w: Bert Scott (Lea Bridge), half shot with caption to base & facsimile signature. Min £3

434 QUALITY PRINT Postcard sized b/w: Dicky Smythe, three quarter length pose. Min £3

435 QUALITY PRINT Postcard sized b/w: Bluey Wilkinson, former World Champion, posed half shot. Min £3

436 QUALITY PRINT Postcard sized b/w: Group shot from Belle Vue: F.Varey, B.Kitchen, J.Tidbury & O.Langton. Min £3

437 QUALITY PRINT Postcard sized b/w: Bend action shot with Geoff Pymar & Ron Johnson featured. Min £2

438 QUALITY PRINT 7.5" x 5.25" sized b/w: Frank Arthur in action at White City, London. Min £3

440 QUALITY PRINT 8" x 6" sized b/w: Glossy haf shot posed of Jack Woods. Min £3


441 E.REDMAN (LEICESTER RUFC) 1896 Approx 7” x 11” posed photo of the player, taken from ‘Famous Footballers’ book. Comes with details of career on separate slip. Could easily be framed, as it's only sl.creased. Min £4

442 NEW ZEALAND FOOTBALL TEAM 1905 Original b/w postcard - player's names printed to base. Postally used exc cond. Min £12

443 R & J HILL CARD 1924 The All Blacks series: No.26 Quinton Donald (Wairarapa), sepia in exc clean condition. Min £6

444 WILLS NZ FOOTBALLERS1927 Card No.33 F Kilby (Wellington), exc. 

447 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1936 8" x 4" b/w press shot from Cardiff v Bridgend - Eddie Watkins with ball. Super clean cond. Min £5

448 CARDIFF ATHLETIC CLUB LETTER 1937 10" x 8" headed sheet of notepaper, bearing typed letter to Eddie Watkins, relating to him being presented with club blazer & badge as a mark of appreciation. Signed by WT Morgan (President) & LC Watters (Sec). Min £5     

449 MELROSE FC ANNUAL SPORTS 1937 Very worn & sl.torn (in places) 8pp issue from Greenyards, dated 10th April. Min £2

450 RAF BLACKPOOL RUGBY CLUB 1942-3 Super quality 7¾” x 5¼” b/w team photo, which has been professionally affixed to thick card mount, measuring 12” x 10”. Players all named at base on mount – photo by Saidman Bros, Blackpool. Damage to mount. Min £4

451 WALES-SCOTLAND 1948 Special 4pp thin card 'Autograph' collecting prog produced for match at Cardiff Arms Park. Simply lists line-ups in centre with room for any autographs of players collected on the day. Superb clean condition - unusual & scarce. Min £8

452 OLD BLUES RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB 1949/50 Postcard sized b/w team photo, with players named to reverse & season stats. Min £3

453 OLD BLUES RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB 1950/51 postcard sized b/w team photo, with players named to reverse & season stats.  Min £3

454 WALES-IRELAND 1953 Scarce 12pp issue for match at St.Helen's Ground, Swansea. Clean - some & Min £15

455 BARBARIANS-NEW ZEALAND 1954 20pp issue from Cardiff, nr.perfect. Min £8

457 LONDON COUNTIES-AUSTRALIA 1957 Clean/fine tour match issue from Twickenham, dated 16 November. Min £5

458 A WELSH XV-AN INTERNATIONAL XV 1957 20pp clean issue for special Empire Games match, played at Cardiff. Min £7

459 HAWKE'S BAY-BRITISH LIONS 1959 Tour match issue, played at McLean Park on June 20, sl.crease & PH near spine. Min £16

460 CANTERBURY-BRITISH LIONS 1959 Tour match issue comprising 16pp for game at Lancaster Park on July 25, Min £12

461 HARLEQUINS-WOLFHOUNDS 1959 Adrian Stoope memorial match played at Twickenham, 20pp only Min £8

462 THE GREAT FIGHT OF THE FRENCH FIFTEEN 1960 Exc 176pp report on French tour of SA in 1958, h'back with d/jacket. Min £8

463 AUSTRALIA-FRANCE 1961 Very RARE Test Match prog from Sydney, played August 26, cell spine o'wise excellent & scarce Min £35

464 NEW ZEALAND-AUSTRALIA 1962 3rd Test issue for game at Eden Park, Auckland on 22 September, 28pp sl.cell spine. Min £12

465 CANADA TOUR OF GB - HANDWRITTEN LETTER 1962 Nice 10" x 8" headed paper, with full tour fixtures printed to side, with letter penned & signed by the late Dick Elis (Manager of the 1962 Canada tour squad), who became President of Canadian RFU. Min £6          

466 RUGBY WORLD 1964 Ten magazines from the year (only April & August missing), all fine & very clean for age. Min £10

467 NEW ZEALAND-AUSTRALIA 1964 3rd Test Match programme from Wellington played August 29, name to ft.cover, vg. Min £8

468 BRIDGEND-CARDIFF 1965 Only 6pp foldover issue for match at Brewery Field on 29 September. Min £2

469 CENTENARY HISTORY OF THE RUGBY FOOTBALL UNION 1970 Heavy superb h'back by Titley/McWhirter with d/jacket. Min £20

470 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1970's Fine 9” x 12” sepia glossy action photo from London Welsh v Bridgend game,

471 THE VICTORIOUS LIONS 1971 Fine h'back by John Reason on 71 Lions tour to NZ, 256pp well illust by no d/jacket. Min £5

472 THE BRITISH LIONS IN NEW ZEALAND 1971 Rugby Union Writers' Club tribute brochure, 64pp immaculate condition. Min £10

473 CANADA-WALES 1973 Oversized 16pp issue for Test Match played at Varsity Stadium, Toronto on 9 June. Min £30

474 CARDIFF-NORTHERN SUBURBS 1973 12pp sl.creased programme.

475 CARDIFF-BARBARIANS 1974 Sl.creased 12pp programme for the traditional Easter match. Min £3

476 TARANAKI-JAPAN 1974 20pp tour match issue from Rugby Park, played on 1 May. Min £3

477 WESTON SUPER MARE-STROUD 1975 8pp club issue for game played 15 March.

478 ENGLAND-WALES 1976 Mint TEA ticket for West Park restaurant.    

479 SOUTH CANTERBURY-IRELAND 1976 Mint 16pp Fraser Park tour match issue, played 15 May. Min £4

480 CARDIFF-ARGENTINE 1976 16pp almost MINT condition tour programme. Min £3

481 ROGER UTTLEY COLOUR CARICATURE 1977 Super 8.5" x 14" colour print by Tim Holder, showing England's Roger Uttley running with ball. No.0504, exc/clean. Min £5

482 SAM 1977 A Man For all Seasons – Sam Doble Memorial publication, 32pp immaculate condition..Min £3

483 ENGLAND NE-ENGLAND NW 1977 Sl.creased Ticket for match at Headingley, dated 3 December. 

484 YORKSHIRE COLTS-YORKSHIRE SCHOOLBOYS 1978 Mint Headingley programme for game on 25 January.

485 MIDDLESEX COUNTY RFU 1879-1979 100th Anniversary Dinner Guest List from Grosvenor House Hotel.

486 SOUTH AFRICA-FRANCE 1980 Fine Pretoria Test Match issue for game played 8 November, 48pp immaculate. Min £8

488 OXFORD-CAMBRIDGE 1981 Varsity match issue for this 100th meeting, played 8 December, mint. Min £2

489 OLD GAYTONIANS-WASPS 1982 8pp Middlesex County KO Cup Final issue. Min £2

490 MANAWATU-BRITISH LIONS 1983 Showgrounds Oval programme for tour game played 28 May, mint condition. Min £10

491 RUGBYANNUAL FOR WALES 1983/4 Welsh Brewers produced edition (Lions tour report), 128pp, immaculate. Min £5

492 COVENTRY-BATH 1983 Club issue for match at Coundon Road, on 26 November.

493 COVENTRY-BEDFORD 1983 Club issue for match at Coundon Road, on 18 November.

495 COVENTRY-WATERLOO 1984 Club issue for match at Coundon Road, on 5 February.

496 COVENTRY-PONTYPOOL 1984 Club issue for match at Coundon Road, on 7 April.

497 COVENTRY-GOSFORTH 1984 Club issue for match at Coundon Road, on 21 April.

498 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1984 Clean £10 ticket stub from Twickenham.

499 CANTERBURY-WELLINGTON 1986 40pp South Pacific Champs programme, played 3 May. Min £2

500 CAMB.UNIV-STEELE BODGERS 1988 & 1991: 2 Tickets for the games played at Grange Rd.     

501 RUISLIP RFC 1989 Bermudan Tour souvenir brochure, 24pp clean & perfect.

502 HARLEQUIN INVITATION SEVENS 1989 from Stoop Memorial, with ticket stapled inside. Bridgend-Bristol in Final.

503 GLOUCESTER RFC 1989-90 Mint condition 32pp illustrated handbook. Min £2  

504 WAIKATO-AUSTRALIA 1990 Fine condition match ticket for the game on 11 July. Min £2

505 NEW ZEALAND-AUSTRALIA 1990 Clean $12 match ticket from Auckland, for game played on 4 August. Min £3

506 EAST MIDLANDS-BARBARIANS 1991 Mobbs Memorial Match played on 6 March at Northampton, mint condition. Min £2

509 AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND 1991 Bledisloe Cup issue for Test played at Sydney on 10 August, superb & clean. Min £7 

510 FRANCE-ENGLAND 1991 RWC Quarter Final from Parc des Princes on 19 October. Exc & comes with 130F match ticket. Min £15 

511 ‘THE WINNING WAY’ 1992 198pp h'back by Bob Dwyer. Comes with original d/j. Exc coverage of the 1991 Australian RWC. Min £10 

512 LEICESTER-ENGLAND XV 1992 September 5 prog with match ticket & original teamsheet stapled in centre pages. Min £3

513 DOUAI SCHOOL 1983 Seven-a-side Tournament programme - 4pp card issue, undated & sl.creased..

514 ENGLAND SOUTH WEST-NEW ZEALAND 1993 Mint 36pp tour match issue for game at Recreation Ground, Redruth. Min £3

515 BRISTOL-SOUTH AFRICAN BARBARIANS 1993 Tour match issue, 36pp for game played 1 November. Min £2

516 ENGLAND NORTH-NEW ZEALAND 1993 Mint 36pp tour match issue for game at Anfield (Liverpool FC). Min £3

517 THE INTERNATIONAL RUGBY ALMANACK 1994 Edited by Derek Wyatt, 224pp illust h'back with d/jacket, mint. Min £6

519 WAIKATO-SOUTH AFRICA 1994 Match ticket for tour game played 16 July, clean.

520 BATH FC 1995 Under 15s tour to South Africa brochure, 20pp mint.

521 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1995 RWC Quarter Final issue for game at Newlands, Cape Town on 11 June, superb. Min £8   

522 BATH-GLOUCESTER 1996 Mint Pilkington Cup Semi-Final programme. Min £2

523 LEICESTER FC-WORLD XV 1996 Mint Sanyo Cup issue for game at Twickenham on 21 April. Min £3

524 BATH-WIGAN 1996 'Rugby Challenge' issue for game at Twickenham, played 25 May. Min £4

525 FUTERA CARD 1996 3.5" x 2.5" Wallabies: No.1 Scott Bowen.         

526 FUTERA CARD 1996 3.5" x 2.5" Wallabies: No.2 Michael Brial.           

527 FUTERA CARD 1996 3.5" x 2.5" Wallabies: No.3 Matthew Burke.          

528 FUTERA CARD 1996 3.5" x 2.5" Wallabies: No.4 David Campese.          

529 FUTERA CARD 1996 3.5" x 2.5" Wallabies: No.5 Troy Coker.            

530 HONG KONG-FIJI 1996 Official programme for game at Hong Kong Stadium on 5 October, 12pp in mint condition. Min £5

531 ‘CHANGE OF HART’ 1997 NZ pub 306pp h’back with outer d/j, written by Paul Thomas. The story of John Hart’s career. Min £10

532 ARMY-ROYAL NAVY 1998 Twickenham issue dated 25 April, which also covered Comb Services U21-Eng.Students U21. Min £2

533 ‘RUGBY UNION ‘99’ Official RFU Annual publication from 1999, 196pp MINT. Min £3

534 NEWCASTLE FALCONS-BATH 1999 Kingston Park issue dated 9 January, which comes with Newcastle compliments slip.

535 PONTYPRIDD-SARACENS 1999 Heineken Cup Tie, 40pp clean/excellent.     

536 LEICESTER TIGERS EXTRAS-MANCHESTER SALE SHARKS 1999 4pp issue which incl Lewis Moody and Mark Cueto.

537 BATH RUGBY SUPPORTERS' CLUB YEARBOOK 2000 48pp issue produced by Russell Gibbs, excellent. Min £2

538 SOUTH AFRICA-NEW ZEALAND 2000 Fine 1st test Match issue from Ellis Park Stadium, dated 19 August, immaculate. Min £6

539 SARACENS-TOULOUSE 2001 Heineken Cup Tie, played January 14 at Vicarage Road, 64pp with match report included. Min £2

540 COVENTRY-BEDFORD 2001 Mint issue for game played 10 November.

541 WALES-IRELAND 2003 Fine £38 match ticket for 6 Nations game at Millennium Stadium.

542 POWERGEN CUP FINAL 2003 Gloucester-Northampton issue from Twickenham, 84pp un-marked. Min £3

543 INTERNATIONAL RUGBY NEWS 2003 October magazine, comprising 114pp – World Cup Special. Min £2

544 THE (SYDNEY) MAGAZINE 2003 Fine glossy 112pp Sydney Morning Herald issue for October with RWC content & Gregan to ft..Min £4

545 RAKAVI 2004 Official Fiji yearbook with complete record of 2003, 160pp, super. Min £6

546 ENGLAND-FRANCE 2005 Fine £56 match ticket for game at Twickenham, clean/excellent.

547 PREMIERSHIP FINAL 2005 Leicester-London Wasps from Twickenham, dated 14 May, superb 72pp A4 sized issue. Min £5

549 WALES-SCOTLAND 2006 RBS 6 Nations issue for game at Millennium Stadium, 96pp heavy. Min £3

550 WALES-ITALY 2006 RBS 6 Nations issue for game at Millennium Stadium, 96pp heavy. Min £3

551 WELSH RUGBY FORMER PLAYERS ASSOC.7TH HALL OF FAME 2008 24pp, creased programme. Min £2

552 BOURNEMOUTH SEVENS 2011 Festival weekend issue dated 27-29 May, mint condition. Min £2

553 PREMIERSHIP FINAL 2013 Leicester-Northampton issue from Twickenham, dated 25 May, 108pp immaculate. Min £6

554 PREMIERSHIP FINAL 2019 Exeter Chiefs-Saracens issue from Twickenham, dated 1 June, 116pp glossy A4 sized prog. Min £7

557 JASON LEONARD 11" x 8" glossy colour posed photo of the England World Cup winner. Dedicated/signed in black to front. Min £4

558 DAVID CAMPESE 5" x 3.5" colour mag action photo, with small caption to base, which has been signed in blue. Min £3

559 BRAAM VAN STRAATEN White postcard with small b/w mag headshot photo affixed to corner. Dedicated/signed in black. Min £2

560 LEE BYRNE Excellent postcard sized colour promo card, dedicated/signed in black felt pen. Min £2

561 GAVIN HASTINGS 4.5" x 9.5" sized colour magazine action photo, signed in black. Min £2 

562 RICHARD COCKERILL Sl.torn glossy 9” x 7” colour shot with ball. Photo has been dedicated/signed in black. Min £3 


572 BOY'S FRIEND CARD 1922 No.6 from Rising Boxing Stars series, issued on June 20: Jim Higgins, b/w & excellent. Min £3

573 THE CHAMPION CARD 1922 No.15 from Sporting Champions series, issued on May 6: Pete Herman, b/w & excellent. Min £3

574 THE CHAMPION CARD 1922 No.18 from Sporting Champions series, issued on May 27: Johnny Wilson, b/w & excellent. Min £3

575 MONARCHS OF THE RING 1923 Presented with the Union Jack: No.2 Joe Beckett issued Jan 18, excellent photographic card. Min £10

576 THE ROCKET CARD 1923 No.11 from Famous Knock-Outs series, issued 28 April: Jess Willard-Jack Johnson, b/w fine. Min £5

577 ALEXANDER BOGUSLAVSKY CARD 1925 Sports Records 2nd series, No.33 'Boxing': Carpentier-Beckett.  Exc/clean. Min £3

578 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1930's Associated Press 8.5" x 6.5" posed shot of Indian Quintana, wearing Red Indian head-dress. Min £4

579 GALLAHER CARD 1934 No.40 from Champions series: Primo Carnera, colour, fine. Min £2

580 ARDATH CARD 1935 No.20 from Sports Champions series: Jack Petersen, colour fine but sl.dam to reverse. Min £2

581 GODFREY PHILLIPS CARD 1935 In The Public Eye series: No.6 Jim Braddock, colour, vg condition. Min £2

582 GODFREY PHILLIPS CARD 1935 In The Public Eye series: No.17 Lord Lonsdale, colour, vg condition. Min £2

583 GALLAHER CARD 1936 No.4 from Sporting Personalities series: Len Harvey, colour, vg condition. Min £2

584 GALLAHER CARD 1936 No.47 from Sporting Personalities series: Marquis of Douglas & Clydesdale, colour, vg condition. Min £2

585 ARDATH PHOTOCARD 1938 Measuring 2.75" x 3" b/w glossy half-pose of Arthur Danahar, as new condition. Min £3

592 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1939 Sepia 9" x 7" press shot of Mike Belloise working on bed spread in the gym, with details affixed to back. Min £4

593 NAT FLEISCHER'S THE RING RECORD BOOK 1945 V.scarce wartime edition (4th), produced in USA. Super clean blue outer linen covers, the hardback book comprises 370pp. Immaculate condition throughout - a beautiful example. Min £75

594 SERVICES BOXING TOURNAMENT 1945 Wembley 4pp programme dated Dec 12, & loss to corner. Min £6

599 BOXING NEWS 1950 October 4, Vol.6 No.38 with Ezzard Charles to front cover & Louis-Charles fight report included. Min £2

600 BOXING NEWS 1950 December 20, Vol.6 No.49 with Turpin-Yarosz to front cover & fight report/photos included. Min £2

602 BOXING NEWS 1952 February 6, Vol.8 No.6 with Turpin & Buxton to front cover & fight preview included..Min £2

604 BOXING NEWS 1952 April 2, Vol.8 No.14 with Pompee-Jensen action to front cover & fight report/photos included..Min £2

606 BOXING NEWS 1952 June 4, Vol.8 No.23 with Turpin & Cockell to front cover & fight preview included..Min £2

607 THE RING 1953 March issue, clean/fine ex-binder example with to spine area – contents superb. Min £3

608 THE RING 1953 June issue, clean/fine ex-binder example with to spine area – contents superb. Min £3

609 THE RING 1953 November issue, clean/fine ex-binder example with to spine area – contents superb. Min £3

610 BOXING NEWS 1954 February 19, Vol.10 No.7 with Sneyers-McCarthy action to front cover & fight report/photos included..Min £2

612 BOXING NEWS 1954 June 4, Vol.10 No.22 with Cockell-Matthews action to front cover & fight report/photos included..Min £2

613 BOXING NEWS 1954 July 16, Vol.10 No.28 with Henry & George Cooper to front cover & Carpentier feature included. Min £2

614 JACK JOHNSON & HIS TIMES 1957 SBC hardback by D.Batchelor, 190pp clean & excellent throughout, with original d/jacket. Min £4

619 SECONDS OUT OF THE RING 1961 SBC ed hardback by Ingemar Johansson, 200pp clean/excellent throughout, with d/jacket. Min £4

622 BOXING ILLUSTRATED & WRESTLING NEWS 1963 February issue, with Clay-Moore to cover, 66pp immaculate/clean. Min £3

626 'THE BIG FIGHT' 1964 The Fight of the Century, Clay-Liston oversized magazine, edited by Frank Butler. 32pp exc b/w photos. Min £8

627 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1966 Approx 5.5" x 7" b/w press posed shot of Mark Rowe prior to training as a new professional. Min £3

628 ORIGINAL PHOTO Fine 8” x 6” b/w action shot of Eduardo Corletti, taken in 1968. Min £2

629 ORIGINAL PRESS PHOTO 1969 Super 8” x 6” b/w glossy action from Joe Bugner-Irish Jack O'H alloran fight on April 15. Min £4

631 IRELAND-POLAND 1971 Dublin programme from 15 October, 8pp incl.Charlie Nash, neatly scored in centre. Min £2

632 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1970's Super 10" x 8" sized head/shoulders - Liverpool B/W George Turpin in his amateur days. Min £2

633 BOXING NEWS SUPPLEMENT 1970's Red background shot of Willie Pep, 10" x 8" near mint. Min £2

634 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1974 Super 12" x 10" b/w glossy action photo: Johnny Clark v Salvatore Fabrizio fight, sl.damaged at edge.

635 FIGHTER 1975 April issue of this Australian produced magazine, 28pp fine & clean. Min £3

636 WORLD BOXING 1976 Victory Sports Series issue for November, best pound for pound champions issue. Min £2

638 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1977 10” x 8” wireshot of Jaime Rios standing over champ Yoke Gushiken, after KO in Tokyo. Min £3

640 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1970's Fine 8.5” x 6.5” b/w press headshot photo of promoter Mike Barrett by Sporting Pictures. Min £2

641 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1979 Super 10" x 8" b/w press shot of Frankie Lucas & Tony Sibson, posed 'eating into crown'. Min £4

643 INTERNATIONAL BOXING 1980 Victory Sports series issue for February, with Holmes-Shavers to ft.cover. Min £2

644 BOXING ILLUSTRATED 1980 May issue, with Salvador Sanchez pictured to ft.cover. Min £2

645 BOXING BEAT 1980's Fine extra large fold-our style Pin-Up No.1: Gerrie Coetzee in half-length colour pose. Min £2

646 QUESTION OF SPORT CARDS Early 1980's? - Herol Graham & Lloyd Honeyghan, colour playing card sized. Min £2

648 AMATEUR BOXING 1981 Vol.1 No.2 magazine issue in MINT condition, dated 20 November. Min £2      

649 BOXING ILLUSTRATED 1982 January issue, with Marvin Hagler pictured to front cover. Min £2

650 AMATEUR BOXING 1982 Vol.2 No.1 magazine issue in MINT condition, dated 8 January. Min £2      

651 AMATEUR BOXING 1982 Vol.2 No.2 magazine issue in MINT condition, dated 22 January. Min £2      

652 BOXING ILLUSTRATED 1982 March issue, with Sugar Ray Leonard pictured to ft.cover. Min £2

654 INTERNATIONAL BOXING 1982 Victory Sports series issue for August, with Spinks & Davis to front cover. Min £2

655 WORLD BOXING 1982 Victory Sports series issue for November, with Sugar Ray Leonard to front cover. Min £2

656 WORLD BOXING 1984 Victory Sports series issue for March, with Hagler-Duran action to front cover. Min £2

660 YOUNG ROCKY 1985 A true story of Attilio Rocky Castellani by Joe Sarge Kinney & Adolph Caso. 208pp p'back, signed by inside by co author Joe Sarge Kinney in 1986. Min £12

661 MARTIN McGOUGH-GARY KNIGHT 1985 Digbeth folded card programme dated February 14 + baker-Thornton, exc/clean. Min £2

662 FIGHT GAME 1985 March issue, with Hagler-Duran pictured & Milton McCrory foldout poster, 68pp exc. Min £2

663 WORLD BOXING 1985 May US issue with Hagler-Hearns fight preview. Min £2

664 A TRIBUTE TO FRANK BRUNO 1986 Full story produced prior to Witherspoon fight. 24pp super mag with exc photos included. Min £3

665 HISTORY & BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOXING BOOKS 1988 Super hardback by RA Hartley. Comprises 250pp with d/jacket, exc. Min £30

666 THE FIGHT GAME IN SCOTLAND 1988 Softback book by Brian Donald, well ullust, comprising 240pp. Min £6

668 FIGHTING TALK 1988 October issue no.4, 8pp as new condition magazine with Pyatt preview to front cover..

671 KNOCKOUT 1989 Winter issue – Leonard v Duran pictured to front cover. Min £2

672 BOXING'90 1990 January issue with Holyfield & Foreman pictured to front cover, superb. Min £2

674 BBB of CONTROL RING OFFICIALS SEMINAR 1990 Prog/Agenda from B'ham. Min £3

676 IRELAND-ENGLAND 1990 Sheet for Nat.Stadium, Dublin, dated 21 December – scored.

677 ALL WORLD CARD No.79 B/w issue of James Figg, mint.

678 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1991 Super 9.5” x 6” sized b/w action from John Davison-Sakda Sorpakdee, WBC International Title. Min £2

684 ZJELKO MAVROVIC (sub for Thomas Seiler)-OLEG SAVENKO 1994 36pp for German H/W Title, held in Wuppertal. Min £4 

685 JULIO CESAR BORBOA-HAROLD GREY 1994 IBF Super Fl.W Champs from Great Western Forum on August 29. Min £6

686 WORLD BOXING 1994 October issue, comprising 66pp with Michael Moorer pictured to front cover. Min £2

687 JUAN POLO PEREZ 1995 Super colour 10" x 8" glossy press shot at weigh-in prior to Naseem Hamed fight. Min £3

688 DOMINGUEZ-KOBOZEV 1995 Complete ticket for this World Cr/w Title fight, held at Palais des Sports, France. Min £3

691 McILVANNEY ON BOXING 1996 Mint super h'back by Hugh McIlvanney, comprising 320pp, signed by author to fly-page. Min £12

692 RINGSIDE CARD 1996 Hall of Fame series: No.5 Henry Armstrong, exc.

693 RINGSIDE CARD 1996 Hall of Fame series: No.6 Sonny Liston, exc.

694 VETERAN BOXER'S BEAT 1996 March Vol.1 No.4, fine SA publication, with group of SA Veteran Boxers pictured to front cover. Min £3

695 SELDON-TYSON 1996 Colour Pay-per-view WBA H/W Title fight postcard produced for July 13 fight, mint. Min £3

696 DANA ROSENBLATT-VINNY PAZIENZA 1996 World Super M/W Champs + Ruelas-Bramble in Atlantic City, superb. Min £10

697 HECTOR LIZARRAGA-MANUEL MEDINA 1998 IBF F/W Title fight from San Jose Arena, 12pp mint. Min £6

702 BRUNO GIRARD-MANUEL SIACA 2000 WBA World Super M/W Title fight ticket from Chateauroux in France. Min £3

703 'WAR, BABY' 2001 The Glamour of Violence by Kevin Mitchell - Benn-McClellan paperback, 184pp fine for age. Min £5

708 VETERAN BOXER'S BEAT 2002 March Vol.4 No.6, fine SA publication, with Bernie Taylor pictured to front cover. Min £3

711 JAWAID KHALIQ-ROMAN DZUMAN 2002 World W/W Champs double-sided card from Nott'm, signed by Krence & Spacie. Min £5

712 NEIL SIMPSON-PETER OBOH 2003 Sl.creased Commonwealth LH/W Title ticket.

713 FELIX STURM-MASELINO MASOE 2006 World M/W Title from Hamburg + Sirorenko-Cordoba + Chagaev-Virchis, mint. Min £8

714 TICKET 2008 IBF World Super Fl/W Title from New York, Dimitri Kirillov-Cecilio Santos, $50 ringside, clean (no names). Min £3

716 SCOTTISH SENIOR CHAMPS 2009 8pp Edinburgh programme, illustrated & mint. Min £2

717 MIDLANDS ABA CHAMPS FINALS 2010 C5 sized card flier, dedicated & signed to back by Richie Woodhall. Min £2

718 TYSON FURY-DEREK CHISORA 2011 British & Commonwealth Title C5 sized double-sided flier for Wembley bout, mint. Min £3

720 ONE PUNCH FROM THE PROMISED LAND 2013 Super US edition hardback by John Florio and Ouisie Shapiro - Leon Spinks, Michael Spinks, and the myth of the Heavyweight Title, 280pp immaculate with original d/jacket. Min £18

723 ORIGINAL PHOTO Great 8.5” x 6.5” glossy b/w posed shot of Wayne Crolla, Pat Brogan & Paul Mitchell, fine. Min £2

727 MUHAMMAD ALI, THE GREATEST Series of 6 super b/w postcard sized b/w photos of Ali, all different & in mint condition. Min £4

729 PRINT 8" x 5.5" sl.grainy shot of Len Johnson, with father Billy & Albert, all dressed in suits and ties. Min £2

731 PRINT Super 10" x 7" colour shot of Kid Milo attending weigh-in, three quarter length pose in trunks. Min £3

732 PRINT Glossy 9” x 7.5” sized b/w full length posed shot of Max Schmeling with name caption (National Studios). Min £3

733 MIKE TYSON Superb 9.5" x 6.5" sized b/w glossy print of Mike in the ring. Min £3

734 TONY CANZONERI-EDDIE ZIVIC Fine 10 x 8" sized b/w action print, glossy/excellent. Min £3

736 ROBBIE REGAN Postcard sized colour promo card, shown wearing belts.

741 DEMARCUS CORLEY 10" x 8" sized glossy colour action photo, signed in black, comes with COA. Min £10

742 PAT COWDELL Fine b/w 10" x 8" sized head/shoulders photo, ded/signed in black. Min £6

744 FUMIO KAIZU 1967 Fine b/w p'card sized full length posed shot of the Japanese M/W, signed in blue ink. Min £4

747 COLIN STRAUCH 1956 B/w promo card, postcard sized, dedicated/signed by the former SA H/W contender. Min £5


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  PLEASE NOTE: Postage is extra on all lots – actual cost will be advised when Invoice is sent to successful bidders. 

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