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Please quote the Lot Number and brief item description. UNLESS STATED, Min Bid on each item is just £1:


001 ATHLETICS 1952 AAA Championships from White City, dated 20/21 June, 52pp sl.grubby covers, with some results inserted. Min £4

002 ATHLETICS 1955 Fine/clean 5/- ticket for British Games held at White City Stadium, dated 30 May..Min £2

003 ATHLETICS 1986 Running magazine for May, 150pp originally signed to inside page in blue ink by Steve Ovett. Min £3

004 AUTOGRAPH Fine undated LWT postcard sized b/w promo photograph, originally signed by comedian/singer Russ Abbot. Min £3

005 AUTOGRAPH Fine undated Denman Repros postcard sized colour promo photo, originally signed by singer Madeline Bell. £3

006 AUTOGRAPH Fine undated Carlton TV postcard sized promo photo, originally signed by actor Leslie Grantham (Mick Raynor). £7

007 AUTOGRAPH White postcard, originally signed by film/TV actor, Melvyn Hayes. Min £2

008 AUTOGRAPH 1992 Bank of England notepaper, with typed letter, originally signed by former Governor, Robin Leigh-Pemberton. Min £2

009 AUTOGRAPH Approx 8” x 3” sized slip, with short handwritten note, originally signed by the late yachtsman Alec Rose. Min £4

The following are all undated enamel multi-coloured BADGES from Bowling Clubs - all with pin fastenings to back, clean/excellent:

010 Chelmsford District Bowling Asscn;                 

011 Erdington Court Bowls Club;                        

012 Lincolnshire County EBA;

013 Rugby Thornfield BC;                                        

014 St.Barbara's Church BC;                               

015 Suffolk County Bowling Asscn;

016 BOOK 1928 Sports Records by The Prudential, 248pp illust h'back covering all sports, one front page loose, o'wise fine for age. £10

017 COMIC 1918 The Boy's Own paper for August, 50pp well illustrated throughout, to outer paper covers, exc for age. Min £6

018 CONCERT BROCHURE 1973 Count Basie & His Band - 20pp only very faint creasing otherwise clean/fine. Min £3

019 CONCERT BROCHURE 1974? Charles Aznavour - 16pp clean/fine, with London Palladium ticket stapled inside. Min £3

020 CONCERT BROCHURE 1979 Neil Sedaka, 24pp oversized well illustrated from London Palladium performance, with tickets. Min £3

021 CONCERT BROCHURE 1990 Ella In London - Ella Fitzgerald with Count Basie Orchestra, 28pp, sl.mark to one inside page. Min £2

022 CONCERT BROCHURE 1992 The Dubliners - 28pp with Civic Hall Guildford tickets stapled neatly inside. Min £3

023 CONCERT BROCHURE 1993 Paul McCartney World Tour - 100pp with many exc photos included, fine & no marks. £4

024 CONCERT BROCHURE 1996 Tony Bennett - 16pp clean/fine with Royal Festival Hall ticket stapled inside. Min £3

025 CONCERT BROCHURE 1996 David Essex, 16pp oversized issue from Wycombe Swan Theatre - ticket included inside. £2

026 CONCERT BROCHURE 2001 Picnic with Pavarotti in Hyde Park, with Russell Watson, Charlotte Church, Vanessa Mae + ticket. Min £3

027 CONCERT BROCHURE 2006 Jan & Mickey Rooney - 24pp clean/fine with creased flier & ticket stapled inside. Min £2

028 FILM 1939 Film Pictorial Annual, 160pp with super pictorial hardback front cover (Graham Moffatt & Margaret Lockwood), exc. Min £10

029 FILM 1943 Picture Show Annual, 160pp with super pictorial hardback front cover (Paulette Goddard & Ray Milland), exc. Min £10

030 FILM 1954 Movie Life Year Book, Vol.1 No.18 US edition, 82pp limp cover (Doris Day pictured), exc with only to spine. Min £7

031 FILM 1955 Movie Life Year Book, Vol.1 No.20 US edition, 100pp limp cover (Rock Hudson/Debbie Reynolds), to spine. Min £7

032 FILM 1964 Stage & Cinema magazine from SA, dated August 14 with Gina Lollabrigida to ft.cover, 40pp immaculate. Min £3

033 FIRST DAY COVER 1969 50th Anniversary of Alcock & Brown transatlantic flight, with Clifden (Ireland) postmark. Min £3

034 FIRST DAY COVER 1972 Opening of the RAF Museum in Hendon. Flight flown cover with special frankings. Min £2

035 FIRST DAY COVER 1972 60th Anniv of Central Flying School issue, signed to front by the 1972 Red Arrows pilots (9), excellent. Min £8

036 FIRST DAY COVER 1976 Wilson resigns (Harold Wilson pictured to front), dated 16 March 1976. Min £2

037 FIRST DAY COVER 1977 The Centennial of Recorded Sound, US attractive cover with Washington postmark. Min £2

038 FIRST DAY COVER 1977 Jimmy Carter, first European Tour as President, pictured with Queen to front, dated 7th May. Min £2

039 FIRST DAY COVER 1977 Eire cover (Cept Europa), with stamps & 27 June franking, signed by ex-footballer Steve Heighway. Min £3

040 FIRST DAY COVER 1977 Eire cover (Cept Europa), with stamps & 27 June franking, signed by ex-footballer Steve Staunton. Min £3

041 FIRST DAY COVER 1977 Eire Golden Jubilee cover, with 3 stamps & 20 October franking, signed by ex-footballer Liam Brady. Min £3

042 FIRST DAY COVER 1980 Sport issue with 4 GB postage stamps & 10October franking..Min £2

043 FIRST DAY COVER 1981 Carter reaches agreement with Iran, Warren Christopher pictured to ft, Jan 19 Washington postmark. Min £2

044 FIRST DAY COVER 1981 Peter Twiss OBE DSC - 25th Anniv of 1000mph flight, signed by the jet pilot Peter Twiss. Min £4

045 FIRST DAY COVER 1981 New Welsh definitives, dated 8 April, with 4 stamps, signed by ex-footballer/Manager Brian Flynn. Min £3

046 FIRST DAY COVER 1981 Wales Royal Visit cover (Charles/Diana), dated 27 October, signed by former Wales winger Cliff Jones. Min £3

047 FIRST DAY COVER 1990 New Welsh definitives, dated 4 Dec, with 4 stamps, signed by ex-footballer/Manager, Dean Saunders. Min £3 

048 FIRST DAY COVER 1991 Year of Sport issue, with 4 GB postage stamps & June 11 special postmark...Min £2

049 FIRST DAY COVER 2002 New Welsh definitive, dated 4 July, with 1 stamp, signed by ex-footballer/Manager, Mark Hughes. Min £3 

050 GAELIC FOOTBALL 1990 Clean/exc £12.50 ticket for Cork-Mayo match played at Griffin Park (Brentford FC), scarce. Min £3

051 GAELIC FOOTBALL 1991 Clonoe-Coalisland Fianna, County Final, played at Edenedork, 48pp only Min £3

052 GAELIC FOOTBALL 1993 Cork-Derry, All Ireland Senior Final, played at Croke Park, 96pp excellent. Min £3

053 GAELIC FOOTBALL 2001 All-Ireland Snr Quarter Final: Tyrone v Derry, played at Clones, 48pp clean & excellent. Min £2

054 GAELIC FOOTBALL 2003 Centenary Ulster Final: Tyrone v Down, played at Clones, 68pp clean & excellent. Min £2

055 GAELIC FOOTBALL 2004 Allianz Match Round 2: Tyrone v Fermanagh, played at Omagh, 16pp clean & excellent. Min £2

056 GAELIC FOOTBALL 2004 Down-Cavan, Senior Final played at Casement Park, 40pp clean & excellent. Min £2

057 GOLF Super 10" x 7" magazine cut colour photo of Bob Charles (in later life), posed with Open Champs trophy, SIGNED to base. Min £6

058 GOLF 1989 Open Championship programme from Royal Troon, 180pp, ticket affixed to cover - small portion of cover missing. £9

The following are all THE GAME magazine issues - Marshall Cavendish Encyclopedia of World Sports, immaculate/clean - indication of some contents recorded in brackets. All 30pp with some super b/w & colour photos , records, stats etc. Min £2 ea;

059 Part 3 (American Football, Amsterdam Olympics);         

060 Part 5 (Aston Villa, Athens Olympics, Athletics);

061 Part 6 (Max Baer, Trevor Bailey, Alan Ball);                     

062 Part 7 (Walley Barnes, Baseball, Hogan Bassey, Batting);

063 Part 8 (Colin Bell, Kid Berg, George Best);                       

064 Part 9 (Billiards, Birmingham City, Danny Blanchflower);

065 Part 10 (Lilian Boad, Body Line, Bolton, Eric Boon);      

066 Part 11 (Boxing, Geoff Boycott, Jack Brabham, Bradford Northern);

067 Part 12 (Brands Hatch, Chris Brasher, British Commonwealth Games);             

068 MOTORING 1955 Cars magazine, for April, Australian magazine with 66pp including preview of Melbourne Motor Show, exc. Min £3

069 MOTOR RACING 1984 Wirephoto of Derek Warwick in Renault, racing in Zolder during Belgium GP, 10” x 7” sized. Min £3

070 POSTCARD 1912 Daily Mail Aeroplane Circuit: Mr BC Hucks in his 70hp Bleriot – sepia vintage card, excellent/unused. Min £3

071 POSTCARD 1983 Veldale colour issue, for IAAF 1st World Championships, held in Helsinki in August, Limited edition No.173. Min £3

072 POSTCARD 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, colour issue produced for the 23rd games, US issue, perfect/clean. Min £2

073 POSTCARD Undated RNAS issue: No.13 Sopwith Camel, colour from a painting by Ron Percy, exc. £1

074 POSTCARD Undated 'After The Battle' issue: No.10 Bristol Beaufort 1, clean & fine.

075 TENNIS 1936 Ardath Photocard No.l46 from Z series: Miss Kay Stammers, clean/as new condition. Min £2

076 TENNIS Undated (1960's) b/w postcard with name caption to base of Australian legend, Mrs Margaret Court. Min £3

077 TENNIS Undated (1970's) b/w postcard sized photo, with name caption to base, of the US legend Jimmy Connors. Min £3

078 TENNIS 1979 Sepia Sportscaster card of the former legendary French player, Jean Borotra, clean/excellent. Min £3

079 TENNIS 1979 Colour Sportscaster card of the former legendary Spanish player, Manuel Santana, clean/excellent. Min £3

080 TENNIS 1980 Colour Sportscaster card of the former American born player, Hank Pfister, clean/excellent. Min £3

081 TENNIS Very large folded 1999 LTA colour poster of British players, signed by Tim Henman, Greg Rusedski, Sam Smith + other. Min £4

082 TENNIS 2001 Great Britain-Portugal, Davis Cup Tie programme from NIA, Birmingham. 40pp mint condition. Min £3

083 TENNIS White p'card sized card, originally signed in black ink by former US player, Andrea Jaeger. Min £3

084 THEATRE 1934 'Blackbirds of 1934' from Coliseum Theatre, with Peg Leg Bates,  The Four Cobs, Tim Moore, Bessie Dudley. Min £2

085 THEATRE 1958 'The Carmelites' from Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, with Joan Sutherland.

086 THEATRE 1959 'The Sound of Murder' from Aldwych Theatre, with Elizabeth Sellars, Peter Cushing, Patricia Jessel. Min £2

087 THEATRE 1968 'Dear Octopus' from Th.Royal Haymarket, with Cicely Courtneidge & Jack Hulbert. Min £2

088 THEATRE 1971 'Meet Me in London' from Adelphi Theatre, with Tommy Steele, The Young Generation, Susan Maughan. £2.50

089 THEATRE 1972 'Journey's End' from Cambridge Theatre, with Peter Egan, Christopher Timothy, exc.

090 THEATRE 1973 'The King And I' from Adelphi Theatre, with Sally Ann Howes & Peter Wyngarde. Min £2

091 THEATRE 1973 'Richard II' by RSC, with Ian Richardson, David Suchet, Brian Glover. Min £3

092 THEATRE 1975 'On The Rocks' from Mermaid Theatre, with Bernard Miles, Carmen Silvera - tickets stapled inside, only 6pp. Min £2 

093 THEATRE 1976 'Anastasia' from Cambridge Theatre, with Peter Wyngarde, Nyree Dawn Porter.

094 THEATRE 1977 'Oliver!' from Albery Theatre, with Roy Hudd, Joan Turner. Includes loose tickets inside. Min £2

095 THEATRE 1978 'The Dark Horse' from Comedy Theatre, with Edward Woodward, Stacy Dorning & Barbara Jefford + ticket. £2 

096 THEATRE 1978 'Look After Lulu' from Th.Royal Haymarket, with Fenella Fielding, Peter Bowles, Geraldine McEwan. Min £2

097 THEATRE 1978 'Beyond The Rainbow' from Adelphi Theatre, with Johnny Dorelli, Roy Kinnear, Lesley Duff + tickets. Min £2 

098 THEATRE 1979 'You Can Never Tell' from Lyric Hammersmith, with Peter Egan, Sian Phillips, Frank Middlemass + ticket. Min £2

099 THEATRE 1979 'London Festival Ballet', 56pp well illustrated brochure, immaculate condition. Min £3

100 THEATRE 1982 'The Pirates of Penzance' from Th.Royal Drury Lane, with Tim Curry, Sylvester McCoy, Annie Ross, George Cole. Min £2

101 THEATRE 1984 'Marcel Marceau' from The Old Vic, with press cutting & ticket both included. Min £2

102 THEATRE 1985 Les Ballets De Monte-Carlo, superb heavy programme, with photo booklet & tickets included. Min £3

103 THEATRE 1988 'Divine Gossip' from Barbican Theatre, with Stella Gonet, Linus Roache + tickets. Min £2

104 THEATRE 1988 'A Walk in the Woods' from Comedy Theatre, with Alec Guiness & Edward Herrmann + ticket included. Min £2

105 THEATRE 1989 'Miss Saigon' from Th.Royal Drury Lane, with Lea Salonga, Jonathan Pryce, Ruthie Henshall. Min £2

106 THEATRE 1991 'When She Danced' from The Globe, with Vanessa Redgrave, Frances de la Tour & Michael Sheen. Min £2

107 THEATRE 1993 'Piaf' from Piccadilly Theatre, with Elaine Paige, Wendy Morgan & Greg Hicks. Min £2

108 THEATRE 1996 'Talking Heads' from Comedy Theatre, with Maggie Smith & Margaret Tyzack. Min £2

109 THEATRE 1997 'The Importance of Being Oscar' from Savoy Theatre, with Simon Callow.

110 THEATRE 2000 'Coppelia' from The Royal Ballet, Covent Garden, exc programme, insert for performance & ticket included. Min £2

111 THEATRE 2000 'Notre-Dame de Paris, from Dominion Theatre, with Dannii Minogue, Dean Collinson & Ian Pirie. Min £2

112 THEATRE 2001 'The Caretaker' from Comedy Theatre, with Rupert Graves & Michael Gambon + ticket. Min £2

113 THEATRE 2001 'My Fair Lady' from Th.Royal, Drury Lane, with Jonathan Pryce, Martine McCutcheon & Dennis Waterman. Min £3

114 THEATRE 2001 'Cinderella' from Malvern Theatres, with Marti Webb, Nicholas Smith. Min £2

115 THEATRE 2002 'Frozen' from national Theatre, with Josie Lawrence, Anita Dobson & Tom Georgeson + ticket. Min 32

116 THEATRE 2005 'Cinderella On Ice' from The Alban Arena, super programme with flier & tickets included. Min £2

117 THEATRE 2005 'Mary Poppins' from Prince Edward Theatre, with Laura Michelle Kelly, David Haig + ticket inside. Min £2

118 THEATRE 2005 'Don Giovanni' by Opera Australia from Sydney Opera House, with folded ticket & flier included. Min £2

119 THEATRE 2007 'Boeing Boeing' from Comedy Theatre, with Amy Nuttall Neil Stuke & Rhea Perlman + ticket/flier. Min 32

120 THEATRE 2012 'Top Hat' from Aldwych Theatre, 40pp oversized issue with Gavin Lee & Kristen Beth Williams, Min £3

The following are all super photographic b/w trade cards - headshots of players, all issued in early 1920’s, similar to Pinnace cards, all fine;

121 A Smailes (Sheff Wed);         

122 J  McCrae (Bury);         

123 O Williams (Clapton Orient);         

124 S Wadsworth (Hudd'field);

125 F Tunstall (Sheffield Utd);    

126 M Gilhooley (Hull);      

127 G Brewster (Everton);                     

128 C Stephenson (Hudd'field);

129 F Roberts (Man City);          

130 J Spaven (Nottm F);      

131 D Raitt (Dundee/Everton);             

132 A Reynolds (Fulham);

The following are all super colour trade cards from the 1979 Venorlandus 'Our Heroes' flik card World of Sport series, all mint:

133 No.5 James Hunt;                 

134 No.10 Ray Wilkins;        

135 No.15 Trevor Brooking;                  

136 No.29 Willie Carson;

137 No.30 Lester Pigott;              

138 No.46 Bjorn Borg;          

139 No.48 Chris Evert;

The following are all coloured trade cards from the 1979 Brooke Bond 'Olympic Greats' series. All action photos |& mint/clean, Min £2 ea;

140 No.10 Alberto Juantorena;  

141 No.12 Al Oerter;             

142 No.19 Nadia Comaneci;                 

143 No.26 Mark Spitz;

144 No.28 Dawn Fraser;              

145 No.40 John Curry;

146 WRESTLING 1979 'Main Event' The World of Professional Wrestling, 228pp softback from USA by Roberta Morgan, superb. Min £15   


147 COLOUR PLATE c1900 of The Hon FS Jackson (Yorks/Eng), photo by E Hawkins, 5.5” x 8.5” neatly affixed to card, superb. Min £4

148 PHOTOGRAPH c1900 B/w team shot of Worcestershire, extracted from magazine, approx 10" x 8" with players named to base. Min £4

149 WILL's CARD 1908 No.14 from 'Cricketers' series: JH Board (Gloucestershire), colour & perfect clean condition. Min £5

150 THE CRICKETER 1921 Vol.1 No.11 dated July 9, scarce 30pp issue, superb & clean for age with fine green outer covers. Min £7

151 THE CRICKETER 1921 Vol.1 No.18 dated August 27, scarce 30pp issue, in superb clean condition for age, with fine covers. Min £7

152 THE CHAMPION CARD 1922 from 'Sporting Champions' series issued on June 24 No.22: H.Strudwick, b/w fine/clean. Min £3

153 THE CHAMPION CARD 1922 from 'Sporting Champions' series issued on July 1 No.23: C.Parkin, b/w fine/clean. Min £3

154 YOUNG BRITAIN CARD 1922 from 'Favourite Cricketers' series issued on July 29 No.25: EA.Macdonald (Aust), b/w fine/clean. Min £3

155 YOUNG BRITAIN CARD 1922 from 'Favourite Cricketers' series issued on July 29 No.26: JM.Gregory (Aust), b/w fine/clean. Min £3

156 B.MORRIS CARD 1925 No.1 from 'Australian Cricketers series': HL.Collins, b/w superb condition. Min £4

157 B.MORRIS CARD 1925 No.14 from 'Australian Cricketers series': C.Grimmett, b/w superb condition. Min £4

158 B.MORRIS CARD 1925 No.18 from 'Australian Cricketers series': W.Armstrong, b/w superb condition. Min £4

The following are all sepia trade cards from the 1926 R&J Hill 'Caricatures of Famous Cricketers' series, as new/clean, Min £3 ea;

159 No.7 CG.Macartney (NSW);   

160 No.10 AA.Mailey (NSW);   

161 No.11 CV.Grimmett (South Aust); 

162 No.45 GTS.Stevens (Middlesex);

163 DC THOMSON CARD 1926 No.6 The World's Best Cricketer's (Green Back), with The Rover: FE.Woolley (Kent), exc. Min £3

164 DC THOMSON CARD 1926 No.12 The World's Best Cricketer's (Green Back), with The Rover: W.Bardsley (NSW), exc. Min £3

165 DC THOMSON CARD 1926 No.21 The World's Best Cricketer's (Green Back), with The Rover: GG.Macaulay (Yorkshire), exc. Min £3

166 MAJOR DRAPKIN CARD 1928 No.11 The Australian & English Test Cricketers series: H.L.Hendry (Victoria), b/w. Min  £3

167 MAJOR DRAPKIN CARD 1928 No.28 The Australian & English Test Cricketers series: S.Staples (Nottinghamshire), b/w perfect. Min £3

168 MAJOR DRAPKIN CARD 1928 No.37 The Australian & English Test Cricketers series: M.Leyland (Yorkshire) b/w perfect. Min £3

The following are all colour trade cards from the 1928 John Player 'Cricketers Caricatures' by RIP series, all exc for age, Min £2 ea;

169 No.8 John Daniell (Somerset);    

170 No.32 CWL.Parker (Gloucs);     

171 No.37 DC.Robinson (Gloucs);

172 No.38 CF.Root (Worcs). £3               

173 No.46 LH.Tennyson (Hants);

174 ORIGINAL POSTCARD 1930 Australian Team (by T.Bolland St.Leonards), b/w all players named to base, only Min £25

175 ZAT CARD 1932 Boy's Magazine sepia issue No.11 of Bill Voce (Notts & England), superb/clean & rare. Min £10

The following are all trade cards from the 1934 Carreras 'Cricketers' series (brown back), all exc/clean, Min £2 ea;

176 10 TB.Mitchell (Derbyshire);      

177 No.30 W.Voce (Notts);                 

178 No.41 I.Peebles (Middlesex);

The following are all excellent/clean cards from the coloured 1935 Ardath series of Cricket, Tennis & Golf Celebrities:

179 No.2 H.Verity (Yorks);                  

180 No.10 K.Farnes (Essex);              

181 No.11 J.Langridge (Sussex);      

182 No.12 P.Fender (Surrey);

183 No.19 M.J.Turnbull (Glam);       

184 No.20 M.Tate (Sussex);                   

185 No.24 H.Larwood (Notts);            

186 AB.Sellars (Yorkshire);

187 CHURCHMANS CARD 1936 No.41 from 'Cricketers' series: H.Sutcliffe (Yorks), colour, clean/excellent. Min £3

188 CHURCHMANS CARD 1936 No.49 from 'Cricketers' series: A.Wood (Yorks), colour, clean/excellent. Min £3

189 ARDATH PHOTOCARD 1937 No.175 Ames watches O'Reilly hits Verity for 6, b/w fine & clean. Min £2

190 PLAYER'S CARD 1938 Cricketers series: No.18 J.H.Parks (Sussex), colour, excellent & clean.

191 SURREY-KENT 1946 Oval scorecard, dated 13 July, only few pencil scores, folded across centre. Min £4

192 DENIS COMPTON 1948 A Cricket Sketch by EW Swanton, 80pp with fine b/w photos, card covers only Min £5

193 YORKSHIRE-DERBYSHIRE 1948 County Match scorecard from Scarborough, dated 11 August, sl.crease but clean. Min £5

194 PLAYFAIR CRICKET ANNUAL 1952 Edited by Peter West, 184pp immaculate & clean throughout, card covers fine. Min £5

195 GENTLEMEN-PLAYERS 1952 Lord's scorecard neatly filled-in, comes with original newspaper press report of the game. Min £3

196 PLAYFAIR CRICKET ANNUAL 1953 Edited by Peter West, 190pp immaculate & clean throughout, card covers excellent. Min £5

197 MORNING FOODS CARD 1953 No.12 Ray Lindwall from Test Cricketers series. Min £3

198 PLAYFAIR CRICKET ANNUAL 1955 Edited by Gordon Ross, 176pp immaculate & clean throughout, to card covers. Min £4

199 CBT (KANE) CARD 1956 No.3 from '1956 Cricketers' series: Pat Crawford (NSW), as new. Min £2

200 CBT (KANE) CARD 1956 No.24 from '1956 Cricketers' series: Ken Mackay (Queensland), as new. Min £2

201 THE CRICKETER 1956 Vol.37 No.4 dated June 9, including coverage of the Australia tour, £2.10

202 THE CRICKETER 1957 Vol.38 No.7 dated July 20, including coverage of the England v West Indies 3rd Test, £2.10

203 PLAYFAIR CRICKET ANNUAL 1958 Edited by Gordon Ross, 176pp immaculate & clean throughout, to card covers. £20

204 SOMERSET CCC YEAR BOOK 1958-59 Illust edition with outer card covers & contents immaculate – comprises 100pp. Min £8

205 GLAMORGAN CCC YEAR BOOK 1959 Scarce 100pp illust issue with outer covers & contents fine for age. Min £7

206 THE CRICKETER 1959 Vol.40  No.1 dated April  25, including coverage of the MCC In New Zealand, clean/fine. £2.10

207 ORIGINAL PHOTO Undated (60's), postcard sized glossy b/w shot of Bob Cowper (Australia), walking back to pavilion. Min £3

208 POTTERS BAR CC 1967 Fixture booklet, clean but outer card covers worn.

209 ENGLAND-NEW ZEALAND 1969 July 28 sl.creased clean match ticket for Test Match played at Lord's. Min £3

210 GLAMORGAN CCC YEAR BOOK 1971 50th Anniversary 144pp issue with outer covers & contents superb for age. Min £5

211 ENGLAND-INDIA 1971 Lord's scorecard for match in July, scored by original owner. Min £2

212 ENGLAND-NEW ZEALAND 1973 Part printed/part scored Lord's scorecard. Min £2

213 MIDDLESEX-NOTTINGHAMSHIRE 1974 Lord's county match scorecard, part printed & filled in neatly.

214 ENGLAND-INDIA 1974 Lord's scorecard for match in June, part scored by original owner. Min £2

215 DENNIS AMISS BENEFIT YEAR 1975 Well illustrated 50pp Warwickshire CC produced booklet, signed to ft.cover by Dennis. Min £5

216 AUSTRALIA-WEST INDIES 1975 Prudential Cup match scorecard from Lord's dated June 21, scored by owner. Min £3

217 MIDDLESEX-WARWICKSHIRE 1977 Lord's scorecard for county game played in August, part scored.

218 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1977 Oval Test Match official scorecard, part printed & only Min £2

219 CANADA-PAKISTAN 1979 Attractive Prudential Cup postal cover for match played at Headingley, Leeds. Min £3

220 CANADA-SRI LANKA 1979 Attractive ICC Trophy postal cover for match played at County Ground, Worcester. Min £3

221 WEST INDIES- SRI LANKA 1979 Attractive Prudential Cup postal cover for match played at the Oval. Min £3

222 WEST INDIES- NEW ZEALAND 1979 Attractive Prudential Cup postal cover for match played at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. Min £3

223 WEST INDIES- PAKISTAN 1979 Attractive Prudential Cup postal cover for match played at the Oval. Min £3

224 CANADA ICC TROPHY POSTAL COVER 1979 Official cover with Canada stamp & postmark. Comes with b/w team photocard. Min £3

225 DENMARK ICC TROPHY POSTAL COVER 1979 Official cover with Danish postage stamp. Comes with b/w team photocard. Min £3

226 ISRAEL ICC TROPHY POSTAL COVER 1979 Official cover with Israeli stamp & postmark. Comes with b/w team photocard. Min £3

227 VENORLANDUS CARD 1979 World of Sport 'Our Heroes' card, Bob Willis, colour & fine. Min £2

228 VENORLANDUS CARD 1979 World of Sport 'Our Heroes' card, Geoff Boycott, colour & fine. Min £2

The following are all TOP TRUMPS CARDS issued late 70's, sized 3.5" x 2.25", colour and all in perfect clean condition:

229 Wayne Daniel (West Indies);       

230 Clive Lloyd (West Indies);       

231 Alan Knott (Kent);       

232 Steve Rouse (Warwickshire);

233 PLAYFAIR CRICKET ANNUAL 1981 Edited by Gordon Ross, comprising 240pp. Contents superb - only to ft.cover. Min £2

234 COLIN COWDREY 1981 Cornhill notepaper with brief handwritten note, signed in blue clearly by the late England captain. Min £4

235 GLAMORGAN CCC YEAR BOOK 1982 Immaculate clean condition 120pp issue with outer covers & contents superb for age. Min £5

236 B&H TEST SERIES 1982/3 Official book, for Australia-England, down under. 66pp clean & excellent. Min £4

237 SOMERSET CRICKET HANDBOOK 1983 Issue comprising 192pp, with aerial view of Floodlit game to front cover..Min £3

238 MIDDLESEX CCC 1983/4 Review/Handbook with Radley & Gatting + B&H Trophy to front cover, 128pp perfect condition. Min £3

239 SOMERSET-NOTTINGHAMSHIRE 1984 Clean/not scored County Match scorecard for Taunton game played in September.

240 DERBYSHIRE-AUSTRALIA 1985 Sl.creased £3.00 match ticket for game. Min £2

241 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1985 Trent Bridge Test scorecard, part printed otherwise clean. Folded across centre – sl.torn. Min £2

242 WORCESTERSHIRE-SUSSEX 1986 Sl.creased £6.50 Nat West Semi/Final match ticket, played 13 August.

243 MCC-REST OF THE WORLD 1987 Bicentenary Match from Lord's, fully printed Official scorecard. Min £3

244 WISDEN CRICKETER'S ALMANACK 1988 Limp cover issue, edited by Graeme Wright, 1296pp clean and only tiny dam to cover. Min £8

245 PLAYFAIR CRICKET ANNUAL 1988 Edited by Bill Frindall, comprising 256pp clean/fine. Min £2

246 NORTH MYMMS CC ANNUAL DINNER 1989 4pp menu/programme, signed to back cover by guest Peter Parfitt. Min £3

247 OFFICIAL 1989 TOUR GUIDE Test & CCB publication, 64pp Australian tour special, mint. Min £2

248 GLAMORGAN CCC YEAR BOOK 1991 Fine clean condition 160pp issue with outer covers & contents vg. Min £4

249 LANCASHIRE-KENT 1991 B&H Cup scorecard from Old Trafford, dated 25 April, clean & only

250 NEW ZEALAND-SRI LANKA 1992 Scarce $20 match ticket for this 25 Feb B&H World Cup match, played in Hamilton, NZ. Min £2

251 IAN GREIG 1992 Benefit Year brochure, comprisng 96pp, immaculate. Min £3

252 ENGLAND-PAKISTAN 1992 1st Test Match scorecard from Edgbaston, part printed with other scores neatly marked. Min £2

253 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1993 Mint condition 90pp match programme for 3rd Test at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. Min £2

254 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1993 Clean but £6 match ticket for Oval Test Match on 18 August. Min £2

255 SOMERSET-NOTTINGHAMSHIRE 1994 Part printed/clean County match scorecard for game at Taunton in July.

256 NORMA MAJOR'S MENCAP XI-BUNBURY XI 1994 Fine 16pp issue for Charity game played at Alconbury Rec.Field. Min £2

257 SOMERSET-DERBYSHIRE 1994 Clean not scored Official scorecard for match at Taunton in September.

258 TOUR GUIDE 1995 Fine Test & CCB publication, previewing West Indies tour, 132pp immaculate with super photos. Min £3

259 WISDEN 1997 Limp covered issue, edited by Matthew Engel, 1440pp in near perfect clean condition. Min £8

260 ASHES 1997 The Times supplement, 12pp neatly folded newspaper issue, clean/excellent. Min £2

261 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 1997 Texaco Trophy programme which comes with ticket for Lord's game on May 25,exc. Min £3

262 SOMERSET-MIDDLESEX1997 Almost clean not scored Official scorecard for match at Taunton in September.

263 CORNHILL FIXTURE BOOKLET 1999 comprising 44pp, pocket sized and mint.

264 SOUTH AFRICA-AUSTRALIA 1999 Cricket World Cup Super Six match ticket for game played at Headingley, Leeds, Min £2

265 NEW ZEALAND-PAKISTAN 1999 Cricket World Cup Semi-Final, complete £65 match ticket for game at Old Trafford, Min £3

266 RAY JULIAN - 50 SEASONS IN THE SUN 2000 90pp brochure with card covers, signed inside by the former umpire. Min £4

267 ENGLAND-ZIMBABWE 2000 ODI match ticket for game played at Edgbaston on 18 July, clean/exc.

268 ASHES 2001 Sunday Telegraph supplement, a guide to the contest, dated July 1. Comprises 30pp, only Min £2 

269 BETHERSDEN XI-OLD ENGLAND XI 2001 Postal cover for game at St.Albans, signed to front by M.McCague & A.Ealham. Min £3

270 SURREY-GLAMORGAN 2002 Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy Oval scorecard from 19 June, neatly scored.

271 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 2005 Mint Official 96pp glossy prog for this 1st Test Match, played at Lord’s on July 21. Min £3

272 ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA 2005 Part printed Official scorecard for end of day 2 of this Lord’s Test match. Min £2

273 ‘STORY OF THE ASHES’ 2009 Edited by Edward Craig, with foreword by C.Martin-Jenkins. 146pp softback. Min £5

274 GLAMORGAN CCC YEARBOOK 2011 Immaculate clean condition 192pp issue with outer covers & contents superb. Min £8

275 NOTTS OUTLAWS-HAMPSHIRE ROYALS 2012 £17 match ticket for the T20 Quarter Final at Trent Bridge.

276 THE CRICKET STATISTICIAN Issue No.160 from Winter 2012, comprises 56pp clean/excellent. Min £2

277 MAL LOYE Modern postcard with used UK 1973 cricket postage stamp affixed neatly to corner, signed in blue. Min £2

278 DEVON MALCOLM Modern postcard with used UK 1973 cricket postage stamp affixed neatly to corner, signed in blue. Min £2


279 GALLAHER CARD 1910 Association Football Club Colours series: No.45 Crystal Palace, - George Woodger pictured, colour. Min £10

280 CRYSTAL PALACE SOUVENIR CARD 1937 Glossy b/w issue: No.38 showing Football match at The Palace in 1911, exc. £3

The following are all b/w trade cards from the 1938 John Sinclair 'Well Known Footballers' (N.East) series, all Newcastle players fine/clean:

281 No.1 Norman Tapken;    

282 No.2 Joe Richardson;    

283 No.3 Robert Ancell;    

284 No.4 James Gordon;    

285 No.5 James Denmark;

286 PEPYS INTERNATIONAL WHIST CARD 1948 Coloured card of Aubrey Powell (Leeds United & Wales). No.8 Min £2

287 WEST BROMWICH ALBION-BIRMINGHAM CITY 1949 ft.cover, issue from The Hawthorns, played August 31. Min £3

288 DAILY MAIL FOOTBALL GUIDE 1954-5 Edited by Roy Peskett, 128pp excellent with outer paper covers fine/clean. £8

289 SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY-PORTSMOUTH 1955 Division 1 issue from Hillsborough, played 12 February, only £3.50

290 BIRMINGHAM  CITY-CARDIFF CITY 1956 League match for  game at St.Andrews played at St.Andrews on 7 April, £2.50

291 BIRMINGHAM CITY-NOTTINGHAM FOREST 1957 League match issue dated September 4, from St.Andrews, exc. £2

292 BIRMINGHAM CITY-PRESTON NORTH END 1957 League issue dated 21 September, clean/excellent. £2

293 BIRMINGHAM CITY-SAMPDORIA 1957 Floodlit friendly issue dated 3 December, fine/clean. £2

294 CARDIFF CITY-BIRMINGHAM CITY 1962 Fine clean 12pp issue for game at Ninian Park on 21 April. £2

295 ASTON VILLA-STOKE CITY 1967 League issue dated 25 March from Villa Park.

296 FOOTBALL LEAGUE REVIEWS 1967-1973 Selection of 11 magazines, all clean/fine, many including colour team photos. Min £5

297 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1970 Super 8” x 6” b/w glossy press shot of Don Revie posed outside Elland Rd, with press slip affixed to back. Min £3

298 MANCHESTER UTD-SOUTHAMPTON 1972 16pp FAC3 Replay, from Old Trafford exc condition.

299 MANCHESTER UNITED-STOKE CITY 1972 16pp FAC6 issue, from Old Trafford, only £2

300 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR-WEST HAM UNITED 1972 White Hart Lane issue from 23 September, 16pp with W.Ham team photo. £5

301 HENDON FC-ST.GALLEN 1879 1973 4pp Challenge Match, played in April, only 

302 QUEENS PARK RANGERS-WEST HAM UNITED 1973 Loftus Road League issue dated 4 September, only £5

303 LONDON FIVE-A-SIDE 1974 Finals from Empire Pool, Wembley. 24pp with ticket. QPR beat West Ham United in the Final. Min £2

304 ENGLAND-FINLAND 1976 World  Cup  Qualifier from Wembley dated 13 October, only

305 BIRMINGHAM CITY-WEST HAM UNITED 1978 League issue from St.Andrews, dated 28 March,  clean/fine. £5

The following are all super colour trade cards from the 1979 Venorlandus 'Our Heroes' flik card World of Sport series, all mint:

306 No.11 Pele;             

307 No.14 Kevin Keegan;         

308 No.16 Kenny Dalglish;          

309 No.19 Johann Cruyff;

310 HEARTS-MORTON 1980 Issue for game at Tynecastle, dated December 20, clean. £2.50

311 FA CUP FINAL REPLAY 1981 Mint Manchester City-Spurs programme, played at Wembley. Min £3

312 PMR CARDS 1982 Full set of 25 coloured cards: England, The World Cup Spain'82. Colour caricatures of Eng squad - perfect. Min £6

313 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1984 Super postcard sized b/w glossy action shot of Maurice Johnston (Watford & Scotland) in club game. Min £2

314 LIVERPOOL-ARSENAL 1984 24pp Anfield issue for 1st Division match, played 11 February.

315 LEICESTER CITY-ARSENAL 1984 24pp Division One game issue from Filbert Street, played 13 October.

316 MANCHESTER UNITED-WEST HAM UNITED 1986 Division 1 match issue from Old Trafford, dated 25 August. £5

317 WEST HAM UNITED-MANCHESTER CITY 1987 Upton Park programme dated 9 May, 28pp fine. £5

318 SOUTHEND UNITED-DERBY COUNTY 1987 League Cup 2nd Round 1st Leg Tie, played at Roots Hall on 22 September.

319 ENGLAND-SCOTLAND 1988 European Under 21 Quarter Final Tie from City Ground, Nottingham, including Gazza.

320 DERBY COUNTY-ARSENAL 1988 32pp Division One issue from Baseball Ground, played 26 November.

321 WEST HAM UNITED-BIRMINGHAM CITY 1991 Single sheet issue for the FA Youth Cup tie at Boleyn Ground, clean/exc. Min £2

322 MANCHESTER UNITED-WEST HAM UNITED 1991 League issue from Old Trafford, dated 23 November, exc/clean.

323 MANCHESTER UNITED-WEST HAM UNITED 1993 League issue from Old Trafford, dated 1 September, exc/clean.

324 LIVERPOOL-WEST HAM UNITED 1994 Anfield sl.creased programme dated 10 September. £5

325 EURO 96 GROUP A Programme for matches played at Villa Park, 64pp comes with Netherlands-Scotland (June 10) teamsheet. Min £2

326 EURO 96 QUARTER FINALS Programme covering France-Netherlands (Anfield) & England-Spain (Wembley), 64pp exc. Min £2

327 EURO 96 QUARTER FINALS Programme covering Germany-Croatia (Old Trafford) & Portugal-Czech (Villa Park), 64pp exc. Min £3

328 REAL MALLORCA-SS LAZIO 1999 Cup Winners Cup Final programme from Villa Park, 50pp immaculate/clean. Min £4

329 CONWY UNITED-INTER CARDIFF  2000 Programme from the Morfa, played 15 January.

330 ENGLAND-BRAZIL 2000 Mint condition 56pp Wembley issue for game played 27 May..Min £2

331 ARSENAL-BAYERN MUNICH 2000 64pp Champs League Group C prog for game at Highbury. With colour teamsheet. Min £2

332 EUROPEAN UNDER 16 FINALS 2001 Tournament programme for the Finals held in England. 44pp with colour photos. Min £2

333 ENGLAND-MEXICO 2001 Colour teamsheet for Match played at Derby, sl.creased.

334 WORLD CUP 2002 Official MINT heavyweight Japanese/English ed’n prog for Finals held in Korea/Japan. 136pp. Min £5

335 ENGLAND-SERBIA & MONTENEGRO 2003 Mint 48pp Walkers Stadium (Leicester) issue. Min £2

336 CHELSEA-ARSENAL 2004 Champions League issue from Stamford Bridge, 68pp and fine.

337 MACCABI TELAVIV-MACCABI HAIFA 2004 Rare Israeli 12pp programme, exc & unusual. Min £3

338 AC MILAN-CAGLIARI 2006 32pp programme with match report & Ticket included. Min £3

339 FA TROPHY FINAL 2007 Mint condition issue for Kidderminster Harriers-Stevenage Borough at Wembley on May 12. Min £2

340 MANCHESTER UNITED-FC BARCELONA 2008 CL Semi-Final 2nd Leg prog from Old Trafford, with Inside United mag. Min £3

341 ARSENAL-CHELSEA 2009 Mint FAC Semi-Final issue from Wembley, 66pp. Min £3

342 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL 2009 116pp Official prog for Barcelona-Manchester United, played in Rome. Not GB issue. Min £8  

343 FA CUP FINAL 2009 114pp heavy mint condition programme for Chelsea-Everton Tie, played at Wembley Stadium. Min £4

344 WORLD CUP 2010 Knockout Stage (Round 2) issue from South Africa, 164pp official R70 onsite issue, immaculate. Min £6

345 WOLVES-MANCHESTER UNITED 2011 Mint condition super 100pp programme from the Molineux, played 5 February..Min £2

346 WEST HAM UNITED-BIRMINGHAM CITY 2011 Official A4 sized coloured teamsheet for match at Upton Park on 6 February.

347 WEST HAM UNITED-BIRMINGHAM CITY 2012 Official A4 sized coloured teamsheet for match at Upton Park on 9 April.

348 ENGLAND-MONTENEGRO 2013 Mint World Cup qualifier issue from Wembley game played 11 October. Min £2

349 IAN WRIGHT Approx 4.5” x 6” colour supplement action shot of the former Arsenal striker, signed in blue, excellent. Min £3

350 SIGNED POSTCARD With colour team emblem affixed to corner, signed by the former Derby/Scotland player, Bruce Rioch. Min £2

351 SIGNED POSTCARD With colour team emblem affixed to corner, signed by the former Derby/Scotland player, Archie Gemmill. Min £2

352 BARGAIN BUNDLE Selection of 20 League/Cup progs from 1970's-2000's, exc assortment & no duplication - real value! Min £6


353 PATTREIOUEX CARD 1935 Sporting Events & Stars card No.83 J Feetham (Salford), b/w glossy excellent. Min £2

354 PEP 1934-1947 Review of the career of Stanley Pepperell (Huddersfield), super 28pp issue compiled by AN Gaulton. Min £4

355 ENGLAND TO  AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND 1947 Softback book by Eddie Waring, 128pp only to ft.cover. Min £8

356 NEWS CHRONICLE & DISPATCH CARD 1955 D.Harris (Barrow), b/w issue, fine & clean. Min £2

357 WIGAN-LIVERPOOL CITY 1955 12pp programme, sl.stained ft.cover, o'wise fine – played 31 August. Min £2

358 YORKSHIRE CUP FINAL 1958 Leeds-Wakefield programme dated 18 October, for game played at Odsal, fine. Min £4

359 HULL-WAKEFIELD TRINITY 1958 League match issue for game at the Boulevard, dated 20 December.

360 GREAT BRITAIN-AUSTRALIA 1959 Test Match issue for game at Central Park, Wigan on December 12, only sl.marked. Min £2

361 THE RUGBY FOOTBALL LEAGUE 1959-60 Official Guide, 250pp clean/good with only to spine outer cover. Min £3

362 BARROW-WIGAN 1960 12pp RLC issue for match at Craven Park on February 13, clean & fine, only

363 ENGLAND-FRANCE 1960 Nice 16pp programme for match at St.Helens, only Min £2

364 CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL 1961 Leeds-Warrington, played at Odsal Stadium, Bradford. Only – clean. Min £3

365 KEIGHLEY-HULL 1961 Clean/fine issue for game on 4 November, played at Lawkholme Lane.

366 HUDDERSFIELD-CASTLEFORD 1962 16pp RLC 3rd Round Replay issue for game at Fartown on 28 March.

367 CASTLEFORD-HUDDERSFIELD 1962 12pp clean/excellent issue for League match at Wheldon Road, played 21 April.

368 CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL 1962 Huddersfield-Wakefield, played at Odsal Stadium, Bradford. Superb & clean. Min £2

369 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1963 Wakefield-Wigan from Wembley, 20pp fine and clean with only sl.creasing. Min £4

370 YORKSHIRE CUP FINAL 1963 Featherstone-Halifax issue for game played at Belle Vue, Wakefield on 2 November. Min £3

371 CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL 1968 Hull KR-Wakefield, played at Headingley, Leeds. Clean & fine. Min £2

372 HALIFAX-HULL969 Thrum Hall issue for League match played on 27 September, clean/exc.

373 HUDDERSFIELD-HULL 1970 League match dated 5 September, played at Fartown. £3

374 WARRINGTON POSTAL COVER 1974 Official cover - Knockout Champions 1973-1974 with all trophies pictured. Min £3

375 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1977 Clean/fine £1.50 West Stand match ticket for the Leeds-Widnes match at Wembley on 7 May. Min £3

376 JOHN PLAYER FINAL 1978 Warrington-Widnes, played at Knowsley Road on 28 January, only Min £2

377 LEIGH-HUYTON 1978 John Player Cup 1st Round Replay dated 26 September, 4pp only near mint.

378 SPORTSCASTER CARD 1979 George Nicholls colour issue - in GB shirt, exc. Min £3

379 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1980 Clean/fine £2.50 West Stand complete match ticket for Hull-Hull KR match at Wembley on 3 May. Min £3

380 WARRINGTON-HUDDERSFIELD 1984 1st Round RLC match ticket for game at Wilderspool, dated 12 February.

381 NORTHERN RIVERS DIVISION-GREAT BRITAIN 1984 Tour match issue from Chris Cunningham Field, 12pp clean/fine. Min £3

382 BATLEY-RUNCORN HIGHFIELD 1984 League match issue, played 9 September, mint.

383 OPEN RUGBY 1985 Summer issue No.76 with season review, 40pp. Min £2

384 GONE NORTH 1986 Welshmen in Rugby League, Volume 1 by Robert Gate, 174pp semi-stiff covers, as new. Min £7

385 KANGAROOS ’86 A4 sized illustrated Open Rugby produced Official brochure, vg. Min £2

386 BRADFORD NORTHERN-HULL 1987 Odsal League match issue dated 11 January, clean/exc.

387 CARLISLE-FULHAM 1989 16pp mint condition prog for League game played at Gillford Park on 8 January. Min £2

388 CASTLEFORD-HULL 1989 League match issue for game played at Wheldon Road on 5 March. £3

389 DAVID HULME 1990/91 Widnes produced Testimonial brochure, 32pp as new condition. Min £2

The following are all colour trade cards from the 1991 Merlin set of players, all fine/clean:

390 No.34 Brendan Tuuta (Featherstone Rovers);          

391 No.82 Peter Williams (Salford);         

392 No.103 Kelly Shelford (Warrington);

393 No.128 Andy Platt (Wigan);                                       

394 No.134 Phil Clarke (Wigan);              

395 No.139 Dean Carroll (Doncaster);

396 No.156 Mark Aston (Sheffield Eagles);

397 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1991 Fine £27 St.Helens-Wigan match ticket for game played 27 April. 

398 RADIO MERSEYSIDE RL FIXTURES 1991/2 Full fixtures for Wigan, Highfield, St.Helens, Warrington & Widnes.   

399 HULL-BATLEY 1991 Regal Trophy 1st Round Tie for game from the Boulevard, played 18 November.

400 WALES-FRANCE 1992 Vetch Field, Swansea issue for game on 22 March, only to ft.cover. Min £2

401 SEAGULLS RLFC-GREAT BRITAIN 1992 $9.50 match ticket for this match played on Australian tour on 30 June. Min £2

402 WIDNES RLFC LTD 1993 36pp Share subscription offer document with duplicated Widnes letter insert. Min £2

403 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1994 Wigan-Leeds £22 clean/fine match ticket for Wembley game. Min £2

404 WARRINGTON-SHEFFIELD 1994 Round One Play Off prog from 8 May, exc/clean.    

405 HULL-BRADFORD 1994 Championship match issue dated October 2, for game at the Boulevard. £3

406 GT.BRITAIN-AUSTRALIA 1994 40pp MINT 2nd Test prog, for match played at Old Trafford on 5 November. Min £3

407 GARRY SCHOFIELD'S RUGBY LEAGUE MASTERPIECES 1995 Classic tales from the pitch with Neil Hanson, 412pp h'back. Min £6

408 NEW ZEALAND CENTENARY POSTAL COVER 1995 Royal Mail/NZ Post cover with GB & NZ  frankings. Min £3

409 ‘DARING TO DREAM’ 1998 Scarce semi-stiff covers A4 sized 64pp book by Brian Lund. The Story of Keighley Cougars. Min £5 

410 LONDON BRONCOS-HALIFAX BLUE SOX 1998 40pp matchday magazine for game played at The Stoop on 5 April. Min £2

411 WIGAN WARRIORS-HULL SHARKS 1999 No.1 in Super League IV season, played 5 March. Min £2

412 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 1999 Leeds Rhinos-London Broncos from Wembley, 66pp A4 sized heavy issue. Min £4

413 ST.HELENS-BRISBANE BRONCOS 2001 World Club Challenge programme, 44pp from Reebok Stadium, Bolton. Min £3

414 THE LAST OF THE LONDON BRONCOS 2005 Super League trade card, colour with signature to back: Danny Williams.

415 THE LAST OF THE LONDON BRONCOS 2005 Super League trade card, colour with signature to back: Lee Hopkins.

416 HARLEQUINS-HUDDERSFIELD GIANTS 2007 Stoop Super League prog, with £12 match ticket, neatly stapled inside. Min £2

417 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 2008 St.Helens-Hull £26 clean match ticket for Wembley game, only Min £2

418 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 2010 Warrington-Leeds £26 clean match ticket for Wembley Final, only Min £2

419 IN FULL BLOEM 2013 Superb h'back – Jamie Bloem, rugby footballer by Andrew Hardcastle, 132pp with original d/jacket. Min £8

420 CHALLENGE CUP FINAL 2013 Hull-Wigan £26 clean match ticket for Wembley game, played 24 August, exc/clean. Min £2

421 WIGAN WARRIORS-BRISBANE BRONCOS 2015 World Club Series issue on 21 February at DW Stadium with £18 match ticket. Min £4

422 AAGRAR BRADFORD BULLS CARDS 4 coloured p’card sized, sold as one lot: Forshaw, H.Paul, R.Paul, Withers. Min £2

The following are all postcards with small colour photo of the player affixed to corner, ORIGINALLY SIGNED by Australian players, Min £2 ea;

423 David Fairleigh;    

424 Paul McGregor;    

425 Steve Menzies;    

426 Jim Saradis;    

427 Jason Smith;    

428 Rod Wishart;

429 BARGAIN BUNDLE Selection of 20 League/Cup progs from 1970's-1900's, exc assortment & no duplication - real value! Min £6


430 CHUMS MAGAZINE 1929 Superbly oversized Summer Issue No.9 (August), includes several 'dirt-bike' stories, exc condition. Min £7

The following are AMALGAMATED PRESS cards from the 1929 ‘Thrills of the Dirt track’ series, given with The Champion, Min £9 ea;

431 No.2 Car versus Side-Car, dated 4.5.29;                               432 No.16 The First bend, dated 11.5.29;

The following are PATTREIOUEX Cards from the 1930 Dirt Track Riders series, exc glossy photographic issues, clean & Rare, Min £9 ea;

433 No.4 Frank Charles;     

434 No.16 Arthur Atkinson;     

435 No.26 Roger Frogley;     

436 No.35 Ivor Creek;     

437 No.41 Charlie Spinks;

438 THE CHAMPION CARD 1933 Motor-Bike Football, a goalmouth tussle, given with magazine on 22 April, fine sepia issue. Min £4

439 GALLAGHER CARD 1934 Champion series, No.16 Tiger Stevenson, colour with name caption. Min £2.

440 GALLAGHER CARD 1934 Champion series, No.41 Frank Varey, colour with no name caption. Min £2.

441 CARRERAS CARD 1935 No.58 from Popular Personalities series. Oval card – Stanley Woods (TT Rider). Black Marked. Min £2.

The following are all PLAYERS CARDS from the 1937 Speedway Riders series in superb clean condition, Min £3 ea;

442 No.6 Frank Charles (Wembley);                                

443 No.26 Bill Lamont (Nottingham);                       

444 No.36 Cliff Parkinson (Wembley);

445 No.38 Geoff Pymar (Wimbledon). £3             

446 No.47 Colin Watson (Wembley);                                       

447 No.48 Bluey Wilkinson (West Ham);                                                                             

448 CHURCHMANS CARD 1939 Kings of Speed No.30 Bluey Wilkinson, b/w exc. Min £2.

449 MEET THEM WITH US 1939 Rare paperback book by Gar Harrow & Hal Seer, 72pp rider profiles & nice b/w photos, clean/fine. Min £16.

450 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1939 Vol.12 No.7 for May 13, clean/fine 26pp example with fine match reports & stats included, Min £3

451 THE PEOPLE SPEEDWAY GUIDE 1948 Superb clean condition 96pp well illust annual, edited by John Addison. Min £8.

452 NEW CROSS -BELLE VUE 1948 Nat.League issue from April 14, rusted staples but very neatly scored inside. Min £3

453 NEW CROSS -BIRMINGHAM 1948 Nat.Trophy Semi-Final from September 9, really exc with scores in pencil inside. Min £4

454 SPEEDWAY NEWS 1948 Vol.15 No.25 from October 7, clean/excellent for age. Rusted staples away but fine match reports/stats. Min £2

455 SPEEDWAY REPORTER 1948 Vol. 2 No.32 for October 9 12pp well illust issue with reports. Covers and spine split. Min £2.

456 STENNER’S SPEEDWAY ANNUAL 1948 Scarce 128pp glossy illust issue. Contents superb, clean & intact. Outer covers poor. Min £7.

457 CARRERAS TURF SLIDE 1949 Sport Series No.22 Tommy Price, exc. Min £4.

458 CARRERAS TURF SLIDE 1949 Sports Series No.29 Bill Kitchen, uncut card. Min £5.

459 CARRERAS TURF SLIDE 1949 Sports Series No.30 Malcom Craven, exc. Min £4

460 BRISTOL-FLEETWOOD 1949 Nat.League issue from May 6, 8pp very neatly scored inside in pencil. Min £4

461 ODSAL (BRADFORD)-HARRINGAY 1949 Nat.League issue dated 14 May, fine with scores lightly marked inside in pencil. Min £3

462 WEST HAM-NEW CROSS 1949 Nat.League issue dated June 7, staples rusted away but very neatly scored inside in ink, Min £3

463 BRISTOL-SOUTHAMPTON 1949 National League match dated 26 August, sl.creased & neatly scored. Min £3

464 KIDDY’S CARD 1950 No.43 Frank Hodgson (Middlesbrough) colour & superb. Min £5.

465 HARRINGAY: HARRINGAY TROPHY 1950 Meeting dated 7 April, excellent with scores very neatly marked inside. Min £3

466 YARMOUTH-NORWICH 1950 Southern League Trophy meet from April 18, 12pp, and scored inside in ink. Min £4

467 SPEEDWAY PICTORIAL 1950 Vol.4 No.6 Sports Reporter Cycle Sp. Gazette magazine with Yarmouth team to ft.cover. Min £3

468 SPEEDWAY & ICE NEWS 1950 Vol.17 No.18 with Walthamstow & West Ham team photos, 20pp exc/clean. Min £2

469 SPEEDWAY & ICE NEWS 1950 Vol.17 No.19 with Swindon, New Cross & White City team photos, 20pp exc/clean. Min £2

470 HARRINGAY-WEST HAM 1950 National Trophy Replay meet dated 1 September, exc with results very neatly marked inside. Min £3

471 SPEEDWAY & ICE NEWS 1950 Vol.17 No.21 dated 7 September, scarce emergency 8pp small verson (due to paper strike), exc. Min £3

The following are 1950 SPEEDWAY WORLD newspapers, with exc race reports & articles. Team photos indicated, all exc, Min £2 ea;

472 April 5 (Wimbledon & Rye House);         

473 June 28 (Stars of 3rd Div);         

474 August 9 (Australia);       

475 September 13 (W.Champs);

The following are 1951 SPEEDWAY WORLD newspapers, with exc race reports & articles. Team photos indicated, all exc, Min £2 ea;

476 January 5 (England);                                  

477 July 4 (USA);                              

478 July 18 (Plymouth);         

479 August 22 (Bristol);

The following are 1952 SPEEDWAY WORLD newspapers, with exc race reports & articles. Team photos indicated, all exc, Min £2 ea;

480 February 21 (New Zealand);                    

481 March 6 (Irish Jnrs);                  

482 June 25 (Poole);               

483 August 6 (Harringay);

484 NEW CROSS-WEST HAM 1953 Coronation Cup meet dated June 3, 8pp immaculate & not scored...

485 WEST HAM-WEMBLEY 1953 Coronation Cup meet dated June 6, excellent & neatly scored inside in ink. Min £3

486 WEST HAM: WORLD CHAMPS ROUND 1953 Meeting dated August 18, 12pp staples neatly removed & scored lightly in pencil. Min £3

487 IPSWICH-SWINDON 1957 Britannia Cup issue dated 30 May, sl.rusted staple & neatly scored inside. £5

488 STOKE: TRENT TROPHY 1960 8pp partly scored programme from 9 July meeting, only

489 STOKE-RAYLEIGH 1961 8pp clean un-marked Prov.League programme from 22 April.

490 LEICESTER-MIDDLESBROUGH 1962 Provincial League issue from 29 June, 8pp clean & not scored.

491 WEYMOUTH: BEST PAIRS 1963 June 26 programme – track waterlogged, mtg cancelled. Sl.marked but scarce. Min £4

492 WOLVES-NEW CROSS 1963 Provincial League match, 8pp from 26 July, sl.creased.

493 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL 1965 Wembley issue, dated September 18, 24pp scored & only sl.crease. Min £3

494 WEMBLEY LIONS-HACKNEY HAWKS 1970 Scarce 1st meeting (30 May) in this League return to the stadium, pencil scores. Min £3.

495 WEMBLEY LIONS-NEWPORT 1970 British League match run on 25 July, neatly scored inside.

496 ANGLO-SWEDISH OPEN CHAMPS 1971 Meeting held at Hull on 23 June, 16pp scored & sl.creased.

497 SPEEDWAY 1973 Motor Cycle News Extra, No.3 with Ole Olsen feature & John Louis colour centre spread. Min £2

498 DAILY MIRROR SPEEDWAY YEARBOOK 1981 Edited by Peter Oakes, 304pp card covers, excellent/clean. Min £3

499 CARLSBAD RACEWAY 1985 8pp oversized issue for meeting held in California on 12 May. Not scored.

500 60TH ANNIVERSARY 1988 High Beech programme from 15 October, 16pp well illust issue, clean/exc. Min £3

501 A FISTFUL OF TWISTGRIP 1995 The Story of the Birth of Speedway racing at High Beech, by John Chaplin. 28pp, exc. Min £6.

502 DAVE MULLETT TESTIMONIAL 1992 Meeting from Reading, 16pp clean/exc, signed to front cover by Dave in blue ink. Min £2

503 ISLE OF WIGHT-READING 2000 Premier League issue dated 12 September, neatly scored inside in ink. Min £2

504 ISLE OF WIGHT-NEWPORT 2006 Premier League Match 2nd Leg, issue dated 25 July, neatly scored inside in ink. Min £2

505 AMERICAN STYLE FLAT-TRACK RACING 2009 A4 sized 16pp issue for this Pozzani Silkolene Champs at Rye House. Min £2.

506 ORIGINAL PHOTO Fine 3.25” x 4.25” sized b/w action shot of Reidar Eide in 1970 riding for Wembley. Min £2

The following are all glossy POSTCARD SIZED PHOTO prints - all fine copies from originals - Min Bid £3 each unless stated:

507 Holbeach team, 4 rides seated on machines. Named to back;   

508 Phil Bishop (West Ham) in suit & tie, seated on machine;

509 Ron Johnson shakes hand with Frank Varey;                            

510 Jack Milne seated in 1937, taking trophy from Fred Mockford. £3.50

511 New Cross riders Ron Johnson & Ray Moore, posed;               

512 Eric Collins (Lea Bridge) head/shoulders;

513 Joe Francis (Crystal Palace), seated on machine. £3.50                     

514 Fred Mockford, Crystal Palace promoter, in suit & tie. Min £2

515 Mick Murphy (New Cross) stood in suit & tie. £3.50                          

516 Jack Parker & Frank Arthur shake hands at 1932 Test Match;

517 Eric Langton & Arthur Franklyn shake hands. Min £2           

518 Roy Duke & Bill Kitchen shake hands, posed at Bell End;

519 Dicky Case, posed with Mr & Mrs Cordy Milne in Forest Hill;


520 RUGGER 1930 Fine h'back by W.Wakefield & H.Marshall, comprising 510pp. Outer covers & contents really fine for age. Min £15

521 ARDATH PHOTOCARD 1936 Z series b/w issue: No.162 English International Rugby Team, glossy, players named to back. Min £2

522 ARDATH PHOTOCARD 1936 Z series b/w issue: No.163 Scottish International Rugby Team, glossy, players named to back. Min £2

523 ARDATH PHOTOCARD 1936 Z series b/w issue: No.165 Irish International Rugby Team, glossy, players named to back. Min £2

524 PRINT Glossy approx 8” x 5.5” action from 1937 Wales-Scotland at Swansea, with Wooller, Watkins & Rees featured. Min £4

525 CARDIFF-NEATH 1949 Staple rusted, only programme for game played December 17. Min £4

526 OLD WHITGIFTIAN RFC 1901-1951 Super softback, edited by Ian Hubbard, 72pp illust & in superb condition. Min £8

527 NEW ZEALAND-FRANCE 1961 Superb 2nd Test issue for match played at Athletic Park, Wellington, 24pp clean & excellent. Min £16

528 RICHMOND-MAJOR GENERAL RGS HOBB'S INTERNATIONAL XV 1961 Centenary Match from Twickenham on 2 Sept. Min £6

529 IRELAND-FRANCE 1965 Lansdowne Road issue dated 23 January, 32pp clean & fine througout. Min £8

530 MONMOUTHSHIRE-NEW ZEALAND 1967 Newport issue, 20pp for tour game played 6 December, exc. Min £3

531 WAIKATO-FRANCE 1968 Tour match, 20pp for game played 6 August, & score to ft.cover. Min £3

532 THE RUGBY COMPANION 1969 Fine h'back by Wallace Reyburn, 122pp well illustrated, comes with original d/jacket, fine. Min £6

533 IRELAND-FRANCE 1969 Lansdowne Road issue dated 25 January, 32pp clean & immaculate condition. £10

534 OXFORD-CAMBRIDGE 1969 Creased/clean £1 match ticket for Varsity game at Twickenham.

535 WELSH RUGBY MAGAZINE 1969 Issue for May with Triple Crown photo feature, 60pp clean & only

536 WELSH RUGBY MAGAZINE 1970 Issue for March with Wales team pictured to ft.cover, 60pp clean/excellent.

537 ENGLAND UNDER 25-FIJI 1970 30/- Ticket stub for Twickenham game, vg for age.

538 WELSH BREWERS ANNUAL 1971-72 Annual for Wales - Grand Slam edition, comprising 80pp, immaculate. Min £5

539 RUGBY WORLD 1972 Eleven fine examples from the year, January-December, excluding the August edition. Exc/clean. £5

540 WELSH RUGBY MAGAZINE 1972 Issue for February with Eng-Wales & Welsh KO Cup features, 656pp clean/excellent.

541 WELSH RUGBY MAGAZINE 1972 Issue for May with super Wales double -page team photo to centre, 56pp clean/excellent. Min £2

542 COMBINED SERVICES-NEW ZEALAND 1972 Fine/clean £1 match ticket for this tour game played at Twickenham. Min £2

543 SWANSEA-BARBARIANS 1975 Fine/clean 4pp issue for Easter Monday game at St.Helen's. Min £2

544 FERGIE 1976 Fine h'back with original d/jacket by Alex Veysey, comprising 192pp. Illust & really almost new. Min £6

545 OLD WHITGIFTIAN RFC Part III 1960-1976 Super softback, edited by Ian Hubbard, 68pp illust & in superb condition. Min £6

546 THE LIONS SPEAK 1976 Reprint, edited by John Reason, 152pp with exc contributions, card covers & superb. Min £7

547 INTER-BANK SEVENS 1976 Issue for matches played at Bank of England Ground, Roehampton on 4 April.

548 JOHN PLAYER CUP FINAL 1976 Gosforth-Rosslyn Park, scarce 24pp, no creasing & only a few sl.marks. Min £10

549 AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY-FIJI 1976 Nr mint 24pp tour prog for game at Manuka Oval, Canberra on 8 June. Min £3

550 BURRY PORT-PONTRYPRIDD 1976 8pp Welsh Cup Tie programme from Memorial Park on 20 September.

551 LIONS-BARBARIANS 1977 Silver Jubilee game from Twickenham – complete £5.00 East Stand match ticket from the game, exc..Min £2

552 FRANCE-ENGLAND 1978 5 Nations issue from Parc des Princes, Paris, played 21 January, near perfect. Min £6

553 BARNSTAPLE-ST.HELENS 1978 Centenary season issue for game in March, 8pp fine.

554 PENARTH-BARBARIANS 1978 Good Friday match issue, 8pp to edge.

555 WALES GRAND SLAM COVER 1978 Postal cover with Cardiff postmark from 15 May. Min £2

556 WALSALL-RUGBY 1978 Club match issue for game played 29 October.

557 AN ENGLAND XV-ARGENTINE 1978 East Open Stand £3.00 match ticket for game at Twickenham, clean/v.good...

558 SPORTCASTER CARD 1978 Colour & excellent condition: Llanelli RFC, signed by Phil Bennett to front. Min £4

559 SPORTCASTER CARD 1979 Colour & excellent condition: Rugby issue, Bob Hiller featured. Min £3

560 STAFFORD-LEEK 1979 Colts Floodlit KO Final from Wolverhampton Stadium.

561 BRISTOL UNITED-NEATH ATHLETIC 1979 Single sheet issue for match played 29 September, clean.

562 IRELAND B-SCOTLAND B 1979 4pp card issue for game at Lansdowne Road on 1 December, only sl.crease. Min £3

563 MOSELEY-COVENTRY 1979 Boxing Day single sheet programme for match at The Reddings, folded/clean.

564 WELSH RUGBY 1980 The Crowning Years 1968-80 by Clem Thomas & Geoffrey Nicholson, 264pp h'back with origina d/jacket. Min £6

565 SAFFRON WALDEN-SOUTHEND 1980 Eastern Counties Cup Semi-Final, single sheet, folded.

566 RUGBY POST 1980 End of Season magazine issue, Vol.4 No.8 England’s Grand Slam.

567 MOSELEY-BIRMINGHAM 1980 December 27 single sheet programme for match at The Reddings, exc with match report.

568 RUGBY TRIUMPHANT 1981 Exc hardback, with original d/jacket by Don Cameron. The All Blacks in Australia & Wales. Min £8

569 GORSEINON-SWANSEA 1981 Special 50th Anniversary game since opening of ground, 20pp clean/excellent. Min £2

570 SCOTLAND-NEW ZEALAND 1981 1st Test Match issue form Dunedin, for game played 13 June, clean but sl.creased. Min £4

571 NEWPORT SARACENS-NEWPORT 1981 Welsh Cup Tie 2nd Round issue for game at from Sandy Lane. Min £2

572 TRY! 1881-1981 An anthology to celebrate the WRU Centenary, 104pp with card covers, clean/fine. Min £4

573 RUGBY FROM THE FRONT 1983 Exc h'back autobiography by Peter Wheeler. 216pp super condition, with d/j, signed to fly-page. Min £7

574 MOSELEY-JOHN FINLAN'S MIDLAND XV 1983 Mint issue from 6 October, includes photo of Moseley team in 1878-9.

575 EBONY & IVORY 1984 The Stu Wilson & Bernie Fraser story as told to Alex Veysey, 272pp h'back, immaculate with d/jacket. Min £6

576 OTAGO-FRANCE 1984 Mint tour match issue for game played at Dunedin on 12 June. Min £2

577 AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND 1984 Near mint 2nd Test Match issue for game at Ballymore, Brisbane on 4 August. Min £5

578 ‘THE GERIATRICS’ 1986 Gary Knight, Andy Dalton & John Ashworth by Lindsay Knight. 296pp NZ h’back with d/w. Min £8

579 BOURNEMOUTH-SIDMOUTH 1986 Clean club game issue for match played 22 March.

580 LEICESTER FC WORLD TOUR 1987 64pp MINT condition illust A4 sized brochure. Min £3

581 MOSELEY-BRISTOL 1988 John Player Cup Semi-Final, from the Reddings, played 26 March, mint. Min £3

582 WAIKATO-WALES 1988 Fine 24pp tour match issue for game at Rugby Park, Hamilton on May 18. Min £5

583 WELSH BREWERS RUGBY ANNUAL FOR WALES 1988-89 Issue - Wales Tour special, 128pp immaculate clean condition. Min £4

584 ABERAVON-WESTERN SAMOA 1988 Small tour match issue for game at Talbot Athletic Ground, vg. Min £2

585 SCHOOLS CUP FINAL 1989 U15 from Twickenham on 1 April. 4pp Rossall School Fleetwood v RGS High Wycombe. Clean/exc. 

586 LEICESTER FC - AMERICAN TOUR 1989 4pp tour card including itinerary, matches to be played & full squad etc. Min £2

587 GLASGOW-NORTH & MIDLANDS 1990 Inter-District Champs programme, played 8 December, exc.

588 WOMEN'S WORLD CUP 1991 Canada Women's Team tour program & media guide. 36pp card covers, well illust & exc. Min £2

589 ANGLO SCOTS-PRESIDENTS XV 1991 Clean/exc 8pp programme for match played at Murrayfield on 21 September. Min £2

590 WAKEFIELD-LEICESTER 1992 Club match issue from College Grove, for game played 1 February, mint. £3

591 LONDON HOTELS SEVENS 1992 16pp sl.creased programme for event held at Wasps on 12 April.

592 CAMP HILL RFC 1893-1993 Centenary History of the Club by Bowler & Birrell, 196pp card covers, illust & mint. Min £6

593 WASPS-RACING CLUB DE FRANCE 1993 32pp programme with ticket & match report included – January 17.

594 COWLEY HIGH SCHOOL 1993 Tour brochure for trip to South Africa.

595 SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE UNDER 21 T'MENT 1993 from Buenos Aires, incl. Australia, NZ, SA & Argentina. Min £4

596 NEW ZEALAND-SOUTH AFRICA 1994 Exc 1st Test Match issue from Carisbrook, Dunedin, 52pp A4 sized issue. Min £4

597 CANADA'A'-FRANCE 1994 Mint 48pp issue for game at Fletcher's Field, Markham..Min £3

598 IRELAND-ENGLAND 1995 Lansdowne Road game issue, 64pp clean for game played 21 January, only very faint crease. Min £3

599 MERLIN RUGBY WORLD CUP STICKERS 1995 Nice collection of 22 different mint unused stickers from this set. 6 Emblems and 16 Welsh players: South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Wales, France & Ivory Coast + Gavin Jenkins, John Davies, Derwyn Jones, Gareth Llewellyn, Emyr Lewis, Robert Jones, Neil Jenkins, Wayne Proctor, Nigel Davies, Mike Hall, Ieuan Evans & Tony Clement. Min £8

600 ENGLAND-WESTERN SAMOA 1995 RWC match issue from Kings Park, Durban, played 4 June. Min £5

601 NATAL-WESTERN PROVINCE 1995 48pp Currie Cup issue from at Kings Park. Min £2

602 NATAL-EASTERN PROVINCE 1995 54pp Currie Cup programme. Min £2

603 AYR-HADDINGTON 1995 Millbrae issue for game played 4 November, 44pp mint.

604 ENGLAND 'A'-WESTERN SAMOA 1995 30p tour match issue for game played at Gateshead.

605 BATH-WIGAN 1996 Rugby Challenge Match for game at Twickenham on 24 May, 48pp un-marked & excellent. Min £3

606 WALSALL-LEEDS 1996 National League III match played at Broadway on 12 October, mint.

607 TERENURE COLLEGE-YOUNG MUNSTER 1997 Mint issue for game played at Lakelands on 8 February.

608 IL MONDO DEL RUGBY 1998 Italian magazines for January (No.1) & February (No.2), 32pp with colour photos, exc. Min £2

609 WELSH SPORT 1998 50pp Magazine for March with 5 Nations feature, with colour photos, exc.

610 HISTORY IN THE MAKING 2000 Irish Independent 28pp magazine issue covering 125 years of the IRFU. 

611 THE CAPTAINS 2001 Super SA published softback by Edward Griffiths, comprising 556pp, really superb item. Min £16

612 THE TANGLED MANE 2001 The Lions Tour to Australia 2001 by Eddie Butler. Mint 218pp illust h'back with d/jacket. Min £6

613 SCOTTISH BORDER REIVERS-GLASGOW 2001 Netherdale issue for game played 9 May, mint.

614 WORLD SEVENS 2001 Super as new 66pp issue for event held at Twickenham, clean/immaculate...

615 NEWPORT-ABERAVON 2001 Pre-season friendly issue for game played 17 August, 4pp un-marked..

616 RUGBY WORLD 2003 August & September RWC issues unopened, with Guide to Rugby World Cup Part 1 & Part 2. Min £3

617 SOUTHLAND-BRITISH LIONS 2005 Match 6 issue from Rugby Park Stadium, Invercargill, mint. Min £6

618 HONG KONG SEVENS 2006 Three attractive HK 880 match tickets for the Cathay Pacific t'ment played Mar 31-Apl 2. Min £4

619 NEWPORT GWENT DRAGONS-BAYONNE 2006 £13 European Cup match ticket.

620 CARDIFF RFC-SOUTH AFRICA 2007 Special commemorative postal cover with Cardiff postmark, produced to commemorate Centenary of 1907 game. Slit to one end, the cover was produced by The Rugby Memorabilia Society - details on card also included. £3

621 WASPS-PERPIGNAN 2007 Heineken Cup programme which comes with match ticket. Min £3

622 LLANELLI-SARACENS 2007 76pp EDF Energy match issue with small match report & ticket stapled inside centre. Min £2

623 WORLD CUP 2007 Evening Standard guide to the competition, 68pp well illustrated magazine. Min £2

624 FRANCE-ENGLAND 2010 Fine/clean only 6 Nations match Ticket from Stade de France. Min £4

625 WALES-SOUTH AFRICA 2010 104pp issue which comes with sl.creased £40 match ticket. Min £3 

626 WASPS-LONDON IRISH 2014 Ricoh Arena programme issue + marked/cr ticket. Min £2

627 MARTIN CORRY 10” x 8” glossy colour shot (in Leics colours), posed with Guiness Premiership trophy. Signed in black. Min £10

628 PAUL GRAYSON 10” x 8” glossy colour N’hampton action shot, dedicated & signed in black felt pen over image. Min  £7

629 BARGAIN BUNDLE Selection of 20 Welsh/English Club progs from 1970's-1990's, exc assortment & no duplication - real value! Min £5

630 LEICESTER RFC Super selection of homes & aways from 1970-90's, no duplication and some with match reports included, exc. Min £5


631 OGDEN'S TABS CARD 1901 'A' Series No.87: Charlie Mitchell, b/w excellent clean condition. Min £4

632 WILLS SCISSORS CARD 1911 Boxers series (Green Back): Seaman Parsons (Britain), superb condition. Min £7

The following are all superb clean 16 page copies of 1919 BOXING magazine. Ex-binder (small holes near spine), o'wise exc. Brief details given including any cover photograph, which is indicated in brackets. Min £6 ea;

633 January 29: Basham v Shelvin (Albert Badoud). £30                                                

634 February 26: Tancy Lee v Danny Morgan (Tancy Lee). £30

635 April 9: Why Wilde wants ringside weight (Tommy Noble & Eugene Criqui). £30  

636 May 7: The Boxing Moral for All (Eddie McGoorty). £30

637 June 4: Driscoll & Rossi report (Jim Driscoll & Francis Rossi). £30                         

638 June 25: Marriott v Summers (Goddard KO by Beckett). £30

639 July 23: Wilde-Moore, Carpentier-Smith, Basham-Farrell (Pal Moore). £30          

640 August 27: Will Beckett meet Carpentier (Arthur Townley). £30

641 September 17: A real search for talent (Charlie Webb). £30                                      

642 October 22: Driscoll v Ledoux (Bomb.Billy Wells). £30

643 November 19: Bermondsey Billy Wells b Kid Doyle (Jim Hacking). £30                  

644 December 17: How Ledoux beat Ross (Fred Jacks). £30                                  

The following are trade cards issued with THE CHAMPION in 1922 from Sporting Champions series, all b/w & fine condition, Min £3 ea;

645 No.13: Joe Beckett;                                        

646 No.16: Ernie Rice;                                                                            

647 No.19 Benny Leonard;

648 THE ROCKET CARD 1923 No.2 from 'Famous Knock-Outs' series, Bloomfield-Wells, b/w super clean condition. Min £5

649 THE ROCKET CARD 1923 No.10 from 'Famous Knock-Outs' series, Carpentier-Wells, b/w super clean condition. Min £5

650 UNION JACK CARD 1923 No.3 Kid Lewis from 'Monarchs of the Ring' series. Clean & exc - details to back, RARE. Min £9 

651 CHURCHMANS CARD 1927 Sporting Trophies series No.4: Lonsdale Belt, colour excellent condition. £6

652 CHURCHMANS CARD 1928 Men of the Moment in Sport series No.14: Tom Heeney. Min £5

653 THE ARENA 1929 Scarce Vol.1 No.17 US magazine (Nov 10) with Leo Lomski to ft cover. Some Wrestling & other US sports, vg. Min £7

654 J.MILLHOFF CARD 1930 In The Public Eye series: No.33 Phil Scott, sepia/excellent. Min £4

655 PLAYERS CARD 1932 Dandies series: No.49 Pompadour (James J Corbett). Min £3

656 FAMOUS FIGHTERS 1932 Pocket sized booklet presented with Boy's Magazine. The New Wonder Books No.8, 28pp vg for age. £6

657 STATE EXPRESS CARD 1935 Ardath Sports Champions: No.19 Len Harvey, colour/excellent. Min £2

658 ARDATH PHOTOCARD 1936 Continuous Series of General Interest: Kid Berg, b/w glossy/exc. Min £2

The following are all 1938 CARTLEDGE CARDS from the Prize Fighters Series, all b/w and in excellent/clean condition, Min £4 ea;

659 No.11 Bill Neat;         

660 No.17 Tom King;         

661 No.34 Arno Koelbin;         

662 No.44 Gustave Humery;         

663 No.45 Ben Foord;

664 BLACK DYNAMITE 1939 Volume IV - 'Fighting Furies' story of the Golden Era of Jack Johnson, Sam Langford & their Negro Contemporaries, by Nat Fleischer. Comprising 282pp with super clean outer orange board covers. Scarce issue in this series of 5. Min £40

665 UNITED TOBACCO (SA) CARD 1939 The World of Sport series: No.59 Jack Doyle. £8

666 THE RING 1939 October US issue with Bob Pastor to cover. Ex-binder edition with loss to bottom edge (0.75"), hence. £20

667 BOXING NEWS 1948 January 14, Vol.4 No.2 with Johnny Ralph pictured to ft.cover - covers loose, fine. £10

668 BOXING NEWS 1948 September 8, Vol.4 No.36 with Ronnie Clayton pictured to ft.cover. Printed at a slight angle, exc. £10

669 BOXING NEWS 1949 April 20, Vol.5 No.16 with Lombard, Clayton & Saddler all pictured to ft.cover, exc. £10

670 BOXING NEWS 1949 September 28, Vol.5 No.39 with La Motta, Monaghan & Ortiz all pictured to ft.cover - covers loose, fine. £10

671 BRUCE WOODCOCK-FREDDIE MILLS 1949 From W.City with Saddler-Keery, Hall-Clavel etc, Fine but lacks outer covers. £20

672 DAVE SANDS-PETE MEAD 1949 Harringay issue with Gardner, Roderick, Hart, Cockell etc all appearing. Exc but lacks covers. Min £3

673 RING BATTLES OF THE CENTURY 1950 H'back by Gilbert Odd. 243pp with sl.dam original d/jacket. Sl weakness to spine. £5

674 BOXING NEWS 1950 Vol.6 No.25 from 21 June with Rocky Graziano & Sugar Ray Robinson pictured to front cover, exc/clean. Min £2

675 BOXING NEWS 1950 Vol.6 No.31 from 2 August with Alf Danahar & Benny Lynch pictured to front cover, exc/clean. Min £2

676 GEORGE ANGELO-ALEX BUXTON 1950 RA Hall prog with Romero-Fitton, Clavel-Braddock. No covers but signed by Angelo. £15

677 BOXING NEWS 1951 January 3, Vol.7 No.1 with 16pp, Freddie Hicks & Henry Hall pictured to front cover..Min £2

678 BOXING NEWS 1951 January 24, Vol.7 No.4 with 16pp, Pat Patrick & Eddie Thomas pictured to front cover..Min £2

679 BOXING NEWS 1951 May 2, Vol.7 No.18 with 16pp, Danny O'Sullivan & Peter Keenan pictured to front cover..Min £2

The following are both 8MM HOME MOVIE REELS - in original card boxes & apparently fine but not seen. Min £5 ea;

680 136 Part Two of Joe Louis v Billy Conn at Polo Grounds, New York.                            

681 No.33A Part One of Ray Robinson v Jake La Motta.

682 BOXING NEWS 1952 January 16, Vol.8 No.3 with 16pp, Don Cockell  pictured to front cover..Min £2

683 BOXING NEWS 1952 January 23, Vol.8 No.4 with 16pp, Vic Toweel & Peter Keenan pictured to front cover..Min £2

684 TERRY CULLEN-JOE CORCORAN 1952 Scarce 4pp prog from Park Lane Arena, Sunderland. Scored - front cover sl.mkd. Min £5

685 IRISH NATIONAL SENIOR CHAMPS 1953 Scored single sheet programme from Dublin, March 20. Min £2

686 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1953 Fine b/w 8" x 6" action from Terry Allen v Gaston Annalore at Earls Court. £15

687 A & BC CHEWING GUM CARD 1954 All Sports Series: No.103 Dennis Hinson. Min £3

688 A & BC CHEWING GUM CARD 1954 All Sports Series: No.112 Wim Snoek. Min £3

689 SWEETULE PRODUCTS CARD 1957 No.21 Joe Louis, from 'Famous Sports Records' series, colour & fine. Min £3

690 WILLIE TOWEEL-JOSE HERNANDEZ 1957 RA Hall issue with Mann-Fossey, Brett-Langford etc, vg condition, scored..£12

691 BOXING AND WRESTLING 1957 April edition Vol.5 No.6 with Jack Dempsey pictured to front cover, vg condition. £12

692 BOXING AND WRESTLING 1957 May edition Vol.5 No.7 with Floyd Patterson pictured to front cover, vg condition. £12

693 BOXING AND WRESTLING 1957 September edition Vol.5 No.11 with Carmen Basilio pictured to front cover, vg condition. £12

694 BOXING AND WRESTLING 1957 November edition Vol.6 No.1 with Robinson-Basilio pictured to front cover, vg condition. £12

695 BOX ON 1959 SBC hardback by Eugene Henderson, 206pp illustrated & with original dust jacket. £12

696 BOXING ILLUSTRATED & WRESTLING NEWS 1960 January issue, clean, near perfect condition. £12

697 BOXING ILLUSTRATED & WRESTLING NEWS 1960 February issue, clean, near perfect, with Johansson to ft.cover. £12

698 BOXING ILLUSTRATED & WRESTLING NEWS 1960 April issue, clean, near perfect, with Tom McNeeley to ft.cover. £12

699 BOXING ILLUSTRATED & WRESTLING NEWS 1960 May issue, clean, near perfect, with Carlos Ortiz to ft.cover. £12

700 BOXING ILLUSTRATED & WRESTLING NEWS 1960 June issue, clean, near perfect, with Dempsey-Willard illust to ft. £12

701 BOXING ILLUSTRATED & WRESTLING NEWS 1962 July issue, with Fullmer, Tiger & Pender to ft.cover. £12

702 JOEY ARCHER-JOSE GONZALEZ 1962 MSG New York prog with 4pp insert cell inside spine, not scored, o'wise only £15

703 BOXING ILLUSTRATED & WRESTLING NEWS 1962 December issue, with Sonny Liston pictured to ft.cover. £12

704 BOXING RECORD BOOK 1963 Rare 44pp magazine style Australian publication, only outer covers. Min £8

705 BOXING ILLUSTRATED & WRESTLING NEWS 1963 March issue: Ten great Heavyweight fights feature, superb. £12

706 BOXING ILLUSTRATED & WRESTLING NEWS 1963 September issue, with Liston-Patterson tale of the tape, to ft.cover. £12

707 BOXING ILLUSTRATED & WRESTLING NEWS 1965 June issue, with Liston-Clay tale of the tape, to ft.cover. £12

708 'CASSIUS CLAY' 1967 Fine 216pp hardback by Jack Olsen. Super clean example - no d/jacket. Min £8

709 WORLD SPORTING CLUB 1968 Celebrities you met or missed, oversized 16pp well illustrated magazine, clean/fine. Min £2

710 PORTER ROLLE-SANCHEZ ROSA 1969 Miami Beach blue/white handbill, folded & sl.creased – comes with ticket for bout. Min £3

711 SUGAR RAY 1970 By Sugar Ray Robinson with Dave Anderson, 376pp fine h’back with original dust jacket. £13

712 UNIVERSAL BOXING REVIEW 1970 Jan-Mar, Boxing News Winter Special, 50pp with exc b/w photographs included. Min £3

713 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1970 Fine 10.25” x 10” sepia press action photo from Joe Bugner v Brian London, only to edge. Min £4

714 IRISH NAT.SNR CHAMPS 1971 4pp issue from Dublin on 30 April , scored. Min £2

715 RAY ECHEVERRIA-ROGER BOY PEDRANO 1971 Scarce A4 sized colour handbill from San Jose, with full card & photos. Min £3

716 'I AM KING' 1975 Photographic biography of Muhammad Ali by David King, fine condition. Min £5

717 BOXING ILLUSTRATED 1976 November with Carlos Monzon pictured to ft.cover & Ali-Foreman article, exc. Min £2

718 TONY SIBSON-PADDY DOCHERTY 1977 De Montfort Hall Leicester programme, with Peter Morris-Billy Waith, £12

719 BUNNY JOHNSON-HARRY WHITE 1977 Wolverhampton Civic Hall issue with Joey Mack-Colin Ward, £12

720 BOX ON 1977 Official mag of London Ex-Boxers Asscn, Vol.3 No.2 Summer issue 32pp fine & clean..

721 INTERNATIONAL BOXING 1978 April – Victory Sports series issue. Norton-Ali action pictured to front cover. Min £2

722 JOHN H STRACEY-GEORGES WARUSFEL 1978 Prog from Sobell Centre,, with Clinton Mckenzie-Chris Walker. £12

723 DOUG LUMLEY-ELIJAH MAKHATINI 1978 SA M/W Title fight issue from Westridge, 12pp only Min £5

724 INTERNATIONAL BOXING 1978 December – Victory Sports series issue. Ali pictured to front cover. Min £2

725 WORLD OF SPORT CARD 1979 Our Heroes series, colour: No.1 Henry Cooper. Min £2

726 WORLD OF SPORT CARD 1979 Our Heroes series, colour: No.4 John Conteh. Min £3

727 FRANKIE LUCAS-TONY SIBSON 1979 M/W Champs of GB from RA Hall, with Jimmy Batten-Dave Proud, near mint. Min £4

728 INTERNATIONAL BOXING 1979 October – Victory Sports series issue. Sugar Ray Leonard pictured to front cover. Min £2

729 BILLY WAITH-COLIN JONES 1980 WSC edition, 4pp illustrated card with Ken Jones & Barry Price on undercard, fine/clean. £12

730 ORIGINAL POSTER 1980 Oversized issue for Aniceto Vargas-Antonio Avelar from Sam Houston Coliseum, Texas, folded. Min £4

731 SOMEBODY DOWN HERE LIKES ME TOO 1981 by Rocky Graziano & Ralph Corsel, 26ppp US h'back with dust jacket. Min £20

732 THE RING RECORD BOOK & BOXING ENCYCLOPAEDIA 1981 Edited by Bert Randolph Sugar, 976pp with d/jacket. Min £20

733 EUROPEAN AMATEUR CHAMPS 1981 40pp Official illust prog for event in Tampere, Finland. Most text in Finnish. Min £3

734 STEWART LYTHGO-LARRY McDONALD 1981 WSC issue dated 15 June, 8pp with Jimmy Cable-Neil Fannen, clean/exc. £12

735 BOXING ILLUSTRATED 1981 August with Gerry Cooney pictured to ft.cover. Special Joe Louis memorial album, with photos. Min £2

736 BOXING ILLUSTRATED 1981 October with Leonard-Hearns tape of the tape ft.cover & fight preview. Min £2

737 BOXING ILLUSTRATED 1981 December with Salvador Sanchez pictured to ft.cover, exc. £12

738 SOUTH AFRICAN BOXING WORLD 1981 December, Vol.6 No.5, 40pp immaculate with colour photos included. Min £3

739 BOXING NEWS ANNUAL 1982 Edited by Harry Mullan, 192pp excellent with Alexis Arguello pictured to ft.cover. Min £4

740 ACTION 1982 Vol.1 No.1 Zimbabwe produced fight magazine, covering Wrestling & Boxing, 24pp perfect condition. Min £2

741 BOXING ILLUSTRATED 1982 April with Holmes-Cooney tape of the tape ft.cover. Min £2

742 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1982 Super b/w glossy 8.5” x 6.5” sized shot of Clinton McKenzie with family after win over Steve Early. £5

743 INTERNATIONAL BOXING 1982 December – Victory Sports series issue. Salvador Sanchez tribute included. £12

744 GREGORY CLARK-JIMMY BATTEN 1983 A4 sized double sided Official flier from Durban (SA), dated 2 May. Folded/sl.mark. Min £3

745 BOXING NEWS ANNUAL 1984 Edited by Harry Mullan, 196pp excellent with McGuigan-Nati action pictured to ft.cover..Min £4

746 THE NEUTRAL CORNER 1983-4 Fine 8pp SA Veteran Boxers’ Asscn magazines, No.12 (Nov 83-Feb 84) & No.14 (July-Sep 84). Min £4

747 INSIDE BOXING 1984 August issue with Gerrie Coetzee pictured to cover. Min £2

748 CLINTON McKENZIE-TERRY MARSH 1984 British LW/W Title from Britannia Leisure Centre, with Christie-Seys. Cr/clean. £15

749 THE RING RECORD BOOK & BOXING ENCYCLOPEDIA 1985 Edited by Herbert Goldman, 1004pp with d/jacket, exc. Min £25

750 ORIGINAL PHOTO 1985 Fine 6” x 6.5” glossy b/w shot of Anders Eklund down on knee after KO by Frank Bruno. Min £2

751 LLOYD HONEYGHAN-JOHNNY BUMPHUS 1987 W/W Champs of the World from Wembley + Mason, Watson etc, exc. Min £7

752 AUBURN HILLS HANDBILL 1988 Milton McCrory v Joaquin Velazquez + Lindell Holmes v Phillip Morefield. Min £3

753 ABA ALL ENGLAND FINALS 1989 From Gloucester Leisure Centre, 24pp - Akinwande, McCracken, Lueshing, Wharton, Hide. Min £3

754 APOLLO SWEET-DEREK ANGOL 1989 Cr/W Champs of Commonwealth from Elephant & Castle, 8pp mint. Min £4

755 BOBBY CZYZ-ANDREW MAYNARD 1990 From Trump Plaza dated 24 June, comes with running order sheet, exc. Min £8

756 LEROY MURPHY-MIKE EVANS 1991 IBF Inter.Cont H/W Title from Darlington. £12

757 'LAZARUS JONES' 1992 Boxing novel by Simon Harrington, 280pp paperback issue, clean but read. Min £3

758 DUKE McKENZIE-CESAR POLANCO 1992 May 13 A4 handbill for WBO B/W Champs of the World fight, at RA Hall. Min £2

759 LENNOX LEWIS-DEREK WILLIAMS 1992 Superb 10” x 8” b/w glossy action photo by Jerry Munson, excellent. Min £3

760 QUESTION OF SPORT CARD Undated colour & perfect condition: Charlie Magri & Terry Lawless.

761 BOXING 93 TV Sports Publication issue from January, with Holyfield and Bowe pictured to front cover. Min £2

762 MICHAEL WATSON BENEFIT DAY 1993 March 28 Old Arsenal-Old Spurs football prog from Highbury. Excellent/clean. Min £2

763 WORLD BOXING 1993 October with Chavez-Alli action pictured to front cover, mint 66pp. Min £2

764 LIGHTNING STRIKES 1994 The Lives & Times of Boxing Lightweight Heroes by Gerald Suster, 220pp h’back with d/jacket, exc. Min £8

765 WORLD BOXING 1994 April Riddick Bowe pictured to front cover, mint 66pp. £10

766 FRED REEVE-IAN RICHARDSON 1994 Near Mint issue from The Royal Hotel, Hull, dated 28 April. £12

767 CHRIS EUBANK-RAY CLOSE 1994 Kings Hall, Belfast World Title issue with Tucker, Botha etc also appearing, Min £7

768 ROBERT McCRACKEN-PAUL WESLEY 1995 LM/W Champs of Gt.Britain from Villa Leisure Centre, 8pp not scored. Min £4

769 WORLD BOXING 1995 April with a young & old George Foreman pictured to front cover, mint 66pp. £12

770 MICHAEL ALLDIS-LAUREANO RAMIREZ 1995 WBO Inter.Cont Super B/W Champs from Basildon, near mint. £15

771 WORLD BOXING 1995 October - special all heavyweight issue with Foreman & Schulz to front cover, 66pp. £12

772 FRANS BOTHA-AXEL SCHULZ 1995 IBF World Heavyweight Title fight issue from Stuttgart, stunning 64pp, near mint. £16

773 SMOKIN’ JOE 1996 The Autobiography with Phil Berger, immaculate 214pp h’back with original dust jacket. Min £7

774 RINGSIDE CARDS 1996 R1-5 inclusive: David Tua, Shannon Briggs, Melvin Foster, Naseem Hamed & Danny Romero. Min £4

775 WORLD BOXING 1996 Fall - special heavyweight issue, includes colour 1971 Ali-Frazier centre page poster. Min £2

776 BEFORE I FORGET... 1997 Great Fights & Fighters 1939-1959 by Peter McInnes, 272pp h'back with original d/jacket, mint. Min £12

777 SPORTING PROFILES CARDS 1997 Set of 10 coloured trade cards 'John L Sullivan' Cradle to Grave, mint condition. Min £8

778 NASEEM HAMED-TOM JOHNSON 1997 World Title from London Arena + Steve Collins, Robin Reid etc, fine/not scored. Min £7

779 CHARLES BREWER-JOEY DeGRANDIS 1997 IBF World Super M/W Champs from Philadelphia + running order sheet. Min £8

780 INDEPENDENT WORLD BOXING RANKINGS 1998 July issue with 44pp, A4 sized & perfect clean condition. Min £2

781 INDEPENDENT WORLD BOXING RANKINGS 1998 November issue with 36pp, A4 sized & perfect clean condition. Min £2

782 MPUSH MAKAMBI-ADRIAN DODSON 1998 IBO M/W Title fight from Prestwick + McLeod-Armstrong, mint condition. Min £5

783 NIGEL BENN, DARK DESTROYER 1999 Fine h'back, 276pp with dust jacket, signed by Nigel to fly-page in black ink. Min £16

784 MICHAEL GRANT-AHMAD ABDIN 1999 From Boardwalk Convention Hall + Andrew Golota-Jesse Ferguson, exc..Min £5

785 BRITISH BOXING YEARBOOK 2000 Official Board of Control issue by Barry Hugman, 312pp limp covers, Lewis to front. Min £7

786 NATIONAL SENIOR CHAMPS FINALS 2000 28pp Dublin programme, & fights scored in centre. Min £2

787 KEITH HOLMES-ROBERT McCRACKEN 2000 World M/W Title from Wembley, with Woods-Clemetsen. Clean but creased. £16

788 TONTCHO TONTCHEV-JIMMY JOE ZEIKLE 2000 WBA Int.Super F/W Champs from Newark. Signed by Pat Mullings to back. Min £4 

789 FRANKIE DE MILO-HARRY WOODS 2000 British Masters Super B/W from Whitchurch Sports Centre, Bristol. Min £4

790 VETERAN BOXER'S BEAT 2000 December Vol.4 No.2, fine SA publication, with Johnny Holt pictured to front cover. Min £2

791 KING OF THE GYPSIES 2002 Memoirs of the undefeated bare knuckle champion of GB/Ireland, by Bartley Gorman, with d/j. Min £16

792 SALIM MEDIKOUNE-VINCENZO GIGLIOTTI 2003 World Super B/W Title from Clermont-Ferrand, France, near Mint. Min £7

793 VETERAN BOXER'S BEAT 2003 August Vol.5 No.4, fine SA publication, with Alex McMillan pictured to front cover. £10

794 ROCKWELL CARDS 2004 Set of 10 trade cards – Mighty Atoms series including Wilde, Leonard, Armstrong, Pep etc. Min £5

795 CHAS SYMONDS-KEITH JONES 2004 British Masters W/W Title from York Hall, mint. £10

796 COMMONWEALTH ABA CHAMPS 2005 16pp event prog from Kelvin Hall, Glasgow. Clean - no fights listed. Min £3

797 VYACHESLAV UZELKOV-ALEJANDRO LAKATOS 2008 WBA Inter.Cont LH/W Title from Kiev, Ukraine, 4pp small issue. Min £5

798 LAJUAN SIMON-ARTHUR ABRAHAM 2009 20pp IBF M/W Title issue from Kiel, Germany. Sprott v Brewster on card. £12

799 SHOJI KIMURA-TOMOKI KANAZAWA 2009 Japanese Super B/W Champs from Tokyo, 4pp as new. Min £4

800 DANNY BUTLER-MATT SCRIVEN 2009 Simple 4pp issue (no bil listed) from Marriott, Broadmead in Bristol, mint..Min £2

801 HASKINS-WARD 2013 Fine C5 sized flier for this British B/W Title fight held at City Academy, Bristol.

802 YUKI NAGANO-MASAHANU KAITO 2015 4 page mint issue for W/W contest held at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. Min £3

803 RAY 'Boom Boom' MANCINI 2015 4pp issue for appearance at Rumney Conservative Club.. Signed in black to front by Ray. Min £4

804 YASUTAKA ISHIMOTO-YUSAKU KUGA 2015 Japanese Super B/W Champs from Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, 8pp mint. Min £4

805 BRADLEY SKEETE-DIEGO RAMIREZ 2018 Brentwood issue with Sunny Edwards-Junior Granados. Corner of back cover cr. £12

806 FRONT COVER Attractive laminated A4 programme cover from Sonny Liston-Cassius Clay, World H/W Title held in Miami. Min £3

807 ALI-FRAZIER Colour modern Boomerang postcard action - 'The Greatest'. Min £2

808 PRINT Nice 10” x 8” glossy b/w head/shoulders shot of Peter Till, excellent. Min £2

809 COLOUR PRINT 10" x 8" action from Lennox Lewis v Andrew Golota 1997. £16

810 COLOUR PRINT 10" x 6" at function: Foster, Patterson, Basilio, Pep, Saddler, Williams, Griffith, Backus, Napoles & Moore. Min £3

811 PAUL PENDER Approx 5” x 3.75” album page, dedicated, inscribed & signed in blue ink. Min £6

812 IRAN BARKLEY Super 10" x 8" colour posed glossy photograph, signed in blue. Min £10

813 LIVINGSTONE BRAMBLE Super 10” x 8” colour action photo, originally signed in black sharpie to corner. Min £8

814 BOBBY CZYZ Colour 10” x 8” half-shot posed photograph, signed in blue + Certificate Of Authenticity. Min £10

815 ANTHONY FARNELL Postcard sized colour promo card of the former WBU M/W Champion, with belts, signed in black. Min £5

816 ALAN MINTER 12” x 8” posed shot, pictured draped in towel, dedicated/signed in black. £7

817 JOHN JOHN MOLINA Colour 10" x 8" action print (v Oscar de La Hoya in 1995), signed in black over image. Min £6

818 MELDRICK TAYLOR Colour 10" x 8" glossy action from Julio Cesar Chavez fight in 1994, signed in blue across image. Min £8

819 JUNIOR WITTER Double-sided 8" x 6" colour promo photograph, dedicated/signed in black. Min £5

820 RECORD SHEETS Good selection (our choice) of TEN from stock, all with dates, opponents, results etc, clean & fine. £20

821 BOXING NEWS Selection of 30 magazines – 1950-2000's, all different complete & in fine condition (our selection). Min £25

*****The following items have just arrived*****

822 WORLD BOXING 1982 March issue with Alex Ramos pictured to front cover, mint 66pp. £3

823 WORLD BOXING 1982 May edition with Alexis Arguello pictured to front cover, mint 66pp. £3

824 BIG BOOK OF BOXING Victory Sports Series issue: 1982 July with Bobby Czyz pictured to front cover, mint. Min £2

825 BIG BOOK OF BOXING Victory Sports Series issue: 1983 January with Gerry Cooney pictured to front cover, mint. Min £2

826 BIG BOOK OF BOXING Victory Sports Series issue: 1984 May, special review of 1983, photographic bonanza, mint. £3

827 BIG BOOK OF BOXING Victory Sports Series issue: 1984 November with Hearns, Pryor, Rosario & Bramble to front cover, mint. Min £2

828 BOXING 88 1988 September edition with Tyson, Hagler, Spinks, Leonard etc all pictured to front cover. Min £2

829 BOXING 88 1989 March edition – a look back at 88 and a look ahead to 89, special year-end issue. Min £2

830 BOXING ILLUSTRATED 1989 March edition – 50th Anniversary issue with Ali pictured to front cover, mint. Min £3 


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